Warner Pacific’s Education Programs recently ranked a “Best Educational Program”

May 17, 2016

Warner Pacific - a best education program in Oregon web badgeAspire to become a teacher?

Warner Pacific’s Department of Education and the College’s education degrees were recently ranked as one of the top five programs in the State of Oregon by ToBecomeATeacher.org. This is great news for high school students considering a fulfilling career as a teacher.

Teachers are in high demand in Oregon and Washington. Warner Pacific’s education program “prepares future teachers with diverse course work, field-based practicum, and student teaching experiences, combining the rigors of academics with a personalized and Christ-centered learning environment,” explains Dr. Robert Nava, Warner Pacific’s Department of Education Chairman. “All our 2015 education graduates are working in the classroom, providing quality instruction and inspired learning.”

Warner Pacific’s degree programs include early childhood education through high school level instruction. Through our unique 4.5 MAT, students can specialize in a subject that interests them such as science, business, English, or music; then towards the end of their bachelor’s program, add education courses so they finish with a bachelor’s and a Master of Arts in Teaching. This program saves time and money.

The faculty at Warner Pacific offer students mentoring and guidance as they work towards achieving their teaching licensure.

“Every school ToBecomeATeacher.org listed in our State of Oregon review tool has committed themselves to the pursuit of excellence in the field of Education,” stated Tim Charlet, the Editor of ToBecomeATeacher.org. “Our review algorithm discovered that among the all schools we reviewed, there are five distinct schools that have surpassed others. We hope students and their families can utilize this data so they can make an informed decision as to which school is best suited for their individual needs and career aspirations.”

About the Rankings: The rankings were factored by using a complex algorithmic tool along with supporting data provided from schools and other government agencies. The team at ToBecomeATeacher.org reviewed, tested, and documented the top education programs available in the State of Oregon for 2016. Testing criteria factors multiple elements that will permit a student to determine which school is the best fit specifically for their path. They analyzed total expense, student to faculty ratios, graduation rates, potential earnings, return on investment, and other critical categories. Warner Pacific’s Department of Education posted high scores in several of the categories to gather a top ranking in the state.