Warner Pacific University in conjunction with David Douglas, Gresham-Barlow, Centennial, Reynolds, Parkrose, Portland Public Schools, and affiliate local school districts to offer a convenient, affordable academic program designed for busy school district employees who want to advance their careers and achieve their goals. 

The partner school districts are committed to “growing their own” qualified, diverse teachers and that begins with individuals already working with students in the various districts.  This program makes the path to gaining a teaching license accessible to everyone.

Warner Pacific is known for its commitment to diversity and justice, a compassionate and open faith, and a deep desire to provide a life-changing education.  We hope you will consider joining us on your educational journey.

What degrees are possible?

Paraeducators and classified staff have the opportunity to gain a:

What if a person wants to teach on the secondary level?   

If a school district employee would prefer a secondary teaching license, Warner Pacific advisors will work with each student to achieve a bachelors degree and move forward to a masters of arts in teaching to achieve the necessary requirements to take the test for the teaching license. 

What is the format and location of the classes?

The coursework is offered one night a week.  Students take one class at a time for five to six weeks, thus, allowing them to balance work, family/friends, church/volunteer activities, and an advanced education.  Five classes are taken in a term which is approximately 24 – 25  weeks long also providing the student to move quickly through the coursework and achieve maximum financial aid.

Courses are taken with other paraeducators and classified staff in a cohort format.  Classes emphasize team work and collaboration which creates a network of professional colleagues for the student. The two locations for Fall 2019 are:

  • David Douglas School District Office
  • 11300 NE Halsey St, Portland, OR 97220
  • Springwater Trail High School
  • 1440 SE Fleming Ave, Gresham, OR 97080

When do classes start?

The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood/Elementary Education will begin on September 24, 2019.

The Master of Arts in Teaching begins August 28, 2019.*

*Students entering the MAT will need to have Human Development and Learning Theory before methods courses. Please contact your admissions counselor for more information.

When is the application deadline?

The B.S. in Early Childhood/Elementary Education deadline is September 1.

The Master of Arts in Teaching  deadline is August 1.

If you are interested in a secondary teaching license, it is imperative that you contact Warner Pacific as soon as possible so that we can begin to work with you on a special plan to achieve your goals.

A few exceptions may be made for individuals who have missed the deadline; however, it is difficult for students to be prepared for the start of the program if their applications are late, and late admission is not guaranteed.

Will I be able to teach upon completion of the program?

You will have completed all of the requirements to sit for the exams to achieve your license.  WPU has an extremely high rate of students passing the exam on the first try.

How long is the program?

The answer to this question is based on the credits the entering student has accumulated.  If the student has an associates degree and is interested in an elementary education degree, the program will take approximately two years.  If an individual already has a bachelor’s degree, they can achieve their MAT in approximately 18 months.  The time really will fly by.

How do I apply?

The first step is to click on the apply button on the right.  Your enrollment counselor, Ashley Berry will be available at every step of the way to ensure your successful admittance to the program.

Ashley Berry
Admission Counselor
Professional and Graduate Studies


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