School: Pre-Professional Programs
Degree Type: Pre-Professional
Format: In-Person
Student Type: Traditional Undergraduate

If you love science and want to use it to help people get and stay healthy, you may want to become a doctor! Whether you want to be a physician or a surgeon, start on the right path by selecting a major in Biological Science with an Emphasis in Human Biology. In addition to this major, you will take courses in Biochemistry, Calculus, Physics and others chosen specifically with your advisor to meet the prerequisites for your M.D. or D.O. school of choice.


Beth DuPriest
Dr. Beth DuPriest

Professor of Biology; Chair of Natural Sciences & Health
Division of: Natural Sciences & Health
Phone: 503-517-1072

Brad Tripp

Dr. Brad Tripp

Professor of Biology
Division of: Natural Sciences & Health
Phone: 503-517-1070


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