Meet our Ministry Leadership Team!

Juju Williams 

Year: Junior 

Faith Background:I grew up attending church due to my grandparents being pastors, but it wasn’t until high school that I truly understood the significance of Jesus Christ in my life. Inspired by my parents’ remarkable love story, shared in chapel, I developed a genuine love for God, fostering a personal relationship and deepening my faith through my own intentional seeking.”

Role on Ministry Team: Student Chaplain (“Pastor Zo’s right-hand man”) 

Advice for Students Considering Serving on the Ministry Team: I would highly encourage students to put themselves out there and join if they’re interested in growing their faith with other student believers! On the team or not, I hope that each student learns or takes away at least one thing from chapel. Our goal is just to uplift each other and be life-long vessels that want to talk and share the goodness of God. There is so much more to the ministry team than going to Chapel and reading the Bible … we as a team love to have fun and spend time even outside of school because we are a Family!”


Ja’Shawn Young 

Year: Sophomore 

Faith Background: “I grew up in Christianity. My family is full of pastors and preachers, but it was in the year of 2020 that I gained a relationship with Jesus Christ for myself.” 

Favorite Part About Faith Life at WPU: “The community. We support each other.” 

Advice for Students Considering Serving on the Ministry Team: Be ready to serve God fully with your heart and make sure He’s the center of your life.”


Denise Rendon 

Year: Sophomore 

Faith Background: “I was lucky enough to grow up in a Christian household but didn’t decide to follow God on my own until 2022. Since then, I’ve seen the miracles, blessings, and wonders God has done in life. I have been shown countless times that He has a plan for me. Following the path of God isn’t easy but it is the best thing I’ve decided to pursue. Following God has shown me what true Love and Happiness are and has made me grow as a person. So, I am eternally grateful that I serve the one and only true God.” 

Role on Ministry Team: Co-Manager of @wpu.ministry Instagram 

Advice for Students Considering Serving on the Ministry Team: “If you are ready to see a change in your life and you are willing to come with an open heart for the Lord to turn things around as well as serve Him while living a holy life, the ministry team is a good place to help you grow your relationship with God. It doesn’t matter where you are in life. The Lord has a plan and put you in this world for a purpose. But it’s your choice to follow it.” 


Tiffany Nguyen 

Year: Senior 

Faith Background: “I was born and raised in a church. It took me 20 years to truly accept Christ into my life. Ever since then, I have seen the blessings he planned for me. I understood what true love is, which is God. He has so much grace and forgiveness for me regardless of how far lost I thought I was.”  

Role on Ministry Team: Co-Manager of @wpu.ministry Instagram 

Favorite Part About Faith Life at WPU: “I love how there are so many wonderful children of God who are so passionate and talented. There are many opportunities to increase your faith if you seek.” 

Advice for Students Considering Serving on the Ministry Team: “My advice is to just do it. Being surrounded by young believers who are hungry for God develops growth. ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.’ Proverbs‬ ‭27‬:‭17‬ ‭NIV‬‬. Personally, I view the ministry team as family.”


Natalie Siquina Garcia 

Year: Sophomore 

Faith Background: “I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 15. He came and freed me from all anxiety and gave me peace. My faith grew after seeing how God has worked in my life.” 

Role on Ministry Team: PowerPoint Creator for chapel 

Favorite Part About Faith Life at WPU: “The best part of faith life here is that I can meet new people that also share the same faith. Also throughout my career, God will help me and give me wisdom to continue with my education and will use my career to bless my life and the lives of others.” 

Advice for Students Considering Serving on the Ministry Team: “Join the team! We are students who are passionate about Jesus and would love to have you be part of it. The best part is making friends who support you and making unforgettable memories together. Come join our events and see what God has prepared for your life!”  


Richie Bailey 

Year: Junior 

Faith Background: “Giving my life to Jesus was the best decision of my life. I am unashamed of the gospel.” 

Favorite Part About Faith Life at WPU: “I love chapel and spending time with the ministry team to help edify each other.” 

Advice for Students Considering Serving on the Ministry Team: “Don’t fear the opinions of others; don’t worry what others will think or say.” 


Matthew Gabbard 

Year: Junior 

Faith Background: “Growing up in California, I lived outside the Catholic faith despite attending catechism as a child. As a young adult, I indulged in a lifestyle of drinking and partying until a sense of emptiness led me to seek something more, prompting a move to southern Oregon. Unexpectedly, I had a profound encounter with God, experiencing overwhelming love and a divine calling that led me on a transformative journey filled with miracles, visions, and spiritual battles. Despite facing challenges, including a stint in jail, this period served as a spiritual boot camp, culminating in the revelation that Jesus is not only my savior but my King, reshaping my life in devoted service to him. Hallelujah!” 

Role on Ministry Team: Helps with check-in for chapel 

Advice for Students Considering Serving on the Ministry Team: “We, truly, love people no matter where they are at. The message of the Gospel is we can never be enough—but Jesus is—and we live to love others no matter where they are at because Jesus loved us, and died for us, no matter where we were at too. Not only are you welcome—you’re invited!!!” 


Daisci Burrows 

Year: Freshman 

Faith Background: “I don’t have much of a faith background, and I wasn’t held to anything religious growing up.” 

How You Got Involved: “I was interested in the ministry team from a while back, it just took courage to join and I’ve been loving it!” 

Advice for Students Considering Serving on the Ministry Team: “I was once in your shoes, but please join anyway and I promise you won’t regret it!”