School: Natural Sciences and Health
Degree Type: Minor
Format: In-Person
Student Type: Traditional Undergraduate

A biology minor is for students who want to learn how living systems work – from the cellular level to the ecosystem level. This minor will give you practical laboratory skills and foundational knowledge in biology, and you’ll understand how the process of science is used to create new knowledge about humans, other organisms, and the world they live in. Add this minor to other majors to prepare for physical therapy, to add another area of expertise for secondary education students, or just because you love learning about biology! You’ll learn the fundamentals first, then select courses that are interesting to you with the help of your advisor.


Biological Science Core Courses
BIO 211 | General Biology I | 4 credits
BIO 212 | General Biology II | 4 credits
BIO 245 | Evolution | 3 credits
BIO 250 | Genetics | 4 credits
Upper division Biology courses chosen with advisor | 6 credits


Beth DuPriest
Dr. Beth DuPriest

Professor of Biology; Chair of Natural Sciences & Health
Division of: Natural Sciences & Health
Phone: 503-517-1072

Brad Tripp
Dr. Brad Tripp

Professor of Biology
Division of: Natural Sciences & Health
Phone: 503-517-1070


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