School: Social Sciences and Humanities
Degree Type: Associates Degree
Format: Online
Student Type: Undergraduate Accelerated and Online

Develop a solid educational foundation with the Associate of Arts in General Studies. This degree is designed for students who desire a well-rounded, general two-year degree.

27 credits; 15 credits in residence
Arts, Humanities, & Religion
At least 6 credits from Arts & Humanities (FA, HIS, HUM, MUS, PHIL)
At least 3 credits from Bible and Religion (BI, REL)
Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Health
At least 6 credits from Math & Science (BIO, CHEM, ENV, MA, PHS, PHY)
At least 3 credits from Health & PE (HE, PE)
Social Sciences & Business
At least 6 credits from Social Sciences (HD, PS, PSY, SOC, SS, SW, URB)
At least 3 credits from Business, Comm, & Economics (BUS, COMM, EC)

To complete the A.A. Degree, students must also complete a total of 60 credits and all A.S. core requirements. Students may use courses from the
associate degree major to meet cluster requirements. However, each student must complete a total of 21 credits of General Education Core applicable
coursework that is separate from the coursework for the associate degree major.


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