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Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

When designing the accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, Warner Pacific University considered today’s organizational needs. Companies expect workers to understand how all departments work together and how the latest technologies impact results. In turn, this accelerated business degree available in online and on-campus formats takes a holistic perspective, covering functional areas like accounting, marketing, and finance and blending in forward-looking organizational, leadership, and management principles.

Geared specifically toward working adults who have completed some college-level coursework, this accelerated bachelor’s degree in business blends theoretical instruction with practical, real-world examples. Students, in turn, can apply these concepts directly to their existing careers and bring their own professional insights into the classroom. 

Program Objectives

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, business has remained the number-one sought-after bachelor’s degree since the 1980s. Today, as more students pursue an education online, this trend remains unchanged.

This perspective shapes WPU’s accelerated bachelor’s in business degree. We’ve created a versatile program designed to be applied to a range of career paths that simultaneously weaves in management principles, emphasizes personal integrity and social responsibility, and prepares students to later pursue a graduate degree in business. In anticipating what employers look for in job candidates, we strive to graduate professionals with strategic problem-solving skills, an understanding of operational principles, and strong leadership potential. As well, because technology continues to influence the marketplace and transform traditional business functions, our curriculum introduces essential, up-to-date tools alongside long-held concepts.

With these objectives in mind, the accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration degree:

  • encourages critical thinking, initiative, leadership, and teamwork;
  • helps students develop strong written and oral communication skills;
  • emphasizes ethics and social responsibility in an organizational context;
  • provides students with a comprehensive overview of all functional areas of business, including management, law, organizational leadership, quantitative reasoning, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and strategic planning; and
  • blends real-world scenarios, information technologies, and experiential learning into a traditional business curriculum. 

 Bachelor of Business Administration Curriculum

The accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum for both online and on-campus formats consists of 14 courses totalling to 43 semester credits. As the program is specifically designed for working adults, students take one course at a time over a two-year period. 

In total, all students earning an accelerated business degree through the Professional and Graduate Studies (PGS) program must complete a total of 124 semester credits to graduate. In addition to the Bachelor of Business Administration courses, this amount includes Core and elective requirements, which many working adults satisfy by transferring previously completed college coursework.

In reflecting WPU’s mission of producing well-rounded graduates, the accelerated BBA degree covers management and leadership theories, organizational behavior principles, quantitative analysis, economics, corporate finance, accounting, marketing, and business law and emphasizes the development of a Christ-centered ethical mindset. 

The Bachelor of Accounting is a two-year program consisting of 24 courses. Business management and general education courses each last five weeks, while the ten accounting courses last six weeks each. The program develops your leadership capabilities along with your capacity to make informed business decisions based on research, analysis, and collaboration.

Courses within the major include:

  • Principles of Accounting I
  • Principles of Accounting II
  • Intermediate Accounting I
  • Intermediate Accounting II
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Cost Accounting
  • Non-Profit Accounting
  • Taxation I
  • Taxation II

Graduates of the program should demonstrate the technical capabilities and personal ethical code necessary for success in accounting.

Review the PGS Bulletin for complete course descriptions.

Accelerated Program Format

Convenience and helping professionals reach the next stage of their career are at the heart of WPU’s PGS programs. We have championed adult education for the past 25 years and now offer several accelerated degree completion programs in online and on-campus evening formats.

Regardless of the delivery, instruction, course content and quality, and expectations remain the same across the on-campus and accelerated online Bachelor of Business Administration programs:

  • All courses last for five weeks, unless otherwise noted.
  • Our faculty members are leaders in their field and bring their professional insights into the classroom.
  • Students don’t have to wait a full semester to start their degree; instead, both on-campus and online BBA courses have monthly start dates.
  • For your professional development, WPU uses a cohort model, with 14 to 22 individuals grouped in Learning Communities, helping you build connections with your professors and fellow students.

On-Campus Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

WPU holds courses for the accelerated BBA at our main and local campuses in Portland and Vancouver, allowing students to select the closest and most convenient location to their home or workplace. 

All on-ground BBA courses are held one night per week in the evening at the same location, ensuring you can earn your degree while working full-time and attending to other obligations. 

Online Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

For the accelerated online Bachelor of Business Administration, lectures and concepts are introduced on a weekly basis. Courses are held asynchronously, allowing students to complete assignments on their own time while keeping all deadlines in mind.

Online students registered for a course set up an account and, in addition to lectures and assigned readings, are expected to participate in forums, contributing at least three substantive posts over two days per week. Accessing materials, furthermore, requires online students to log into the portal five out of seven days per week. 

Careers with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

WPU designed the BBA as a starting point for a range of career paths, including roles in accounting, marketing, and management, and to prepare students to earn a master’s degree later on.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that, from 2018 through 2028, demand for business and finance professionals will grow 7% on average, and most of these careers will require a bachelor’s degree. Potential career paths include:

  • Accountants and auditors;
  • Budget analysts;
  • Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists;
  • Sales managers;
  • Cost estimators;
  • Financial analysts;
  • Human resources specialists;
  • Market research analysts; 
  • Financial advisors; and
  • Training and development specialists.

Requirements for the Accelerated BBA Degree

Working adults interested in beginning the accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration program must:

  • complete an application and submit the application fee;
  • provide official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended to date and high school transcripts if starting with fewer than six semester credits;
  • have at least two years of full-time work experience;
  • have earned at least 48 semester credits through college-level coursework, CLEP exams, or ACE evaluations for military experience and job training; and
  • have completed all previous college-level coursework with a cumulative 2.0 average.

Students whose native language is not English are also required to show proof of English proficiency by earning a minimum TOEFL score of 70 or a 6 or higher on the IELTS.

Learn More About WPU’s Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Support the knowledge you’ve gained on the job with an accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Warner Pacific University. For questions about the program, contact PGS Admissions by email or by phone at 800-804-1510, or request additional information today.

Associates Degree:

The Associate of Science in Accounting prepares students for entry-level positions in bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general accounting, and entry-level tax preparation. The curriculum provides a solid foundation in the liberal arts, business, and accounting. The degree is suitable for transfer into bachelor degree programs and meets the needs of students who desire a general two-year degree. The Associate of Science in Accounting degree will satisfy all the pre-requisites for the Bachelor of Arts in Accounting program.


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