School: Natural Sciences and Health
Degree Type: Bachelors Degree
Format: In-Person
Student Type: Traditional Undergraduate

Keep Your Community Healthy and Active with a Career in Sports Medicine

A degree in Sports Medicine is the first step in many career paths including athletic trainer, physical therapist, exercise physiologist, and physician.

Our program is unique because it offers Sports Medicine course work at the undergraduate level. The combination of classroom education and clinical experience means you graduate ready to jump into this quickly growing profession and spend your life helping others while doing what you love!

Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine

  • Open to freshmen and transfer students
  • 2018 regulations require all new athletic trainers have a Master’s Degree, so a Bachelor’s Degree is your first step to a successful career in athletic training
  • Major includes classroom education and clinical experience

With openings in the sports medicine and athletic training fields predicted to increase 21% over the next 10 years, your degree gives the competitive edge you need to succeed in this exciting career.

Program Requirements


(In addition to Warner Pacific Core Studies Requirements)
47 credits: 15 credits in residence, 25 credits upper division.
Sports Medicine Core Courses
BIO 221 | Human Anatomy and Physiology I | 4 credits
BIO 222 | Human Anatomy and Physiology II | 4 credits
BUS 195 | Internship Preparation | 2 credits
KIN 230 | Introduction to Kinesiology | 3 credits
KIN 325 | Biomechanics | 3 credits
KIN 460 | Test, Measurements, and Evaluation in Exercise Science
OR MA 242 | Introduction to Statistics | 3 credits
KIN 475 | Exercise Physiology | 4 credits
KIN 490 | Senior Seminar | 1 credit
KIN 494 | Internship | 2 credits
HE 240 | Nutrition
OR HE 330 | Sports Nutrition | 3 credits
SM 311 | Clinical Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries – Lower Body | 3 credits
SM 312 | Clinical Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries – Upper Body | 3 credits
SM 393 | Research Methods in Sports Medicine | 3 credits
SM 410 | Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training | 3 credits
SM 420 | Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation in Athletic Training | 3 credits
SRM/PHIL 380 | Sports Ethics
OR PHIL 300 | Ethics | 3 credits

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate a comprehension of the fundamental concepts, theories, language, major issues, current trends and historical developments related to sports medicine.  
  • Use qualitative and quantitative approaches to analyzing data related to athlete performance. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to promote prevention of and to assess and treat injuries commonly encountered in athletic training. 
  • Develop a cohesive plan and effectively communicate their approach to assessment and treatment of injuries. 
  • Critically evaluate and apply current research and data in the field of sports medicine. 
  • Explore issues of faith, morality and ethics related to the practice of sports medicine. 


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Amy Engilis M.S., A.T.C.

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Division of: Natural Sciences & Health
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