Liberal Arts

Majors and Degrees web buttonOur liberal arts approach invites you to seek answers to difficult questions and will challenge you to expand your comfort zone in order to explore the ways in which you understand society, community, and faith. Liberal arts graduates are life-long learners who can think critically and follow the twists and turns of any career path.

WPC Core Classes web buttonAt Warner Pacific, a student-faculty ratio of 12:1 means that you will have professors who know you by name, and are dedicated to guiding you throughout your college experience and beyond.

Warner Pacific science classLiberal arts colleges share many characteristics: small campus, intimate class size, students engaged in service in and out of the classroom, faculty that create a climate of serious discourse, and an appreciate of lifelong learning as a way to enhance personal and professional growth.
Dr. Reginald Nichols, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Warner Pacific is so unique because though we are small; we have a lot of heart. The thing I love most is that I am not just a number on this campus. The staff and facility care where you’ve come from and where you want to go; they’re always happy to meet with you for any reason.
Shayla Collier ’16, Bachelor of Human Development
Warner Pacific religion class

The professors at Warner Pacific have a genuine passion about educating students to become passionate leaders themselves; giving as much attention as needed for their students’ success. That is why I believe this College is right for me!
Raymond Ontiveros ’18

Everything we learn in the classroom is meant to prepare us, not for the test, but for the lives we want to lead.
Quincy Jones ’15

This is a place where I’ve found a personalized education, meaningful experience, and a great sense of purpose. There are many resources on campus and mentors are easy to find. I believe a liberal arts education does more than prepare students for a future care; it prepares students for life, giving them the freedom to think freely and openly.
Biruktawit “Brook” Mengistu ’17, Biological Science Major