Don’t just take an English class. In your Learning Community, learn how to write a letter to the commissioner to increase funding for victims of human trafficking. Make a difference in the city of Portland!

Learning Communities help to:

  • develop a sense of belonging among diverse relationships
  • develop hope for academic potential and future outlook
  • increase curiosity through the lens of a particular academic discipline that engages a real-world issue in the city and beyond
  • improve reading and writing skills to a level that prepares to engage upper-division courses
  • experience intentional academic support (from mentors, tutors, and classmates)
  • develop spiritually as part of a community and through intentional mentorship
  • develop a greater sense of purpose regarding education at WPU and as a human being in the world

How do FYLCs work?

Through a set of three linked core classes throughout a year, students are given the ability to connect learning with context and be curious about the world.

By experiencing Portland’s city and culture through hands-on learning and service, FYLCs invite students to broaden the sense of where learning and teaching happen. Sometimes the best lessons come from:

  • working on a cattle ranch
  • graffiti removal/abatement
  • visiting with a Portland Commissioner
  • serving in a community garden in a Food Desert
  • or just sharing a meal together.

Students will be challenged to not only write but to write with purpose. They will begin to ask questions about justice, equality, and access and see how their education can make a difference.

Our dedicated faculty and upper-class peer mentors are committed to helping students succeed. In the end, we believe FYLCs will help establish a life-long curiosity about self, others, and responsibility in the world. We create a strong learning environment through access to campus resources, the city of Portland as text and context for learning, and the strong relationships built with a community of support.