Master of Education

Few people understand the value of lifelong learning like teachers. Today’s educators know that continuing education is a critical part of maintaining their professional effectiveness.

If you’re a K-12 teacher in Oregon or Washington who wants to develop advanced skills in your field, consider earning your Master of Education degree with Warner Pacific College. Our M.Ed. degree program is designed to help you do more for your students in a format that respects the demands on your time.

Who This Teaching Degree is For

The Master of Education is for current, licensed K-12 teachers in Oregon or Washington state who want advanced skills. It is also suitable for teachers preparing to renew their licenses.

What You Can Learn in Our M.Ed. Program

The M.Ed. at Warner Pacific is a 34-credit master’s degree that can be completed in two years. Teachers who complete this program will have advanced practical skills in teaching, classroom management, and a theoretical grounding in current educational issues.

Course topics in this program include:

  • Curriculum Planning and Instruction
  • Classroom Management
  • Urban Education and Diverse/Exceptional Learners
  • Assessment and Evaluation

How the Program Works

Groups of 14-22 teachers advance through our M.Ed. degree program in a cohort, designed to foster productive discussion, get the most from time with instructors, and develop collegial relationships. Classes meet one evening a week in locations throughout Portland and Vancouver.

Bring More to the Classroom

Want to learn more about our master’s degree program in education? Contact an enrollment counselor today.

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