Promote Health, Wellness, and Wholeness With a Career in Nursing

The Warner Pacific Nursing Program prepares students from diverse backgrounds to serve as advocates for health and wellness. Through an array of classroom and clinical learning experiences, the program prepares nurses to provide holistic person-centered care and to assume positions of leadership. Our program is designed to produce self-aware and culturally competent nurses who demonstrate professional skill, ethical practice, compassionate care, a collaborate spirit, and a commitment to lifelong learning and excellence.

Incoming first-year students may declare their interest in nursing as freshmen and begin the Nursing Program prerequisite course work. During the spring semester of their sophomore year, these students complete a secondary application process to gain admission to the Warner Pacific Nursing Program. Once admitted to the program, students will start Bachelor of Science in Nursing course work.

Transfer students should have junior standing to apply for admission to the Nursing Program.

RN to BSN Available

Already working as an RN? You can earn your BSN online or in just one night a week through the Warner Pacific RN to BSN degree program. Learn more here.