Federal Financial Aid

This grant is funded by the federal government. Funds are awarded to high-financial-need students based on a student’s SAI. Eligibility for the Pell Grant is set by the Department of Education.

This grant is a limited fund awarded to high-financial-need students who file the FAFSA. Eligibility standards are set by the Department of Education and awarded by the university.

This grant program provides up to $4,000 per year to eligible students. To be eligible, students each year must:

  • Complete the Agreement to Serve
  • Complete TEACH entrance counseling
  • Be enrolled in an approved teaching-related degree

The TEACH Grant does not have to be repaid unless the student fails to carry out service obligations:

  • Teach full time in a high-need field
  • Serve four years at an elementary school, secondary school, or educational service agency
  • Serve students from low-income families
  • Complete the four eligible years of service within eight years of graduation
  • Complete annual certification

If a student fails to complete the requirements, they must repay the TEACH Grant as a Direct Unsubsidized Loan with interest accrued from the date the grant was disbursed.

    • Submit the  and go to the Federal website to complete the Agreement to Serve and counseling.

Employer Reimbursement

  • Many employers reimburse for approved degree-seeking coursework. Check with your human resource office.

Military Benefits

  • Scholarships for Military Veterans
  • Military benefits vary and depend on your military service.
  • Explore Veteran benefits including partial tuition coverage, housing and book allowance
  • Apply for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Delayed VA Payments
    Under S2248 PL 115-407 Section 103, Warner Pacific will not impose a late fee, denial of access to facilities, or other penalties against a veteran or eligible dependent due to the late payment of tuition and/or fees from the VA up to the certified benefits amount. Any portion of the student bill not covered by VA benefits is still expected to be settled by the due date.

State Based Aid

This grant program is a limited fund through the State of Oregon (OSAC). The grant is awarded to:

  • High-need students as determined by the FAFSA or the ORSAA
  • Residents of the state of Oregon

Note: OSAC will notify colleges of eligible students beginning in March