Class Attendance

The student is assumed to be attending all classes for which he/she is registered. A student is responsible for course assignments regardless of the reason for the absence.

Class Standing

All full and part-time students who have applied for admission to the college and are working on a degree program are assigned class status:

  • Freshman, those students who have fewer than 30 semester credits
  • Sophomore, those with 30 to 59 credits
  • Junior, those with 60 to 89 credits, and 120 cumulative grade points
  • Senior, those with 90 or more credits and 180 cumulative grade points
  • Post-Baccalaureate, those who have earned a baccalaureate degree, and are pursuing a second degree, advanced licensure or certification
  • Graduate, those who have earned a baccalaureate degree, and have been accepted into one of the graduate programs

Auditing a Course

The purpose of an audit is to allow the student an opportunity to experience a particular discipline in an effort to make future degree/program decisions. Audited courses do not satisfy prerequisites for other courses. Only earned credits may count toward degree/program requirements or prerequisite fulfillment. A student may register for any course without credit by declaring that intention at the time of registration. A student may change a credit class to an audit no later than the last day to add classes. Admittance is contingent upon available space in the class. Audits may change to regular registration by paying
the regular tuition, using the standard registration change procedures, and meeting the deadline of the last day to add classes.

Students electing to audit a Warner Pacific course must attend/participate (in) 75% of the classes for the audit to appear on the transcript; if the required attendance/participation level is not reached, the audit will be removed from the transcript, but no fees will be refunded.