School: Arts and Social & Behavioral Sciences
Degree Type: Bachelors Degree
Format: In-Person
Student Type: Traditional Undergraduate

Turn Your Love of English and Literature into a Career

As an English Language Arts major, you can pursue a versatile career through your passion for reading, writing, and great literature. At Warner Pacific, you will receive a disciplined study of English literature combined with a strong foundation of writing and critical thinking skills.

Through hands-on learning and personalized attention from our dedicated faculty, you will develop your creative voice and discover how to utilize your skills as you enter the workplace. At Warner Pacific, your degree in English Language Arts prepares you to teach secondary education when combined with our Master of Arts in Teaching 4.5 program.

Graduates With an English Language Arts Degree Pursue Careers in:

  • Grant Writing
  • Journalism
  • Library and Research Positions
  • Middle/High School Education (With the MAT 4.5)
  • Public Advocacy in the Arts
  • Publishing
  • Writing

As an English Language Arts major, your internship will provide you with the experience, training, and professional skills you need to begin your career or apply to graduate programs.


Program Requirements
(In addition to Warner Pacific Core Studies Requirements)
English Language Arts Core Courses
(37 credits; 18 credits in residence; 24 credits upper division)
COMM/EN 350 | Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction | 3 credits
COMM/EN 351 | Creative Writing: Nonfiction | 3 credits
EN/DR 360 | Shakespeare | 3 credits
EN 370 | Nature & Structure of English Language | 3 credits
EN 215/315 | Global Literature | 3 credits
EN 245/345 | Urban Literature | 3 credits
EN/DR 220 | World Theatre
OR EN 250/DR 349 | Understanding Film & its Forms | 3 credits
EN 335 | Epic Literature & Mythology | 3 credits
EN/ED 341 | Literature for Children
OR EN/ED 343 | Literature for Adolescents & Young Adults | 3 credits
HUM 385 | Critical & Cultural Theory | 3 credits
ED 260 | Human Development & Learning Theory for P-12
OR HD 330 and PSY 420
OR HD 311 and HD 312 and PSY 420 | 4-9 credits
HUM 391/392/393 | Humanities Internship
OR ED 515U and ED 535U | Education Practicum Courses | 3-5 credits

Upon successful completion of the major in English Language Arts, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of careers such as teaching, publishing, journalism, new media, library and research positions, and
    public advocacy in areas such as the arts, literacy, community service, church relations and law.
  • Create their own written analyses and evaluations of literary and critical texts, observing the conventions of academic English.
  • Apply their knowledge of literary craft to the act of creating their own literary texts in the genres of fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry.
  • Transform culture by engaging aesthetic urban contexts and communities.


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