Degree Type: Minor
Format: In-Person

Are you good with words and dream of a future in the media? Studying communications provides students ability with craft content for a variety of audiences whether in print, advertisements or online. By learning the best practices within each type of content students are prepared to succeed in careers in:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations


20 credits required, 12 credits in residence, 12 credits upper division. No more than 6 of the 20 credits may be used to satisfy General Education Core, major, or other minor requirements.


COMM 220 Public Speaking 3

DR/EN 349 Understanding Film and its Forms 3

COMM/SS 200 Interpersonal Communications 2

EN/COMM/FA 350 Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction OR EN/COMM/FA 351 Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction 3

BUS/COMM 261 Organizational Writing and Presentations 3

Plus 9 credits from the following list:

BUS/PSY 321 Organizational Behavior and Design 3

BUS/SS 380 Conflict: From Theory to Action 3

HUM 385 Critical and Cultural Theory 3

REL/SOC 310 Religions of the World 3

SOC/PS 345 Social Problems and Public Policy 3

SS 351 Cultural Anthropology 3

PSY 430 Counseling 3

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