School: Business
Degree Type: Bachelors Degree
Format: In-Person
Student Type: Traditional Undergraduate

The Business Administration major balances theoretical instruction with practical, hands-on experiences. Warner Pacific Business graduates with the leadership and management emphasis have gone on to careers in budget management, marketing management, project management, and team leaderships among others as well as various graduate programs.

Prerequisites: 6 credits
BUS 223 | Introduction to Microsoft Office | 3 credits
MA 111 or MA 242 | College Algebra or Introduction to Statistics (or higher level math) | 3 credits
Major Requirements: 51 credits: 25 credits in residence, 31 credits total upper division. Required:
BUS 120 | Introduction to Business and Personal Finance | 3 credits
BUS 195 | Internship Preparation | 2 credits
BUS 211 | Financial Accounting | 3 credits
BUS 212 | Managerial Accounting | 3 credits
BUS/SS 290 | Ethics, Social Issues, and Responsibility | 3 credits
BUS/PS 303 | Business and Employment Law | 3 credits
BUS 310 | Management Theory and Practice | 3 credits
BUS 353 | Operations Management | 3 credits
BUS 363 | Introduction to Business Finance | 3 credits
BUS 364 | Corporate Finance | 3 credits
BUS 394 | Research Methods and Applied Statistics | 3 credits
BUS 445 | Global Business | 3 credits
BUS 450 | Strategic Management | 3 credits
BUS 495 | Internship | 1-6 credits
EC 203 | Economics | 3 credits
MKTG 242 | Marketing | 3 credits
MKTG 342 | Marketing Management | 3 credits
SE 311 | Entrepreneurial Leadership in an Urban Context | 3 credits

Upon successful completion of the Business Administration major with an emphasis in Management/Leadership, graduates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Proficiency in the key concepts and methods of inquiry associated with Business.
  • Proficiency in the use of quantitative tools used to make good business decisions.
  • Critical thinking through evidence based arguments associated with the various areas
    of Business practice.
  • An ability to produce work that integrates concepts and methods associated with the
    disciplines of Business.
  • Proficiency associated with Microsoft Office and other associated Business Systems.
  • Communication fluency via written and oral presentation assignments.
  • Proficiency in the basic functional competencies of decision-making, risk analysis,
    measurement, reporting, research, and leveraging technology to enhance functional
  • Proficiency in the basic personal competencies of professional demeanor, problem
    solving and decision-making, interaction, leadership, communication, project management, and leveraging technology to enhance personal competencies.
  • Effective leadership and team oriented capabilities.
  • Proficiency in the basic theories associated with Management and Leadership, such as Organizational Theory, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Corporate Finance, and Strategic Management.
  • The ability to integrate and apply their learning in complex projects and assignments that may include: research, collaborative projects, and/or field assignments.

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