We are excited to introduce you to our student spotlight this month, Hannah Stone! 

Hannah is a junior and transfer student this year majoring in Digital Media and Communications. When asked how she decided upon her area of study, she recalled a class she took in middle school, Video Announcements, where she instantly fell in love. This sparked her interest to take a Video Broadcasting class in high school where she learned about filming, editing and live streaming. 

“I’ve always enjoyed writing and have had many teachers compliment me on my work,” Hannah said. “I originally wanted to be a film major, but my junior college didn’t offer that, so communications was the next best thing.” 

Over time she also gained an interest in social media and creating content online, which was a large reason for her transfer to Warner as a digital media major. 

When looking for a perfect college, Hannah mentioned her priority was finding a school where she felt was a good fit for her academically and athletically. Hannah plays softball for the Knights as a pitcher and second baseman.  

“I wanted to find a school that didn’t feel too overwhelming — but would also challenge me and help me grow,” she said. “Warner Pacific has been very welcoming and is a perfect fit for my goals.” 

Although she’s been at Warner for only a semester, she feels as if she has been part of this community for a long time—often the case for many of our students.  

“My favorite thing about Warner is the small class sizes. I like that I have a better connection with my classmates and my professors. I also really like the number of opportunities there are such as internships, on-campus jobs and service hour work.” 

We are so proud of Hannah and excited to see her play her first season of softball with the Knights! The first game of the season is on Sunday, February 11th at Pacific University. Come out and watch her shine!