Throughout the scripture, the night stars have served a beautiful marker . . . to shine the way, to signal a beginning, to go “before.” Today, Warner Pacific is looking for Guiding Knights to serve as “stars” during this time in our history – people who are willing to ensure that WPU has the resources to serve its students with the love of Christ today, and to extend that beacon of light long into the future.

We are building a circle of guardians who will join us at a very special time. Today Warner Pacific is pursuing a divine purpose, standing as the only university in the Northwest who is committed to extending a Christ-centered, quality academic opportunity to all students, with particular care and service to our ethnically diverse students. As Oregon’s first federally designated Minority Servicing Institution, our civic public as well as sacred communities are relying on us to meet an unfilled need: to help every student believe they are worthy of the opportunity to earn a high-quality degree that offers a clear path to civic engagement, spiritual enrichment, economic security, and success.

At WPU, our students come to know their careers in concert with their callings, with the gospel written on their hearts. We are here to welcome all students to navigate their life pursuits, with purpose, and we need your help.

We are asking our closest supporters to prayerfully consider a multi-year pledge to the university.  Becoming a Guiding Knight benefits at the $15,000 commitment level, payable over three years’ time. Your gift will help us establish a newnamed back-bone annual fund that will lay the foundation we need to support students now with educational programs, scholarships, coaching and emergency assistance so that our students can focus on what matters most: following God’s calling upon their hearts.

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Please contact Chief of Staff/Vice President for Strategic Communications at 503.517.1064 or