How to Know if Nursing School is Right for You

What is Nursing School Like?
There are many ways to get an education as a nurse, but most people who want to make a full-time career out of nursing choose to get a bachelor’s degree. You won’t immediately learn medical procedures. In fact, you won’t learn this sort of thing for a couple of years.

At first, you’ll have to take liberal arts courses. Most universities require you to take the same prerequisites as people in all of the other majors. While you may think this is a waste of time, it is actually very valuable. For example, taking composition courses will help you a great deal in your career, as you’ll use this skill every time you need to write a report.How to Know if Nursing School is Right for You

Even after you finish your prerequisite courses, you won’t learn nursing practices immediately. Many nursing programs require extensive communications and psychology courses, as this helps nurses communicate with their patients. This sort of studying is relatively new to nursing programs, but many schools (such as Portland University) have adopted it after realizing the potential benefits.

Once you have completed these courses (likely in your sophomore year), you’ll begin clinical rotations. This is done to get nursing students as much hands on experience as possible before they actually receive their degrees. This practice is much the same as what student doctors do in med school. Nursing students generally undertake very simple tasks under the supervision of an experienced nurse. Much of what they do is as simple as dispensing medication, updating charts, and possibly checking vital signs.

These clinical rotations last for two years. If the student makes satisfactory progress during these two years, they will graduate with a degree in nursing. This does not, however, mean that they are nurses yet. There is one last hurdle that an aspiring nurse needs to overcome.

Before earning his or her license, the student must first pass the National Certification Licensure Examination. This exam is known to be very difficult, and a sizable percentage of students don’t pass. Those who do, however, get their license and enter the exciting field of nursing.

Career Prospects in the Nursing Field
Nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States. Nearly all careers in the medical field have an excellent outlook, but the number of jobs in the nursing field is growing faster than most other medical occupations. Many people are attracted to nursing for this reason.

While career security and opportunities are two of the major reasons that people go into nursing, it is more difficult to sustain a nursing career than many people realize. Those who get into nursing for career reasons often burn out after a while due to the emotional difficulty of the occupation. There are certain character traits that people who become successful nurses usually have. These character traits allow them to deal with what can be an emotionally draining job.

Personality Traits of Successful Nurses
Nurses that have long and rewarding careers in this profession usually have the following traits:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Competence
  • Patience
  • Self-confidence
  • Adaptability
  • Ethics
  • Intuition
  • People skills
  • Endurance
  • Reliability

It’s rare for someone to have all of these traits. Nursing certainly isn’t for everybody. If you are cut out for it, however, it can be an incredibly rewarding career. There aren’t many jobs that offer you the opportunity to help as many people as nursing does.

Types of Nursing Jobs
While most people think of nurses as working in a hospital, this is only one of many places a nurse may work in their career. If you want to be a nurse, you have to be comfortable working in a variety of locations. These locations may include:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Emergency rooms (E.R.s)
  • Public health organizations
  • Schools
  • Pediatrician’s offices
  • Operating rooms
  • Nursing rooms
  • Colleges

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself
There are several questions that you need to think about if you are considering nursing school. If you really want to know whether nursing school is right for you, you need to be honest with yourself. It’s not for everybody, and there isn’t anything wrong with not being cut out for it. The first question you need to ask yourself is: Do I really care about other people and do I really have a desire to help them become healthy? It is easy to say yes without really thinking about it, but consider how difficult this is. Consider that many patients may not be pleasant. After you’ve considered this, think about the continuous work you’ll have to do to stay up with the advances in technology, procedures, and medicine. Most well-run hospitals have training programs that help their medical professionals stay up-to-date on the latest advancements, but not all of them do. You may have to get updated on your own time.

You also need to ask yourself if you can remove your ego totally from any situation. If there is a patient in a life-threatening situation, you need to be able to do whatever it takes to save them. This means taking orders from doctors or nurses above you in the pecking order and following them to the letter without talking back or hesitating at all.

Another thing you have to ask yourself is whether you can take the hours. The hours a nurse works can be very long and include nights, weekends, and holidays. These hours may cause more people to leave nursing than any other reason. Of course, if you can take working extremely long hours, you can make good money due to overtime.

The last and possibly most important question you need to ask yourself is whether you can accept that many people you come into contact with don’t share your belief in God. This may be difficult after going to a Christian nursing school. Be an example through your actions, but keep in mind that hospitals generally prevent nurses from sharing their religious beliefs, as it is considered unprofessional.

10 Reasons to Attend a Christian University

When the time comes to make a decision about where you’ll attend college, it can be difficult to choose! There are so many great schools, many of which offer programs that you can’t wait to learn more about. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to choose a Christian university for the most exciting, growth-filled four years of your life, there are several reasons why you should seriously pursue that choice for your education.

10 Reasons to Attend a Christian University1. You’ll be surrounded by people who share your faith, and when the going gets tough, they’ll help you turn back to it. Instead of constantly feeling like everyone is encouraging you to give up on what you believe whenever things don’t go your way, from a bad test score to a family event that’s difficult to process, you’ll be with people who will encourage you to trust God and wait for his timing.

2. You’ll receive support for your faith, rather than having it torn down by professors who fail to understand the relevance and importance of the Christian faith to today’s students. At secular colleges and universities, many Christian students are forced to actively defend their faith any time an issue comes up in the classroom. When you choose a Christian college, on the other hand, you can rest assured that your professors will support your faith: your Bible is a valid reference for your papers and debates, and the words of Jesus matter when defending your positions.

3. You’ll work with professors who accept the Bible as truth and adapt their instruction accordingly. That doesn’t just mean that you’ll never have to defend your faith to them; it also means that when you have those deep, burning questions, someone will be on hand to help you answer them. Your class debates on homosexuality, abortion, and other topics will have a decidedly biblical slant–and you can rest assured that no one is going to start casting stones because you pointed to a Bible verse as a reason behind your argument. Even better, your professors will be able to guide you to deeper understanding of your faith, helping to further your understanding of biblical principles as they apply to your major field.

4. You won’t ever feel like the odd man out when you pray before a meal, take Sunday off to attend church, or complete a devotional at the beginning or end of the day. Instead, you’ll be surrounded by a caring group of friends for whom these things are utterly normal and expected.

5. Christian colleges offer a wider range of volunteer opportunities. They partner with local churches and organizations to present opportunities for their students to work in a variety of different positions in their effort to give back to the community. In many cases, these volunteer opportunities can be your foot in the door or the additional experience your resume needs to showcase exactly how capable you are in your chosen field. Volunteer opportunities are your chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and Christian colleges provide more of those opportunities for their students.

6. You’ll get an amazing, high-quality education. There’s a certain myth in many high schools that private Christian schools don’t provide the same quality education that you’ll find in a secular university. Thankfully, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Many Christian colleges offer great educational opportunities for their students, providing them with not just knowledge that could be learned out of a book, but also a deep wisdom and spiritual guidance that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

7. There’s a greater sense of community in many Christian colleges. Because many of them are smaller than their publicly funded secular counterparts, Christian colleges are able to encourage every student to develop a peer group, encourage interaction, and create a sense of family within their graduating class. Community-building doesn’t just take place in the classroom. It’s found all over the campus–and many of those relationships and their impact on your life will endure long after you leave college behind.

8. Honor Christ through the available activities. Secular colleges and universities will often include activities that simply don’t fit with your worldview. Marches, protests, and rallies will be dedicated to causes that you don’t support or don’t understand. By standing apart from them, you’ll be labeled an outcast or fail to fit in. When you attend a Christian university, on the other hand, all of the available activities will fit in perfectly with your faith.

9. Use your faith to shape your view of the world. Christian universities aren’t out to create a flat worldview that only includes elements of the Christian faith. Rather, they aim to better prepare you for what you’ll see as part of the world while still filtering that experience through the lens of Christianity. Explore, debate, and discuss different happenings across the world while keeping your faith at the forefront. As a result, you’ll be able to broaden your mind without feeling pulled to decide between the world and your faith.

10. Use your college years to grow in wisdom and spiritual maturity. When you attend a secular school, it’s easy to get caught up in the other activities and pursuits and set your faith to the side. While juggling internships, classes, exams, work responsibilities, and more, it doesn’t take much for you to decide that your faith isn’t the centerpiece of your life during this season–especially if you’re surrounded by people who don’t support your faith. When you choose a Christian college, however, you’ll be surrounded by people who do support your faith and will encourage you to grow in it over the next four years.

Your choice of college won’t just determine where you spend the next four years. It will also help shape the rest of your life, guiding you through many transitions and opening doors to future opportunities. By choosing a Christian college, you can rest assured that you’ll have the guidance you need to make the most of those years for your faith, your education, and your future.

7 Things to Consider When Applying for College

The first leap into college applications is a heady jump. You’re ready to start pursuing higher education, looking for an increasing number of opportunities to build your skills, increase your knowledge, and prepare yourself for your future job. When the time comes to actually choose a college, however, you may find yourself wondering where on earth you’re supposed to start. How will you ever know which school is right for you? There are plenty of great colleges in Portland, Oregon alone. What are the most important criteria for selecting the school that’s right for you?7 Things to Consider When Applying for College

1. What’s your major?

This simple question will define a great deal of the next four years of your life–and that starts now. When you select a college or university, you want to be sure that it offers the classes you need to pursue your future career. Still on the fence? If you’re stuck between a choice of a couple of potential majors, make sure that your chosen school offers options for both of them. On the other hand, if you’re entirely undecided, choose a school that offers a wide selection of classes you’re interested in. If you take a few electives to start off, you’ll be more likely to discover the direction that will work best for you going forward. You should also consider such important questions as when classes are offered and whether or not they’ll fit with your schedule.

2. What’s your budget?

Let’s face it: ultimately, your available finances will determine a great deal about where you can attend school. If you’re lucky enough to have a great scholarship or parents who will help fund your college education, you may have a wider range of choices than someone who is working to put themselves through college. Take a hard look at your budget before you get stuck on a school that you can’t attend. Don’t let your financial situation deter you from pursuing the school of your dreams, though! You never know when you’ll be offered a great scholarship that will cover everything you need for your tuition. Just make sure that you have a backup plan in case you aren’t offered the funding you need.

3. How does your faith factor in?

Many Christian students find that their faith has a huge impact on the college they ultimately choose. They want a school where their faith will be nurtured, encouraged, and grown throughout their four years there, rather than a school where they will constantly be on the defensive or feeling like an outcast as a result of their faith. How will your faith factor into your choice of college? At a Christian college or university, you’ll find that your faith is grown, rather than being ignored or destroyed as a result of your circumstances.

4. What athletic offerings are you looking for?

Have you pursued a sport throughout high school that will earn you a scholarship to the college or university of your choice? If you have pursued that sport, what do you hope to do with it once your college days are past? Check out sports programs at the universities you’re considering before making your short list of colleges you’d like to attend. The college you play for may significantly impact your ability to sign on to a professional team or create a foot in the door that will enable you to get a job as a coach at the high school level.

5. How safe is the campus?

Take a long, hard look at campus safety rates. Is it safe to walk around your campus at night without an escort, or as you going to be asking for trouble? Is campus security easy to find and a regular presence around the campus, or does “campus security” consist of a handful of a single guard who is never available when you need him and wouldn’t be able to handle the situation if something did go wrong? Check out information about curfews, how students can get into the dorms if they are out after hours, and what kind of procedures and policies are in place for dealing with repairs and maintenance across campus.

6. Where, geographically, do you want to attend college?

For some students, a college or university as close to home as possible is the ideal. They want to be able to live at home or at least be close enough to drive home for weekend visits. Others want to get as far away from their parents as possible. Where do you want to be when you’re “away” at school? Do you want to be in reach of your parents if your car breaks down or your roommate is causing unbearable problems, or are you prepared to deal with those issues on your own? Make sure you carefully consider the geographic convenience of your preferred school.

7. How do the stats look?

When you’ve narrowed down your school choices, take a look at some key statistics. You want to know what the returning student rate is: do many students get through their freshman year or sophomore year and decide that they will be better off somewhere else? How does the student/faculty ratio look: smaller ratios will lead to a better relationship with each professor, while a larger class size will allow you to blend into the background unnoticed. Look into the campus’s support services: how do they work with students when it comes to job placement, employment counseling, and other important issues? You also want to examine student population diversity to make sure there are plenty of different students across the campus.

The college or university you’ll attend is a big decision, but it’s one you’ll enjoy making and appreciate the results of for years to come. Take the time to carefully plan out what you want most in a college, then look for one that will meet your needs. Once you’re there, you’ll be in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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Dean’s List for Spring 2016

The following 426 Warner Pacific College students were named to the Dean’s List for the Spring 2016 academic term. To qualify, students must be enrolled full-time♦ and achieve a 3.5 or greater grade point average. Students with an asterisk (*) earned a perfect 4.0 GPA.

4.0 Student Name City State
* Nathan Abraham Vancouver WA
Kiandra Alexander West Linn OR
* Ayde Alvarado Portland OR
Rebecca Aman Vancouver WA
Ruben Amezcua Portland OR
* Christina Anderson Vancouver WA
* Melinda Andrews Portland OR
Vicki Andrews Portland OR
* Rebecca Anna Portland OR
* Laura Araza Aloha OR
* Miriam Ash Centralia WA
* Tiffanie Ashcraft Canby OR
* Caitlin Asher Portland OR
* Guadalupe Astorga Ramos Woodburn OR
* Arika Atkins Longview WA
* Amanda Atwood Battle Ground WA
* Vanessa Auyong Mililani HI
Crystal Badon Portland OR
Breanna Baker Clackamas OR
Jeffrey Barker Portland OR
* William Barnes Vancouver WA
Dillon Battles Gresham OR
* Allison Beisley Anderson IN
Britny Belcher Eugene OR
Regina Bell Underwood WA
* Sommer Bellon Gladstone OR
* Jacob Berg Vancouver WA
* Katheryn Bergen Portland OR
* Samantha Bernal West Linn OR
* Hayley Bernick Portland OR
* David Berra Vancouver WA
* Holley Besaw Portland OR
Tina Bettger Milwaukie OR
Pavin Blas Barrigada GU
* Gregory Bledsoe Salem OR
* Keira Bogart Gresham OR
* Joseph Boivin Portland OR
* Megan Bones Chehalis WA
* Marchelle Bostic Lake Stevens WA
* Blaine Bradford Portland OR
Hakeem Bradley Beaverton OR
Kasara Brandenburg Wasilla AK
* Yvette Briceno Cornelius OR
* Irina Bubnova Portland OR
* Hillary Bucklew Vernonia OR
Barbara Bundy Vancouver WA
Brandon Bush Camas WA
* Michaela Byers Vancouver WA
* Jamie Caldwell Happy Valley OR
Timminy Carlson Leaburg OR
* Sandy Carpenter Ridgefield WA
Marissa Casanova Port Orchard WA
Angel Castaneda Cornelius OR
* Lanijoy Castaneda Portland OR
* Leslie Catabay Portland OR
Jeffrey Cavin Portland OR
* Mary Celsi Canby OR
* Katherine Cereghino Sandy OR
* Craig Chan Portland OR
* Michael Chapman Ridgefield WA
Ping Chen Longview WA
* Mila Cherchenko Portland OR
* Christopher Choi Portland OR
* Samantha Christensen Happy Valley OR
Elizabeth Clark Portland OR
* Jason Clark Vancouver WA
Alyse Clark-Gleich Portland OR
Nicole Cole Vancouver WA
* Craig Coleman Vancouver WA
Genna Comara Portland OR
* Mark Combe Portland OR
Makenna Conley Redmond OR
* Erin Cooper Beaverton OR
Mariah Cooper Portland OR
* Shauna Cooper Oregon City OR
Chelsie Coser Beaverton OR
Kevin Coser Beaverton OR
Carolyn Coutu Portland OR
* Michelle Cowden Vancouver WA
Joshua Crager Graham WA
* Hannah Crane Damascus OR
* Jessica Crapser Eugene OR
* Christine Culkins Oregon City OR
* Kerry Cunningham Vancouver WA
Nayomi Cunningham Portland OR
Steven D’Ambrosia Portland OR
* Sarah Davis Newberg OR
Pamela Dawson Vancouver WA
Kirsten Day Portland OR
* Kimberly Decker Yacolt WA
* Heather Degroot Vancouver WA
* Rochelle DeGroot Bozeman MT
Adam Dickinson Gresham OR
Joe Dickinson Fairbanks AK
* Andreana DiGiorgio Vancouver WA
* Andrey Dmitriyev Battle Ground WA
* Brycen Dodds Salem OR
* Shannon Dolan Portland OR
* Elizabeth Dominguez Hollister CA
Matthew Dotson Gresham OR
Elke Downer Portland OR
Christopher Duclos Milwaukie OR
* Jason DuClos Portland OR
Nicholas Durant Portland OR
Benjamin Durham Portland OR
Latosha Dyson Portland OR
* Moses Dyson Portland OR
Alesandra Edwards Beaverton OR
* Julianna Edwardson Wenatchee WA
Dennis Einarson Woodland WA
Jeremie Eloy Montpellier  VT
John Erbert Casper WY
* Alexis Estrada Gresham OR
Anne Evans Milwaukie OR
Reydell Ewaliko-Kauhane Waianae HI
Tara Faulkner West Linn OR
Julia Feeser Fircrest WA
* Cletus Fernandez Salem OR
* Alicia Finch Gladstone OR
Camryn Fisher Beaverton OR
Marla Foertsch Vancouver WA
* Amanda Foley Salem OR
Britney Foote Tacoma WA
* Loren Forkgen Vancouver WA
Ashley Forrester Troutdale OR
* Joy Foster Elmira OR
Naomi Fox Oregon City OR
Melinda Fraley Kelso WA
Jetzabel Franco Salem OR
Braunwynn Franklin Vancouver WA
Bonshee Freeman Kent WA
* Jean Freeman Troutdale OR
* Alyssa Frostick Aloha OR
Benjamin Fuhrer Casper WY
Kaitlyn Funai Hilo HI
James Furns Oregon City OR
Katlynn Galbraith Longview WA
Janet Gallagher Vancouver WA
* Ricardo Gallegos Portland OR
* Carole Gamoy Vancouver WA
Thalia Garcia Aguilar Hillsboro OR
* Emir Garcia Wood Village OR
Manuel Garcia Boring OR
Maria Garcia Honolulu HI
* Pam Garrett Portland OR
* Blanca Gaytan Farfan Gresham OR
* Kevin Gilchrist Vancouver WA
* Michael Goldman Los Angeles CA
Mallory Graves Vancouver WA
* Lyssa Greene Beaverton OR
* Jennifer Greenley Clackamas OR
* Deborah Guyton Portland OR
Aidan Hackett Sherwood OR
* Josiah Hall Silverton OR
Gwendolyn Hamilton Portland OR
Brenda Hargrave Milwaukie OR
* Blake Harlan Deer Park WA
Dean Harlow Portland OR
Nicole Harrison Hillsboro OR
* Shelly Harryman Washougal WA
Benjamin Hartle Oregon City OR
* Kimberly Hartwell McMinnville OR
Kenneth Helmes Gresham OR
* Melissa Helmick Beaverton OR
Maranda Henderson Tigard OR
Michelle Henderson Hillsboro OR
* Kendra Henry Olympia WA
* Nathan Herbst Vancouver WA
* Nena Herbst Vancouver WA
* Sarah Herd Portland OR
Ashley Hernandez Petaluma CA
Soltsinansy Hernandez Troutdale OR
Kailey Herren Vancouver WA
Jaclyn Heupel Ridgefield WA
* Maria Higa Vancouver WA
* Ann Marie Higgins Canby OR
Kathleen Hiigel Portland OR
* Samantha Hill Happy Valley OR
* Troy Hill Milwaukie OR
* Jonathan Hillis Portland OR
* Rachael Hillis Portland OR
* Gwenlyn Hitch Happy Valley OR
Jamie Hogan Bellevue WA
* Bradley Hoggatt Kalama WA
John Hollada Vancouver WA
* Alexia Holt Portland OR
* Daesa Hoppie Longview WA
Lynndie Horton Portland OR
* Everett Horvath Salem OR
* Chelsea Hostetler Oregon City OR
Whitney Howell Vancouver WA
* Bradley Hunt Longview WA
* Lina Ibarra-Prado Portland OR
Tim Ickler Corbett OR
* Joshua Ipock Kelso WA
Andrea Irby Portland OR
* Boston Jackson Portland OR
Daesha Jackson Phoenix AZ
Antone Jarrell Portland OR
* Sonceria Jenkins Portland OR
Robert Jimenez-Sutton Milwaukie OR
* Sarah Johns Portland OR
* Edward Johnson Vancouver WA
* Femi Johnson Portland OR
* Joseph Johnson Vancouver WA
Romla Johnson Portland OR
Ryan Johnson Portland OR
* Carolyn Johnson-Evans Portland OR
* Jacqueline Jones Portland OR
* Shaquwonna Jones Vancouver WA
Tammie Jungling Timber OR
* Camille Keaulana Tigard OR
* Aaron Keiffer Portland OR
* Mark Kernell Vancouver WA
Nicole Kincaide Petaluma CA
* Telaina King Portland OR
Jonathan Kirchem Clackamas OR
* Trey Klug Vancouver WA
* Natalie Knight Sandy OR
* Stephanie Knippa Milwaukie OR
* Michelle Korne Vancouver WA
Bethany Kosmowski Beaverton OR
* Adrian Koza Portland OR
* Ariel Krauser Battle Ground WA
Sarah Kudrna Fairview OR
* Chelsea La Mar Coos Bay OR
* Cali Lamb Washougal WA
* Shannon Lamb Portland OR
Deborah Landers Vancouver WA
* Katie Lane Longview WA
Augusta Lang Hillsboro OR
Cathy Lara Portland OR
Brooke Larkins Damascus OR
Emma Larson Albany OR
* Ashlee Lavoy Happy Valley OR
Kevin Levine Vancouver WA
* Deborah Lewis Portland OR
Justyn Lewis Lacey WA
* Mariah Liebert Portland OR
Glenn Linder Molalla OR
Zachary Lindquist Portland OR
Leslie Lively Gresham OR
* Trisha Locke Gladstone OR
Monica Lodolini Gladstone OR
* Lestan Loomis Troutdale OR
Alexa Lorentzen Mesa AZ
* Kristine Lucero Molalla OR
* Sheila Mace Cathlamet WA
Lita Maffi Vancouver WA
* Justin Maier La Center WA
Oksana Maksimov Woodburn OR
Iesha Mangum Vancouver WA
Pamala Marini Battle Ground WA
* Lacey Marsolek Yacolt WA
* Adrian Mashia Portland OR
* Monica Mast Vancouver WA
Sharyce Matayoshi Honolulu HI
* Leslie Mathies Portland OR
* Reanna McBroom Sheridan OR
Lori Jean McCorkle Portland OR
Angel McCurdy Portland OR
* Natasha McDougal Portland OR
Carrie McKowen Portland OR
* MacKenzie McQuade Portland OR
* Michaela McQuade Portland OR
Katie McWherter Portland OR
* Biruktawit Mengistu Portland OR
* Gerald Messenger Clackamas OR
Kai-Lynn Miller Portland OR
Robin Miller Portland OR
Tracy Miller Vancouver WA
Stephanie Milnes West Linn OR
Samantha Mitchell Clackamas OR
Tumaini Mkandama Portland OR
* Francoise Moisan Portland OR
* Mercedes Montgomery Gresham OR
* Yolanda Morales Portland OR
* Cory Morris Milwaukie OR
Jenelle Moses Canby OR
Deidre Moss Gresham OR
* Jennifer Mowry Milwaukie OR
* Brandi Mullaney Newberg OR
Alina Munoz-Licea Woodvillage OR
* Sean Musaeus Portland OR
Christina Myers Albany OR
* Brenda Naish Vancouver WA
* Dana Nault St. Paul OR
Adaya Navarro Perez Portland OR
* Erica Navarro Salem OR
* Marisol Negrete-Flores Hillsboro OR
Elle’ Nelson Missoula MT
* Nadia Nelson Duncanville TX
Bailey Newell Lake Stevens WA
* Alenna Nilsen Portland OR
* Sarita Nissani Portland OR
Laurie Nitschke Vancouver WA
* Keith North Milwaukie OR
* Miroslava Olenin Vancouver WA
Nicholas Olin Beaverton OR
Jordan Olson Rancho Cucamonga CA
Caitlyn Oneil Happy Valley OR
* Erandi Osorio Washougal WA
Jessie Osuna-Mondragon Portland OR
Austin Owens Portland OR
Erin Palacios Gresham OR
* Alena Paliy Happy Valley OR
* Adriana Palla Portland OR
* Kristin Palmer Happy Valley OR
* April Parker Portland OR
Robert Parker Portland OR
Priscilla Paschal Portland OR
Alexander Paterno Portland OR
* Yolonda Patton Portland OR
* Erin Perkins Beaverton OR
Christina Peterson Hillsboro OR
Melissa Peterson Vancouver WA
Leslie Pfannes Kelso WA
Harry Pilkington Hartlepool
Teresa Polette Vancouver WA
Luis Pon Gresham OR
* Zinette Pratcher Portland OR
* Roxanne Pratt Vancouver WA
Renata Prihoda Vancouver WA
Sandra Ramirez
* Kathy Ramsey Portland OR
* Kristine Rebber Portland OR
* Katelyn Reimer Newberg OR
* Stephannie Reser Hubbard OR
* Jennifer Reyes Portland OR
* Teressa Rhinevault Gladstone OR
Danise Rickard Happy Valley OR
* Kristine Rister Vancouver WA
* Luis Rivas-Vazquez Beaverton OR
Victoria Rocca Oceanside CA
Edgar Rodriguez South Boston VA
* Shurie Rodriguez Clackamas OR
* Kelsey Roldness Vancouver WA
* Jessica Routh Sandy OR
* Sarah Royer-Stoll Portland OR
Tyrone Rucker Beaverton OR
Kerri Rueda-Vargas Hillsboro OR
Vanessa Ruelas Portland OR
Ali Scharbach Gresham OR
Wyatt Schlamp Oregon City OR
Jonathan Schuler Waikoloa HI
* Jeff Scott Ridgefield WA
William Seals Hillsboro OR
* Sharon Seifert Vancouver WA
* Jonathan Sewell Gresham OR
* Sheila Sharp Longview WA
* Bryan Shaw Estacada OR
* Cindy Shaw Gresham OR
Eileen Shaw Vancouver WA
* Caitlyn Shearer Beaverton OR
Alina Shupenka Clackamas OR
* Gayle Singleton Battle Ground WA
* Joshua Singleton Portland OR
Hannah Slater Clackamas OR
Alexis Smith Portland OR
Elizabeth Smith Vancouver WA
Jensen Smith Damascus OR
* Mary Smith Longview WA
* Chad Smurthwaite Boring OR
Trent Standard Vancouver WA
* Andrew Stevens Milwaukie OR
Lindsy Stevens Beaverton OR
* Amie Stewart Battle Ground WA
* Daniel Stratton Portland OR
* Trisha Strong Troutdale OR
* Jillian Struck Milwaukie OR
* Christie Stumbaugh Vancouver WA
* Spencer Sundem Olympia WA
Natalie Szwez Portland OR
Destiny Tackitt Portland OR
* Jennifer Tayler Clackamas OR
Brittany Teraoka Fresno CA
* Orvil Tetz Happy Valley OR
* My Thach Portland OR
Jennifer Tharp Portland OR
* Timothy Thompson Vancouver WA
Nancy Tovar White City OR
Anita Traver Milwaukie OR
Melody Tripp Gresham OR
* Jessica Tucker Gresham OR
Morgan Valentine Portland OR
* Sean Valentine Gresham OR
Geovanny Vazquez Kennewick WA
* Brenda Ventura Vancouver WA
Morgan Villalpando Troutdale OR
* Ekaterina Volkov Portland OR
* Jessie Vonbargen Chehalis WA
Shelby Wacker St. Helens OR
* Kelly Wahl Independence OR
* Lauren Waits Portland OR
Blair Walsh Prescott AZ
* Joni Walters Gresham OR
* Kevin Warnecke Wausau WI
* Keely Warren Vancouver WA
* Irma Wassermann Hillsboro OR
* Jacob Wease Gladstone OR
Jesse Weber Milwaukie OR
Sharla Weber Hood River OR
* Olivia Welch Boring OR
Adam Westfall Gresham OR
* Molly Whitaker Portland OR
Janessa White Portland OR
Joseph White London, England
* Joel Whiteside Kelso WA
Cynthia Whitney Vancouver WA
Jameson Wilent Hillsboro OR
* Matthew Wiles Vancouver WA
Ryan Wilker Gladstone OR
* Angela Williams Vancouver WA
* Nina Williquette Longview WA
Nicholas Wiltgen Portland OR
* Anna Winslow West Linn OR
Eric Witmer Portland OR
* Heather Wooldridge Longview WA
Nicole Worthington Troutdale OR
Emily Wright Estacada OR
* Tara Yoshiwara Happy Valley OR
Delsie Young Portland OR
* Natasha Young Portland OR
* Ryan Youngs Damascus OR
* Serghei Zaharia Portland OR

This list includes only full-time undergraduate students (12 credits or more) with a 3.5 or higher semester GPA. Graduate students are not included on this list. Students in the undergraduate Adult Degree Program who have completed at least 12 credits for classes ending during the specified dates are included.

One of the Best Online Degree Programs in Oregon

Warner Pacific named a Best Online Program in Oregon - badgeOregon has been a leader in online education and Warner Pacific has been offering an online degree option for over two years. As distance learning enrollments continue to rise, quality programs, such as the College’s Adult Degree Program, give students a flexible and affordable option for earning their degree.

“Learning online is a great option for people who do not have a predictable schedule, who travel a lot, or who simply love to learn!” says Lori K. Jass, Assistant Vice President for the Adult Degree Program. The College’s online learners hail from Oregon and Washington as well as California, Arizona, Wisconsin, Hawaii, New Jersey, Kansas, and Ohio.

Warner Pacific’s online degree program was recently recognized as one of the best in Oregon by Their specialized methodology helps students find the right online program in Oregon. partners with to provide interested students with direct connections to schools and programs suiting their educational goals.

For those interested in a high quality, Christ-centered online option, Warner Pacific offers online degrees in business and healthcare administration and master’s degree in human services or management and organizational leadership as well as an associate degree in organizational dynamics. The new Master of Arts in Human Services is a two-year program in which students can concentrate on general human services or family studies.

Spring 2016 Knights Athletic Roundup


Twelve Warner Pacific athletes are among a total of 276 Cascade Collegiate Conference student-athletes in the spring sports of men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s track and field, baseball, and softball have earned U.S. Bank Academic All-CCC honors for their performances in the classroom.


Warner Pacific Track and FieldThe Warner Pacific Track & Field team completed their season at the CCC Championships held on May 13-14.

The Knight men scored 17 points as a team finishing in a tie for 8th place. while the WP women put up 19 points and placed 9th.

The triple jump duo of Ben Nelson and Kenny Helmes were a highlight of the weekend for the Knights as Nelson (13.72 meters) and Helmes (12.93 meters) placed 3rd and 6th respectively. Nelson also scored points in the long jump, placing 7th (6.69 meters). Andre Jackson cleared 1.75 meters in the high jump, which placed him 7th overall. The WP men also put points on the board in the 4×100 relay (7th) and 4×400 relay (8th).

On the ladies’ side, Jordan Hunter scored points in three events, placing 6th in the shotput (11.24 meters), 6th in the discus (34.98 meters), and 6th in the hammer throw (37.54 meters). Alina Munoz posted a career best effort of 1:07.68 in the 400m hurdles, allowing her to eke out a point with an 8th place finish. Becca Osborne had a season best run in the 10,000 meter event, placing 5th in a time of 41:14.87. The 4×100 relay (6th), and 4×400 relay (8th) also tallied points for the women’s team.

For the season, one school record fell as Jordan Hunter set a new mark in the discus and qualified for the NAIA National Championship meet. The team overall had 21 new marks that moved individuals into the “elite eight” list of performances in WPC history.


Warner Pacific golf team memberThe Knights Golf teams wrapped up their season at the Cascade Collegiate Conference (“CCC”) Championships held on April 18-19.

The Knight men had high hopes going into the event, but never quite found their best game as a group. The team posted a total score of 991 (330-336-325), placing 5th out of 6 teams competing. Jacob Berg had an excellent season for WPC, finishing 6th in the CCC for scoring average at 76.7, and he is now No. 4 on the Warner Pacific career scoring average list at 78.35.

The lady Knights entered a team of four players in an attempt to put forth a scoring group, but could muster only three golfers on the second day and thus did post a team score. Marissa Casanova was a steady performer all year and finished with the 7th best scoring average for a season at Warner Pacific (90.9).

Keep up with all the teams at


Alum Victor Gilliam receives Honorary Doctor of Laws degree

Rep Vic Gilliam receives honorary doctorate from Warner Pacific 2016

During Warner Pacific College’s spring graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 14, 2016, the College bestowed on Victor “Vic” S. Gilliam ’75, the Honorary Doctor of Laws. As an alumnus of Warner Pacific, Vic Gilliam embodies the mission of the College through his strong gift of leadership and his deep commitment to civic engagement and service.

Soon after graduating from Warner Pacific, Representative Gilliam began working as a legislative aide for United States Senator Mark O. Hatfield, a position he held until 1981.

Proudly serving Oregon’s 18th District (Silverton, Ore.) since January 2007, Representative Gilliam has worked to improve the lives of older Oregonians. He introduced legislation each session in efforts to identify gaps in services provided to elders and to reduce abuse and neglect. Human services and higher education have also been a priority during his time with the Oregon Legislature. His commitment to these efforts is mirrored in his direct service to the community in the Silverton area as an associate member of the Oregon Farm Bureau, board member for Corban University (Salem), and member of the strategic planning advisory committee to Salem School Superintendents, to highlight just a small portion of his community volunteerism.

In November 2015, Representative Gilliam, who earned his Bachelor of Arts from Warner Pacific in 1975, announced he was experiencing the symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. In the midst of this difficult time, he continued to point to God’s goodness in an honest and heartfelt letter to his constituents.  Representative Gilliam writes, “I also wanted to share that faith has been crucial for facing this new chapter of life. Becky and I are finding comfort in these words of Jesus: ‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.'”

“Warner Pacific College is deeply honored to recognize such a distinguished alumni as Representative Gilliam with the honorary Doctorate of Laws degree,” said Dr. Andrea Cook President of Warner Pacific College. ‘Vic truly reflects Warner Pacific’s mission and values through his strong gift of leadership and his deep commitment to civic engagement and service with Godly guidance. Beyond his dedication to the people living in the 18th District of Oregon (Silverton, Ore.), he has shown bold leadership in protecting Oregon’s most vulnerable senior citizens. His record demonstrates his commitment to bestowing blessings on others to raise up a better community for all.”

Warner Pacific bestowed its first honorary doctorate degree on Senator Hatfield, who received a Doctor of Humanities in 1965.

Warner Pacific’s Education Programs recently ranked a “Best Educational Program”

Warner Pacific - a best education program in Oregon web badgeAspire to become a teacher?

Warner Pacific’s Department of Education and the College’s education degrees were recently ranked as one of the top five programs in the State of Oregon by This is great news for high school students considering a fulfilling career as a teacher.

Teachers are in high demand in Oregon and Washington. Warner Pacific’s education program “prepares future teachers with diverse course work, field-based practicum, and student teaching experiences, combining the rigors of academics with a personalized and Christ-centered learning environment,” explains Dr. Robert Nava, Warner Pacific’s Department of Education Chairman. “All our 2015 education graduates are working in the classroom, providing quality instruction and inspired learning.”

Warner Pacific’s degree programs include early childhood education through high school level instruction. Through our unique 4.5 MAT, students can specialize in a subject that interests them such as science, business, English, or music; then towards the end of their bachelor’s program, add education courses so they finish with a bachelor’s and a Master of Arts in Teaching. This program saves time and money.

The faculty at Warner Pacific offer students mentoring and guidance as they work towards achieving their teaching licensure.

“Every school listed in our State of Oregon review tool has committed themselves to the pursuit of excellence in the field of Education,” stated Tim Charlet, the Editor of “Our review algorithm discovered that among the all schools we reviewed, there are five distinct schools that have surpassed others. We hope students and their families can utilize this data so they can make an informed decision as to which school is best suited for their individual needs and career aspirations.”

About the Rankings: The rankings were factored by using a complex algorithmic tool along with supporting data provided from schools and other government agencies. The team at reviewed, tested, and documented the top education programs available in the State of Oregon for 2016. Testing criteria factors multiple elements that will permit a student to determine which school is the best fit specifically for their path. They analyzed total expense, student to faculty ratios, graduation rates, potential earnings, return on investment, and other critical categories. Warner Pacific’s Department of Education posted high scores in several of the categories to gather a top ranking in the state.

Commencement Awards (May 2016)

At the May 14, 2016, commencement, Warner Pacific honored the following people with awards of academic and personal excellence. Watch commencement addresses and awards presentations on the College’s YouTube Channel.

A.F. Gray Award: Alejandra Garcia

Warner Pacific 2016 AF Gray awardAlbert F. Gray, the first president of Warner Pacific College, demonstrated the living example of a godly life, a disciplined mind, and a warm and loving heart. In 1940, he declared that the College seeks to impart to its students, knowledge of the great facts of religion and build into their personality those noble characteristics of love, faith, loyalty, devotion—in short, the graces of the spirit—that they may be well qualified to serve Christ and His church.” In order to uphold and honor these timeless principles, the College presents the A.F. Gray Award each year to a student who clearly exemplifies those high ideals.

Alejandra Garcia serves as a role model to the Warner Pacific community in both her words and actions. She has shown great discipline in her studies, always coming to class on-time, prepared, free from distractions, and ready to fully engage the learning process. This enables her to excel in her academic pursuits and empowers her to embrace challenging growth opportunities, including spending her summers as an intern in Legacy Health Operating Rooms since 2012. However, it would be short-sighted to label Alejandra as only a bright and gifted student, as she is so much more.

Embodying our Christ-centered mission, Alejandra displays a truly kind and genuine heart. Whether she is tutoring other students, providing guidance in her role as a peer mentor in the First-Year Learning Communities, or sharing her skills as a Spanish Interpreter both on campus and at local high schools through the Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) program, Alejandra is selfless.

Alejandra is the kind of person that you want in your classroom, in your workplace, in your community, and in your family. She is a bright light that emanates from Mt. Tabor and we know that she will continue to shine in all she does.

Warner Pacific Perry Award 2016Wilma I. Perry Award: Nathan Herbst

Dr. Wilma I. Perry embodied many wonderful qualities that Warner Pacific College considers of high value for its graduates of the Adult Degree Program. In her lifetime, Dr. Perry served as pastor of the Friendly Street Church of God in Eugene, OR, following years of service as an itinerant preacher and evangelist. Furthermore, she earned a doctorate in psychology from the University of Oregon as an adult student and joined the faculty at Warner Pacific College, where she also directed the College’s Center for Human Services. She was known for her speaking and teaching abilities, and as a gifted, published scholar. Dr. Perry’s life was one of service, academic excellence, integrity, and transformation.





Warner Pacific Christensen award 2016Marshall K. Christensen Award: Boston Domino Jackson

The Marshall K. Christensen Award for Excellence in Scholarship, named in honor of the College’s fifth president. This award is presented a graduating senior who best embodies the values characterizing academic life at Warner Pacific College. Faculty members nominate students whom they recognize as having not only benefited from our academic program of study and co-curricular activities but also ones who have made significant contributions to their classmates and colleagues.






2016 Chapman awardMilo L. Chapman Award: Ricardo Ruiz Madrigal

Warner Pacific College’s is a place “Where Faith and Scholarship Lead to Service.” As a Liberal Arts institution we are committed to the development of the whole person. Throughout their four (or more) years at Warner Pacific, students are given an opportunity to become learners and servants both inside and outside of the academic classroom, on our campus, and in the community. Many students go beyond the basic requirements of learning and enhance their holistic education by participating in a variety of experiences that allow them to integrate all they are learning about themselves, their world, and their faith. Following the model that Christ set before us of tangibly loving the community in which they live, students are able to put feet to their faith and realize the joy of serving.

The Milo L. Chapman Excellence in Service Award is named for a man who served Warner Pacific College as a model of servant hood to this community. His association with the College spanned 46 years. During these years, he filled the position of President three times, served as Dean, and in addition taught classes on a consistent basis.  Milo was a man of wisdom who listened. He was a counselor, encourager and mentor.  He was a man of great faith in God. His life was a life of service.


Traditional Undergraduate Outstanding Students Recognition:

These honors and awards were presented to students at the May 5, 2016, Honors & Awards Chapel.

Adult Degree Program Outstanding Students Recognition:

  • ADP Outstanding Student for Excellence in Liberal Arts Leadership and Service: Keely A. Warren
  • ADP Outstanding Student for Excellence in Christ-Centered Leadership and Service: Irma Wassermann
  • ADP Outstanding Student for Excellence in Diversity Leadership and Service: Femi Jaha Johnson
  • ADP Outstanding Student for Excellence in Urban Leadership and Service: Andre J. Lockett

Honorary Doctorate of Laws presented to: Representative Victor Gilliam ’75