School: Business
Degree Type: Masters Degree
Format: Hybrid | Online
Student Type: Graduate Accelerated and Online

Get a head start on your business career, by earning two business degrees from WPU in 5 years. Warner Pacific’s innovative 4+1 MBA combines a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Health Care Administration, Health Care Management, or Finance with the sought-after MBA graduate degree. Students who enroll in this program save time by gaining advanced placement in the MBA program, cutting off one-year from their schooling and saving nearly $10,000.

The program is available in In-Person and on-line formats, so you can make your education work for you. Students test out of five traditional business areas: leadership, accounting, marketing, economics and global business after completing their WPU undergraduate degree, getting a head start on their graduate education.

4+1 MBA students take 9 (6-week-long) classes one night per week continuously for one year to complete their program, allowing them to work-full time as well if they so choose. The courses provide practical opportunities to apply the knowledge students learn in their workplaces from every class – helping them become culturally competent, analytical, leaders. Courses students take include managing change, business ethics, corporate finance and business innovation, to name a few.

Graduate Students complete a research-based master’s thesis as their capstone project, based on a real-world problem in their workplace or that they would like to solve in society.  Previous students’ projects have ranged from setting up a Microloan Training Program for women in West Africa, to a roadmap for artistic professionals in the music industry to navigate racism, to a streamlined call center process for a supply chain business.

By earning two degrees in five years and getting practical, hand-on application, you will be a step ahead of the competition, ready to launch your management dream career in a concentrated period of time!

Prerequisites: BUS 223 Introduction to Microsoft Office and BUS 107 College Algebra (or equivalents)
BUS 500A | Foundations for Successful Graduate Studies | 3 credits
BUS 501A | Leading Diverse, High Performing Teams | 3 credits
BUS 502A | Technology Trends in Business Culture | 3 credits
BUS 503A | Corporate Finance | 3 credits
BUS 505A | Managing Change | 3 credits
BUS 600A | Business Ethics | 3 credits
BUS 603A | Behavioral Economics & Strategy | 3 credits
BUS 604A | Business Innovation | 3 credits
BUS 606A | Managerial Accounting & Financial Strategies | 3 credits
BUS 607A | Strategic Marketing | 3 credits
BUS 608A | Project & Operations Management | 3 credits
BUS 609A | Business Analytics | 3 credits
BUS 610A | Leading in a Global Environment | 3 credits
BUS 613A | Research Methods Workshop | 1 credit
BUS 614A | Strategy/Capstone | 2 credits


All candidates interested in the MBA program must:

  • Have Bachelor’s degree from Warner Pacific University in approve areas
  • Submit five entrance essays


Our Business Department faculty would love to hear from you.

Dr. Ulf Spears
Interim Dean of Business
PH: 503-517-1324

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