School: Business
Degree Type: Bachelors Degree
Format: In-Person

The Entrepreneurship emphasis balances theoretical instruction with practical, hands-on experiences. This program will prepare the Warner Pacific student to become a successful entrepreneur, producing both economic and social benefit.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Effective leadership and team oriented capabilities.
  • Proficiency in the basic concepts, theories, models and vocabulary associated with Entrepreneurship.
  • Proficiency in their discipline by integrating concepts and methods used in business to create small and large scale positive social change.
  • The ability to integrate and apply their learning in complex projects and assignments that may include: research, collaborative projects, and/or field assignments.


Prerequisites: 6 credits

BUS 223 Introduction to Microsoft Office 3

MA 111 College Algebra (or higher level math) 3

Major Requirements: 48 credits: 25 credits in residence, 31 credits total upper division.

BUS 120 Introduction to Business and Personal Finance 3

BUS 195 Internship Preparation 2

BUS 211 Financial Accounting 3

BUS/SS 290 Ethics, Social Issues, and Responsibility 3

BUS/PS 303 Business and Employment Law 3

BUS 310 Management Theory and Practice 3

BUS 394 Research Methods and Applied Statistics 3

BUS 445 Global Business 3

BUS 450 Strategic Management 3

BUS 495 Internship 1-6

CM 311 Ministry Field Ed.: Community Development & Organizing 3

OR TH/SOC 470 Christian Social Concerns

CM/COMM 312 Ministry Field Ed.: Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship 3

EC 203 Economics 3

MKTG 242 Marketing 3

SE 311 Entrepreneurial Leadership in an Urban Context 3

SOC 345 Social Problems and Public Policy 3

Elective: Select at least 3 credits from the following

BUS 353 Operations Management (3)

MKTG 342 Marketing Management (3)

SE 301 Entrepreneurial Enterprise (3)

SE 352 Entrepreneurial Project Management (3)

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