Proudly Presenting Monica Monroe

Monica MonroeMonica was born in Missoula, Montana where her journey of faith began at age nine. As a young woman, she was blessed to have many special people contribute to her faith along the way, including Warner Pacific alumni who encouraged her to attend college in Portland. As a first-generation college student, Monica was excited to be the first in her family to experience higher education but she also recognized her need for support in navigating this unfamiliar world. As a Warner Pacific student, she found the help that she had been looking for, being mentored by Leroy Oesch and Ronald Joiner, in Christian education; and Charles Nielsen and Lloyd Whelchel in Sociology. She graduated in 1969 with a double major in Christian Education and Sociology.

In 1968, Monica married Dale Monroe, also a Warner Pacific alumnus, and son of Warner and Mildred Monroe who served the institution for many years. Monica and Dale’s shared journey to ministry took many bends before culmination in 1992, when ordination to ministry was granted in Brooks, Oregon.

Monica lived out her calling at Mt. Scott Church of God for over 15 years in Children and Adult Ministry and pastoral care. For a short time, youth ministry was also included in her role. Monica’s ministry included serving with the National Board of Christian Education of the Church of God; Camp White Branch Committee of the Church of God in Oregon and SW Washington; as well as the Christian Education Board of this district.

Current Achievements

Presently, Monica serves as Chair of the Credentials and Advisory Board for the Association of Church of the Churches of God in Oregon and Southwest Washington. She is also completing her tenth year as a trustee at Warner Pacific University.

Through all of her experiences, the greatest blessings are found in the relationships that she has formed with people living in many different places, who would come together in united goal and purpose. Monica is still moved when she recalls checking on individuals facing crisis and loss at hospitals. She considers it a joy to have recruited people to serve in ministry of the local church and see them fulfill their responsibilities in such a perfectly ordained way.

While the greatest thanks is given to God for leading her on this path, Monica also recognizes that it would not have been possible without the support of family. Her husband Dale, and sons Matthew and Bart, were always lovingly patient and supportive while she was away for meetings, including those which included air travel and being away from those she loves most. Monica thanks many faithful people, including some in this room, for the contributions they have made in her journey of Christian ministry.

Warner Pacific University is proud to recognize Monica Monroe as a 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award winner!

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