School: Business
Degree Type: Associates Degree
Format: In-Person | Online
Student Type: Undergraduate Accelerated and Online

The Associate of Arts degree in Organizational Dynamics is a beginning business degree for students who are interested in working in organizations. It is perfect for students with little or no college experience who want to improve their communication skills and become more effective employees and organizational leaders. Coursework includes both exposure to liberal arts courses that encourage systems thinking, as well as classes that focus on improving skills that contribute to healthy organizational life. Explore ethics, psychology, interpersonal communication, mathematics and writing, among other topics, so you can grow in your career in business, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and more.

Cohort Study Curriculum
Requirements for the degree: 60 semester credits; 30 credits in residence
Requirements for the major: 30 semester credits: 18 credits in residence
All courses are 3 credits and 5 weeks in length
Major Requirements
BUS/SOC 100A | Team Dynamics | 3 credits
BUS 112A | Principles of Budgeting and Accounting | 3 credits
BUS 120A | Introduction to Business & Personal Finance | 3 credits
BUS/SS 220A | Human Resource Development | 3 credits
BUS 261A | Organizational Writing & Presentations | 3 credits
CMPT 100A | Computer/Information Literacy | 3 credits
COMM 200A | Interpersonal Communications | 3 credits
PS 140A | American Government | 3 credits
PSY 100A | Foundational Elements of Psychology | 3 credits
PSY 110A | Principles of Adult Learning | 3 credits
Core Requirements
REL 291A | Religious and Phil Foundations of Ethical Practice Must be taken at WPU | 3 credits
BI 151A | The Bible as Literature
OR HE 151A | Health & Fitness for Adults (or approved Bible or health transfer course) | 3 credits
SOC 340A | Race & Ethnic Relations Or approved diversity transfer course | 3 credits
EN 111A | English Composition I Or equivalent transfer course | 3 credits
EN 112A | English Composition II Or equivalent transfer course | 3 credits
ENV 100A | Environmental Studies Or approved science transfer course | 3 credits
MA 104A | Math for Liberal Arts Or approved college math transfer course | 3 credits
EN 120A | Introduction to Literature
OR HIS 200A | Introduction to History
OR FA 200A | Introduction to the Arts (or approved history or fine arts transfer course) | 3 credits
Note: Students will meet the three remaining A.A. core requirements through coursework that they take for the major: PSY 100A (Urban Life), CMPT 100A (Information Technology), and BUS 261A (Critical Thinking).
Elective Credits
Complete enough elective credits to obtain 60 credits total.

Careers in Organizational Dynamics

WPU’s A.A. in Organizational Dynamics prepares students across a spectrum of roles and environments:

  • government agencies
  • corporate services
  • owning a small business
  • systems support
  • human resources
  • education
  • labor relations
  • healthcare
  • project development
  • nonprofit organization
  • organizational training

Through the program’s structure, students gain a broad understanding of workplace functions, how they work together, and the strategies to drive change and hit goals at company and department levels. Based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics the potential roles including:

  • Drafters
  • Mechanical
  • Technicians
  • Installers
  • Operations
  • Managers
  • Specialists
  • Hygienists
  • Assistants
  • Therapists
  • Sonographers
  • And many more

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