Why Warner Pacific Ranks Best Regional College West

August 25, 2016

Year after year, Warner Pacific continues to rank in the top ten for Best Value Schools and Regional Colleges West by U.S. News. The metrics for determining these rankings is manifold, weighing the tuition cost, financial aid options, graduation rates, overall academics and even safety. Ranking is an honor and demonstrates a school’s commitment to quality education. Still you may be wondering why Warner Pacific ranks so highly. Here are the top reasons why Warner Pacific Ranks in the top ten for Best Regional College West and Best Value.Why Warner Pacific Ranks Best Regional College West

1. Affordability

Warner Pacific is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to other private colleges or four-year universities. In 2015-2016, the tuition rate was $21,460. For some, that number may still seem daunting, but that’s roughly 30% less than the majority of private colleges and even less than the cost of some public four-year institutions. On its own, this is a feat, but it’s nothing compared to the second reason Warner Pacific ranks so highly.

2. Financial Aid

Many colleges are ranked for their financial aid opportunities. Having a prestigious college with expert professors at the forefront of their field of study won’t mean anything if students cannot receive the financial aid necessary to attend. In this regard, Warner Pacific continues to put education as their top priority, reinvesting their own finances into the students. On average, students of Warner Pacific receive $6,462 in scholarships or grant awards directly from the College.

Warner Pacific offers a wide-range of scholarship opportunities and many of them are easy for students to achieve simply by working hard in their high school studies. In addition, there are major-specific grants and scholarships, as well as faith-based and leadership scholarships. This makes Warner Pacific an incredibly affordable college, and it is largely based on the students’ own merits.

3. Faculty to Student Body Ratio

One of the elements Warner Pacific prides themselves on is being a small college. A small college is a selling point for many students and is, indeed, a reason for a school to rank highly.

Small colleges offer a more interactive environment for students; more intimate class discussions — as opposed to lectures. This is the perfect environment for students who want a hands-on learning experience and, more importantly, to build a mentorship with their professors.

With larger colleges, students need to be incredibly self-disciplined which, although admirable, is not a skill learned overnight. Considering that most college students pursue a degree after 12 years of mandatory school, it can be challenging for freshmen to simply take on their academics on their own. This is why larger schools are usually the better choice for students who are already self-motivated, since they need to take ownership of the workload and rarely connect with their professors.

At Warner Pacific, the ratio of faculty to students for the 2015-2016 academic year was 12:1 with over 71% of classes having fewer than 20 students. Professors recognize their students, know them by name, and mentorships can easily be formed. The mentorship in particular is useful as students graduate college and start seeking employment. The professors at small colleges are usually well-networked within their field — so if a graduate is struggling to find work, they’ll have someone to turn to for help.

4. Safety

Warner Pacific ranks highly for safety, offering 24-hour patrols around the campus, lighted pathways, emergency telephone lines for students, and late night transport and escort service for anyone in need of additional safety. In addition, all dormitories are secure premises, requiring either a key or security card to get access.

And since 2011, there have been 0 arrests on campus. In short, Warner Pacific is an extremely secure school, and make no mistake, just because Warner Pacific is secure, does not mean students lack freedom. Over 70% of the student body have their own vehicles on campus and they are free to come and go as they please.

5. Education for Veterans

Warner Pacific also ranks in the top ten for Veterans. This means that Warner Pacific participates in federal initiatives that help veterans and active-duty military pay for their college degrees.

6. A Top Ranking Faith-Based College

Education is always held in the highest regard at Warner Pacific, a christian college, but the other reason to attend is because Warner Pacific is a faith-based college. For those who believe strongly in their faith and want to continue to grow in a community of their peers, this is the right school for you.

Warner Pacific’s motto is “Where faith and scholarship lead to service” and the idea is to weave the teachings of God into all of your experiences. This doesn’t limit it to academics, but leadership, friendship, art, and co-curricular passions. Warner Pacific calls students to involve their faith in every facet of what they do – and it’s why living amongst your peers is so beneficial for the college experience. This is the type of college that invites students to ask hard questions, but also seek answers. To challenge themselves while having a community to support them. Too often, schools separate scholarship from faith, but Warner Pacific a christian college,  believes in combining the two; to see how they’re intertwined, rather than divided.

For students interested in growing in their faith, becoming a part of lifelong community, and attaining a four-year college degree, then Warner Pacific is the right choice.