School: Education
Degree Type: Endorsement
Format: In-Person | Online
Student Type: Graduate Accelerated and Online

If you’re drawn to helping exceptional learners, develop the leadership and collaborative skills necessary to create safe, inclusive and culturally responsive learning environments for these students. Learn to use a range of assessment tools to evaluate students and develop individualized learning for students with exceptional needs. You will gain skills to engage families, general educators, related service providers, and community agencies to work together to provide educational support.

SPED 501 | Foundations of Special Education | 3 credits
SPED 502 | Human Development & Exceptional Learners | 3 credits
SPED 510 | Assessment & Evaluation in SPED | 3 credits
SPED 520 | Instructional Best Practices in Special Education | 3 credits
SPED 522 | Classroom Management for SPED Educators | 3 credits (with 30-hour Practicum)
SPED 530 | Case Management & Collaboration | 3 credits
SPED 690 | Student Teaching (80-hour Placement) | 4 credits

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