Social Work

Social work is a helping profession and is very diverse in its practice and clientele. Social workers address the issues faced by individuals, couples and families; work with groups; facilitate change in communities; and address social injustice. They assist those in need in accessing social services. This program prepares the students for beginning generalist practice as a professional social worker.

Major Competencies

• Graduates will be able to demonstrate social casework, group work and/or community organizing skills (depending on the nature of their responsibilities).
• Graduates will be able to analyze the impact of social policies on client systems.
• Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of the process whereby individual functioning within a person-in-environment framework is assessed.
• Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of the process whereby family functioning is assessed.

Part 1: General Education Core
(See Core Studies Requirements)

Part 2: Social Work Major

Prerequisites: PSY 140/141, SOC 140

30-32 credits: 15 credits in residence, 18 credits upper division. Required:

SW 210 Intro to General Social Work 2
SW 250 Survey of Social Agencies 2
SOC 345 Social Problems and Public Policy 3
SW 380 Social Work Practice 3
SW 385 Social Work Practice w/ Families/Groups 3
PSY 430 Counseling 3
SW 291/391/491 Internship 10
Choose two from the flowing courses
SOC/HIS 340 Ethnic Relations in America 3
SOC/PS/SS 355 Issues in International Relations 3
SOC 365 Christian Social Concern 3
SOC 380 Contemporary Family Issues 3
SW 479A Selected Topics in Intervention 2
SW 479B Selected Topics in Intervention 2
SW 480 Family Resource Management 2
SW 481 Family Violence Across the Life Span 2
SW 482 Child Welfare 2