The beginning of the semester is here, and we welcomed our newest students to our beautiful campus at the base of Mt. Tabor for Knights Orientation, specially designed for our incoming first-year students and transfer students. Orchestrated and facilitated by the Enrollment Division, Knights Orientation serves as a vital platform for students to acquaint themselves with our campus, establish their campus routines, and foster connections with their peers. 

Students traveled from places far and wide—from as far away as Maryland to right here in Portland. They connected with students, faculty, and staff throughout the day to feel welcomed and comfortable in their new environment.  

Students convened in Schlatter Chapel with faculty and staff present to partake in the meaningful “Knight’s Pledge” ceremony, marking the significant moment when they officially became Warner Pacific University students. 

Together, new Knights recite these words: 

“Today I make a pledge to engage in my experience at Warner Pacific University with my whole heart. 

  • I pledge to apply myself to my intellectual pursuits and use the full powers of my mind. 
  • I pledge to discover and cultivate my unique talents and abilities in a way that fulfills my soul. 
  • I pledge to take care of my body, and to protect my physical and mental wellbeing, and to ask for help if I need it. 
  • I pledge to cultivate relationships with my peers, with my professors and to actively create connections. 
  • I pledge to work to be a person of accountability and integrity, to go to class, complete my work, and to remain focused on completing what I’ve started by earning my degree. 
  • I pledge to treat everyone at WPU with respect, and to always remember I represent Warner Pacific, for all who have come before me, and for all who will come after me.   
  • Most of all I pledge to use my education to cultivate my God-given purpose, and to seek to use my education to care for all people of the world, especially those less fortunate. 

I pledge these things as a proud and enduring Knight of Warner Pacific University.” 

Upon reciting the pledge, students affix the WPU pin, symbolizing their official enrollment as students at Warner Pacific University.  

Welcome to all our new students! We can’t wait to see what God has planned for you here at Warner Pacific University.