Degree Type: Bachelors Degree
Format: In-Person

Understand the World Around You With Physical Science

Do you dream of becoming a chemist or scientist?

You could be the person who develops a new drug to fight a disease, or discovers a formulation to improve a product we use in our everyday lives. The Warner Pacific University Physical Science major will get you started on the right path! With comprehensive courses in chemistry, physics, and math, you will be prepared for graduate study or in-demand technical positions in industry and government.

Studying Physical Science Helps With a Career in:

  • Chemical Hygiene & Safety
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Forensics
  • Graduate Studies in Chemistry or Physical Science
  • Physics
  • Quality Control
  • Research

Our small class sizes allow students to get the personalized attention they need to understand and master the basic concepts of science, which are necessary to excel in advanced science work.

Program Requirements

(In addition to Warner Pacific Core Studies Requirements)
Physical Science Core Courses
PHS 211 | General Chemistry I | 4 credits
PHS 212 | General Chemistry II | 4 credits
PHS 221 | General Physics I | 4 credits
PHS 222 | General Physics II | 4 credits
MA 251 | Calculus I | 4 credits
MA 252 | Calculus II | 4 credits

Upper division Physical Science or Math electives | 18 credits


  • Demonstrate a comprehension of the fundamental concepts, theories, and models necessary to the understanding of the physical sciences and mathematics.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate the disciplines within the sciences and mathematics in order to critically approach and evaluate theories, analyze data, and solve problems.
  • Understand and apply scientific methodologies to the formulation of hypotheses, use of current research technologies and statistical applications, and the evaluation and presentation of results.
  • Effectively communicate their approach to data analysis and problem-solving both in written and oral form.
  • Demonstrate a comprehension of the historical context and development of the physical sciences over the years.
  • Explore science, faith and their integral relationship with the ethical, moral and spiritual issues of our society.

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