Warner Pacific’s commitment to creating a diverse learning environment extends beyond enrolling students. Here we believe the best way to serve our student body is to welcome faculty from a broad spectrum of backgrounds — fostering divergent thinking and allowing greater exploration of thought.

Our mission is to develop, support and retain our students- preparing them to become leaders within their community. To accomplish this, Warner Pacific recruits followers of Christ to serve as staff and faculty.

Do you have questions about becoming an adjunct faculty member? Check out our FAQ’s below:

How many steps are there in the hiring process?

At WPU, we believe that the classroom is one of the primary places that our mission is advanced, so we take the hiring of faculty very seriously. Most often, prospective faculty will interview with the academic leader of their department (Division Chair or Program Dean), and with the Vice President (VPAA) and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs (AVPAA). Candidates are also asked to do a teaching demonstration, submit all transcripts from academic work completed, provide professional references, and clear a criminal background check. The process typically takes between three and six weeks.

What happens after the first interview and teaching observation?

After the initial interview and teaching observation, the appropriate academic leader will contact references and determine whether or not the candidate will be scheduled for a final interview with the VPAA/AVPAA. If the candidate is not approved, the academic leader will inform the candidate that the process has been completed. If the candidate is approved, the Academic Affairs office will contact the applicant to schedule a time for the final interview.

When will I hear whether or not I’ll be hired?

After the final interview with the VPAA/AVPAA, approved candidates will undergo a criminal background check. Upon completion of the interview and background check, the appropriate academic leader will be contacted and will inform the candidate of the hiring status.

How long after hiring will I be assigned to a course?

The timing for class assignments will vary by discipline, delivery, and time of year. After the adjunct faculty member is approved for hire, the academic leader will typically have a conversation with the candidate, during which time s/he is vetted for a variety of courses. The academic leader will become the adjunct’s primary point of contact for determining which sections of courses might be assigned.

How long do classes run?

Courses in the traditional program run on a 15-week, semester-based calendar. Fall semester is August through December. Spring semester is January through May. There are also a limited number of Summer School courses. Courses in the Professional and Graduate Students programs (adult/evening/accelerated) are offered in 5-week (undergraduate) or 6-week (graduate) modules that run in sequence. Each course meets one evening per week or online throughout the calendar year. Fall semester courses run August-January and Spring semester courses run February-July.

How much will I be paid?

Courses are paid based on a combination of factors, including the delivery system (traditional or accelerated) and the qualifications of the instructor. The basic salary range is $376-570 per credit. Examples: A 3-credit course for 15 weeks is typically paid at the rate of $1710. A 3-credit undergraduate course in a 5-week accelerated format is $1,130 for a new instructor.

When will I be paid?

Paychecks are distributed on the last working day of each month. Adjunct instructors are paid in equal monthly payments over the term of the course. For example, if the class begins in August and ends in September and the rate of pay is $1000, the instructor will be paid $500 at the end of August and $500 at the end of September.

Are there professional development opportunities?

There are a variety of professional development opportunities that are open to all faculty throughout the academic year; contact your academic leader for more information. In addition, all new faculty will be observed in their first few courses at WPU. You will receive more information from your academic leader regarding where and when these observations will take place. It’s our hope that you will use these sessions as an opportunity both to learn from peers about techniques for successful teaching, and also to provide feedback regarding the kinds of support that you will require for ongoing success.

What else do I need to know?

It is very important that we maintain accurate records regarding all faculty who teach at WPU. You will be asked to provide official transcripts of all of your academic work, as well as a current Curriculum Vitae. Please keep these materials current throughout your time as a WPU adjunct faculty member.