Study the Beauty and Diversity of Life

Biology professionals explore the function, development, and growth of the living systems that make our natural world. Their goal is to understand the building blocks of complex living structures and apply that learning to address real world issues.

Warner Pacific’s Biological Science degree provides broad training with the flexibility to specialize in Human Biology or General Biology.

This degree includes course work needed to prepare students to pursue medical school admissions for further graduate studies in biology, or to teach high school biology.

Biology Majors Pursue Careers in:

• Biological Research
• Bioscience Management
• Health Care – Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing
• Science Education

The majority of students majoring in Biological Science will continue their education through graduate programs or professional studies.

Students collaborate with professors by conducting research in their field, or take advantage of opportunities to perform research at Portland area facilities, such as Oregon Health & Science University. Warner Pacific also participates in the Murdock Scholars program, a forum for original research and presentations.

Read more about our recent Mammalian Physiology Course field trip to the Oregon Humane Society where students applied their skills in person.