Degree Type: Minor
Format: In-Person

The physical education minor is for those who want to teach others about how the body works. It can serve as a foundation for K-12 P.E. teachers, or for those who may want to be health educators outside of formal education settings.


18 credits: 9 credits in residence, 9 credits upper division. Required:
BIO 221 | Human Anatomy and Physiology I | 4 credits
EXSC 230 | Intro to Health and Exercise Science | 3 credits
EXSC 350 | Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries | 3 credits
EXSC 325 | Kinesiology | 3 credits
EXSC 470 | Adapted Physical Education | 3 credits

One of the following:
PE 300-309 | Professional Activities | 2 credits

Requirements for Associate Degree: The Department of Natural Sciences and Health
offers two associate degrees. A checklist with the specific requirements is available from
the appropriate subject matter advisor.

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