School: Business
Degree Type: Masters Degree
Format: Hybrid | Online
Student Type: Graduate Accelerated and Online

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Degree

For working adult students who have their eyes set on advancing into a management or executive role, Warner Pacific University’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree blends classic concepts and theories with real-world applications. Because the business world needs leaders who do more than give directions, this program’s structure turns students into effective negotiators, problem-solvers, and communicators who influence and motivate others to achieve organizational goals and drive change across a range of environments.

Geared toward professionals who have spent a few years in the workforce, this Master’s in Organizational Leadership degree offers a hybrid format and introduces concepts students can apply in their existing full-time careers.

Program Objectives

The Master’s in Organizational Leadership takes a holistic approach toward building advanced leadership skills, starting with long-held theories, models, best practices, and case studies. Coursework rooted in the social sciences encourages students to examine the behavioral, cognitive, strategic, spiritual, and interpersonal angles of leadership theory and balances a general functional view with the more human elements of the business world. In turn, candidates wanting to acquire a credential for a promotion or to expand their skill set learn stronger, more effective communication techniques, develop an understanding of workplace dynamics and emotional intelligence, and gain the knowledge for building and maintaining successful teams, making strategic decisions, and discovering their own leadership style.

During this intensive two-year program, students:

  • gain executive-level skills for managing employees, business processes, and initiatives;
  • develop an in-depth understanding of today’s global business environment, including leadership trends and current issues;
  • learn practical applications, including organizational dynamics in relation to business systems, cultures, and environments;
  • develop an ethical perspective and personal integrity within the context of Christian moral principles;
  • compare and contrast leadership theories, models, and styles, and use this information to find their own methodology;
  • analyze organizational strategies and operations within the context of globalization;
  • learn to formulate strategic solutions to organizational problems based on decision-making techniques, finance, interpersonal and group dynamics, research, and analysis; and
  • understand where ethics and Christian values fit within an organization.

Master’s in Organizational Leadership Curriculum

The Master’s in Organizational Leadership involves 12 courses totaling to 36 credits. The program begins with a traditional management foundation, before coursework proceeds onto topics in social and behavioral sciences and examines leadership behaviors and technology’s role in the workplace. As well, in considering tomorrow’s corporate and nonprofit teams, the curriculum examines leadership through all functional areas of business, including financial management, data collection and analysis, ethical and moral responsibilities, legal issues, group performance, and instituting change.

The Master’s in Organizational Leadership program finishes with a thesis project, in which students integrate and pull from all concepts introduced to analyze and solve an organizational problem and display their written communication, research, and problem-solving skills in the process.

Cohort Study Curriculum
36 Semester Credits
Courses are 3 credits and 6 weeks in length
BUS 500A | Foundations for Successful Graduate Studies | 3 credits
BUS 501A | Leading Diverse, High Performing Teams | 3 credits
BUS 502A | Technology Trends in Business Culture | 3 credits
BUS 505A | Managing Change | 3 credits
BUS 600A | Business Ethics | 3 credits
BUS 613A | Research Methods Workshop | 1 credit
MOL 503A | Financial Environments of Organizations | 3 credits
MOL 508A | Project Management | 3 credits
MOL 509A | Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business | 3 credits
MOL 604A | Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business | 3 credits
MOL 610A | Coaching, Mentoring, and Conflict Resolution | 3 credits
MOL 611A | Problem Solving and Decision Making | 3 credits
MOL 612A | Integrated Organizational Leadership Project | 2 credits

Students may transfer credits for up to two courses toward the Master’s in Organizational Leadership degree, provided the class was taken within the past five years and a request was made in writing before beginning the program. The individual student’s schedule and financial aid packaging will be factored into the approval process for substituted coursework. Students must complete MOL 500A and MOL 612A in residence at Warner Pacific.

All academic work must be completed within six years of a student’s start date.

Program Formats

Warner Pacific University offers the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership in a hybrid format. As one of our Professional & Graduate Studies (PGS) programs, students work with classmates in similar life stages, developing connections to grow their professional networks and receive personalized attention from their instructors. In addition:

  • all courses last six weeks, unless noted;
  • our faculty members work in the field themselves and often incorporate their experiences into their lessons; and
  • courses begin on a monthly basis, so that students don’t have to wait a full semester to start the program.

Hybrid Master’s in Organizational Leadership

Warner Pacific University offers this program in a hybrid format, creating a schedule for each course that incorporates in-person and online class sessions. WPU will holds all in-person courses for this organizational leadership degree  at our Mt. Tabor campus in SE Portland. For your convenience, the course location will not change during the six-week period. When online, students will access weekly assignments, lectures, and forum discussions that allow for regular connection with professors and classmates.

Careers in Organizational Leadership

WPU’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership prepares students to take charge across a spectrum of roles and environments:

  • government agencies;
  • corporate management;
  • owning a small business;
  • systems management;
  • human resources;
  • education;
  • labor relations;
  • healthcare;
  • project management;
  • nonprofit organization; and
  • organizational training.

Through the program’s structure, students gain a broad understanding of business functions, how they work together, and the strategies to drive change and hit goals at company and department levels. Based on figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for management and executive professionals is expected to increase 7% on average between 2018 and 2028, with potential roles including:

  • Administrative services manager;
  • Advertising, promotions, or marketing manager;
  • Compensation and benefits manager;
  • Human resources manager;
  • Medical and health services manager;
  • Public relations and fundraising manager;
  • Social and community services manager; and
  • Training and development manager.

Requirements for the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Degree

Candidates interested in applying to WPU’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership must:

  • complete an application for admission;
  • have earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university;
  • supply all official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended to date;
  • have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for all undergraduate coursework (if below a 3.0, the applicant should write a brief explanation regarding reasons for their GPA); and
  • include a writing sample (no longer than one page) answering the following questions:
    • Why do you want to earn an MAOL degree?
    • What experiences have you had that led you to this degree?

Learn More About WPU’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership Degree

Take your career up a level and highlight your management potential with WPU’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree. To learn more about the program, contact PGS Admissions by email or by phone at 800-804-1510, or request additional information today.


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