School: Business
Degree Type: Masters Degree
Format: Hybrid | Online
Student Type: Graduate Accelerated and Online

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

At Warner Pacific University, we designed our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program for today’s marketplace. We recognize that management professionals must be ready to compete on a global scale and, in turn, need to be fluent in all functional business areas, understand how these aspects work together, and communicate with and influence others across a range of demographics.

Within this framework, WPU’s MBA program thinks about the modern-day professional looking to take on more responsibilities without interrupting their current career trajectory. In turn, students may complete their degree on-ground one night per week or online, allowing them to earn an increasingly essential credential around their full-time job and other obligations. Students can also select from one of three emphasis areas to further differentiate themselves on the job market. 

MBA Program Objectives

Forceful, punitive leaders have no place in today’s business climate. Instead, leadership and management focus on establishing and developing strong connections. Creating and maintaining such relationships is at the heart of WPU’s MBA program, and we balance this core concept with comprehensive knowledge of all functional business areas. 

In helping you grow professionally and meet the marketplace’s ever-changing job requirements, we aim to produce leaders who can analyze and improve organizational efficiency and build strong teams through influence and empathy in the process:

  • Students learn to develop effective leadership and business strategies and drive innovation in their industry.
  • Along with all functional business areas, students examine the role of diversity in creating a collaborative, effective organizational culture.
  • The curriculum is meant to enhance each student’s existing career and broaden their skill set with additional marketable competencies.
  • Students acquire a comprehensive understanding of all business functions, with the goal of developing solutions for each organization’s specific needs.
  • The concepts introduced aren’t restricted to a single industry or occupation and, instead, can be applied across nonprofit, for-profit, healthcare, and government agencies. 

All MBA students must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the program, with no individual course grade lower than a C-, and finish all coursework within six years from their start date. Following the completion of the first five courses, WPU will evaluate each student’s performance. From this point, students will be directed to continue the MBA program or be recommended for the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) degree.

MBA Curriculum

 Warner Pacific University’s MBA program prepares students from diverse backgrounds to become effective organizational leaders who operate with an ethical mindset and seek to improve efficiency. 

The core curriculum for the MBA program reflects this mission. All students take courses in leadership, organizational, and change management theories, become familiar with higher-level accounting, finance, and marketing strategies, and refine their decision-making and communication skills in the process. To finish the program, all candidates must complete a capstone or thesis project. 

Prerequisites: BUS 223 Introduction to Microsoft Office and BUS 107 College Algebra (or equivalents)
BUS 500A | Foundations for Successful Graduate Studies | 3 credits
BUS 501A | Leading Diverse, High Performing Teams | 3 credits
BUS 502A | Technology Trends in Business Culture | 3 credits
BUS 503A | Corporate Finance | 3 credits
BUS 505A | Managing Change | 3 credits
BUS 600A | Business Ethics | 3 credits
BUS 603A | Behavioral Economics & Strategy | 3 credits
BUS 604A | Business Innovation | 3 credits
BUS 606A | Managerial Accounting & Financial Strategies | 3 credits
BUS 607A | Strategic Marketing | 3 credits
BUS 608A | Project & Operations Management | 3 credits
BUS 609A | Business Analytics | 3 credits
BUS 610A | Leading in a Global Environment | 3 credits
BUS 613A | Research Methods Workshop | 1 credit
BUS 614A | Strategy/Capstone | 2 credits

MBA Management/Leadership Emphasis

All industries need effective managers and leaders. Not specific to a single field or organizational structure, this versatile emphasis helps students hone their communication, team-building and connection-making skills and develop a Christ-centered ethical mindset.

MBA Format

All MBA courses are scheduled in six-week blocks, with the option to take courses on-ground or online. Regardless of the format:

  • Expert faculty members bring their professional experiences into the classroom, enhancing the curriculum with real-world examples.
  • Monthly start dates let you begin working toward your MBA as soon as possible, rather than wait a full semester.
  • Courses use WPU’s Learning Communities cohort model, which is ideal for building connections with your fellow students and professors. 

On-Campus MBA

WPU holds our on-ground MBA courses at our main and local campuses in Portland, giving you the option to start your degree at a location closest to your home or workplace. All courses are scheduled one night per week at the same spot.

Online MBA

The online MBA uses an asynchronous format. Lectures are scheduled weekly, and students then complete all assignments and readings within this timeframe.

Participation is key to WPU’s online MBA degree. After registering for a course, the typical online student logs in on average five out of seven days per week to access materials and must contribute at least three substantial posts to class forums over two days per week. 

Careers with an MBA

Across all industries and sectors, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for management professionals will increase 7% between 2018 and 2028. Preparing students to harness this trend, the MBA introduces key skills for advancing into management or a leadership role in:

  • Global Business 
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship         
  • Finance
  • Healthcare     
  • Operations
  • Non-Profit Leadership
  • Consulting
  • Human Resources       
  • Social Services


All candidates interested in the MBA program must:

  • have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university;
  • supply official transcripts from all schools attended to date;
  • have earned a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (If below a 3.0, the applicant should write a brief explanation regarding the reasons for their GPA);
  • write a letter explaining why you want to earn an MBA

As part of the admission process, the Dean of Business or an MBA faculty member will contact all applicants.

Elevate Your Career With an MBA from WPU

If you have management or team leadership aspirations, WPU’s MBA program lets you work toward your goal without sidelining your career. For questions about this degree or the format, contact PGS Admissions by email or by phone at 800-804-1510, or request additional information today.



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