Proudly Presenting Kerry Kuehl, M.D
Oregon Health & Science University
Professor of Medicine, Chief Health Promotion & Sports Medicine
Medical Director Portland Fire & Rescue
Director Oregon Human Performance Lab
1981 WPU Graduate

Kerry Kuehl, MD DrPH MS, is a Professor of Medicine and Associate Director of the Human Performance Laboratory in the Division of Health Promotion and Sports Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. He holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, a Doctorate of Public Health in Nutrition, and medical specialty board certification in Internal Medicine. He is a teacher, researcher, and primary care physician specializing in occupational medicine as it relates to improving wellness and safety in the workplace to reduce illness and injury among workers.

Dr. Kuehl is recognized for his work with first responders and law enforcement personnel and has been on the frontlines with national and international police and fire service organizations the past two decades. In addition, Dr. Kuehl is the principal investigator on the NIOSH funded SHIELD study, a health and safety program for law enforcement personnel, and the Oregon DOC Study, a health promotion and protection study of Oregon Department of Correctional Officers. He has presented and published the results showing a significant increase in health behaviors including improved diet, exercise, and sleep patterns, reducing CVD risk, and reducing stress related illness and injury. Dr. Kuehl has published over 100 scientific and 200 lay articles.