Employees Honored for Service

June 30, 2017
Nicki Greer

Nicki Greer ’12, Enrollment & Visit Coordinator

Congratulations to Nicki Greer ’12, Enrollment and Visit Coordinator, and Roger Keast, IT Enterprise Systems Manager; the two Warner Pacific employees were named 2017 Rick Weems ‘Second Miler’ Award Winners.

Nicki Greer was celebrated for her warm and welcoming hospitality, which she shares with many visitors, students, and families through her role in the Admissions office. Roger Keast was commended for his diligent work behind the scenes, ensuring that the College communications systems are running smoothly in his role with the IT department.

The Second Miler award was established to honor of Rick Weems, former Director of Financial Aid and Administrator at Warner Pacific, who was known for going above and beyond to serve his colleagues and students.  When Weems left the College to serve at another institution, the award was created as a way of continuing to honor his legacy service.

Roger Keast

Roger Keast, Enterprise Systems Manager

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus follows the Beatitudes with teachings on several topics.  In Matthew 5:41, Jesus says, “If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it for two.” This teaching reminds us that we shouldn’t do the minimum, or just enough to get by, but that we should give our best and do more than expected, being willing to go the second mile in our service to others.

This award is given annually to a staff member who has gone beyond what is required of them in their job, providing exceptional service to the community at Warner Pacific College. This year, the committee felt that two staff members were deserving of the honor.

Nicki and Roger show up to work, ready to give their best in creative and positive ways.  They make those they are serving feel valuable and honored by their work. Thank you and congratulations, Nicki and Roger!