Warner Pacific University exists to develop persons as change agents characterized by integrity, deliberate personal, intellectual, social and spiritual transformation, the practice of mutual responsibility and a pursuit of personal excellence.

WPU’s mission includes providing students from diverse backgrounds with an education in a nondiscriminatory environment that prepares them to engage actively in a constantly changing world. As students complete their coursework and develop their academic skills required to earn a degree, they are expected to exhibit academic integrity and moral responsibility. As an expression of the University’s urban mission and identity, students are expected to live out Christ’s command to love and respect their neighbors both on and off campus. Civility, respect, and love are to be demonstrated in personal interactions, campus and community life, and in service to others.

As a Christ-centered University, Warner Pacific’s values are informed by the teaching of Jesus and the Holy Scriptures to support the emotional, social, intellectual, as well as spiritual development of each student. We strive to foster spiritual awareness and growth through a variety of means, including, but not limited to the classroom, chapel services, service involvement, informal conversations, and intentional small group meetings. The policies enumerated below, and their implementation, recognize that students are in a developmental process that at times requires redemption as well as accountability in order to achieve a healthy, respectful, and productive community.

While WPU is a distinctively Christ-centered liberal arts University, students do not have to be Christians to be admitted. However, every student is encouraged to be open to learning about the Christian faith and students are expected to uphold the school’s policies.

Community Agreement

Residence Life Policies

Housing Policies