School: Arts and Social & Behavioral Sciences
Degree Type: Bachelors Degree
Format: In-Person
Student Type: Traditional Undergraduate

Prepare For Your Future with a Major in Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies major provides you with a versatile and flexible liberal arts degree that emphasizes the humanities and social sciences.

Our program allows you to work in a combination of different disciplines while developing critical thinking and communication skills that will apply to any number of career paths you may choose in the future. The Liberal Studies major is designed for students who want an educational experience that includes multi-disciplinary coursework.

Grounded in the liberal arts, students select an additional emphasis for their studies in Human Services, Humanities, or Business Leadership.

A Liberal Studies Major Prepares You for a Career In:

  • Arts Management or Performance
  • Corporate Communications
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Public Affairs
  • Writing

As a Liberal Studies major, your internship will provide you with the experience, training, and professional portfolio you need to begin your career or apply to graduate programs.


39 credits (minimum): 24 credits in residence, 21 upper division. None of these credits may be used to satisfy another major in the Division.

COMM/EN 350 Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction
OR COMM /EN 351 Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction | 3 credits
PHIL 201 Intro to Philosophy | 3 credits
PHIL 300 Ethics | 3 credits
Upper Division Literature elective | 3 credits
Upper Division History elective | 3 credits
Math/Science elective from BIO, CHEM, ENV, MA, PHS, PHY | 3-4 credits
Religion elective from BI, CM, MIS REL, TH | 3 credits
Social Science elective from PS/SS 355, SOC/REL 470, SOC 382, URB/HIS 370, URB/SOC 390 | 3 credits
Plus one of the following emphases: (at least 15 credits)
Human Services Emphasis:
HD 330 Lifespan Human Development | 3 credits
SOC/PS 345 Social Problems & Public Policy | 3 credits
SOC/HIS 340 Race and Ethnic Relations | 3 credits
SS 351 Cultural Anthropology | 3 credits
PSY 392/393 Internship | 3 credits
Humanities Emphasis:
Upper Division Electives from HUM, EN, HIS, DR, FA, ART, PHIL | 6 credits
Electives from HUM, EN, HIS, DR, FA, ART, PHIL | 6 credits
HUM 391/392/393 | 3 credits
Leadership Emphasis:
BUS 120 Intro to Business and Personal Finance | 3 credits
BUS 290 Ethics, Social Issues and Responsibility | 3 credits
SE 311 Entrepreneurial Leadership within Urban Context | 3 credits
BUS 495 Internship | 3 credits
Additional Upper Division Credits from BUS/SE, chosen in consultation with advisor | 3-4 credits


  • Graduates will use a multidisciplinary approach to learning; demonstrate sound understanding of content, methods, and interpretive perspectives within different fields in the Humanities, Religious Studies, Math, and the Natural and Social Sciences.
  • Graduates will identify connections and inter-relationships among disparate disciplines to effectively engage complex social and professional issues.
  • Graduates will think critically and collaboratively.
  • Graduates will communicate effectively in both written and oral forms.
  • Graduates will transform culture by engaging aesthetic urban contexts and communities.


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