Inductees into the Knights Athletic Hall of Honor

Warner Pacific Hall of Honor Athletics 2014During Homecoming weekend (February 6-8), we will induct Darcy Fast and the 1982 and 1983 volleyball teams into the Knights Athletic Hall of Honor.

“Our tradition of inducting outstanding alums into our Athletic Hall of Honor continues with our 2014 class,” said Athletic Director Jamie Joss. “The Knights Club has selected very deserving former athletes and we are excited to welcome the committee’s selections back to the campus to share their special time at Warner Pacific with our current student-athletes during the homecoming weekend.”

Fast and the volleyball team will be honored on Saturday, February 8, during the Hall of Honor Dinner, and be recognized at half-time of the men’s basketball game.

Darcy Fast: Baseball and Basketball, 1965-67

Though drafted by the New York Yankees in the 7th round, Fast enrolled at Warner Pacific College in 1965. He participated in basketball and baseball for the Knights during the 1965-66 and 1966-67 seasons and was named All-Conference in both sports.

Drafted again in 1967, this time by the Chicago Cubs in the 6th round, Fast signed a professional contract and started pitching in the minor leagues. Quickly promoted to AAA Tacoma, he broke Hall of Famer Juan Marichal’s Pacific Coast League strike-out record in his first appearance.

Darcy’s reputation as one of the top pitching prospects in the Cub’s organization and his fast rise to the Major Leagues continued when he was called up by the Chicago Cubs in 1968 with less than one year of professional experience. Fast appeared in eight MLB games for the Cubs, and struck out ten batters in ten innings pitched. He also walked eight and gave up six earned runs and eight hits. His professional career lasted four seasons, from 1967–1970.

After leaving professional baseball, Darcy entered Christian ministry and served as Senior Pastor of Centralia Community Church for over thirty years. His life has been profiled in the Chicago Sun Times and Sports Spectrum Magazine as well as baseball books and magazines, and countless newspapers throughout the country. His book – The Missing Cub – a memoir of his baseball career and life’s calling was published by Xulon Press in 2008.

He is a lifetime member of the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association and the Association of Professional Ball Players of America.

1982 and 1983 Volleyball Teams

The pinnacle of success for Warner Pacific College Volleyball was in the early 1980′s, as the program won back-to-back NCCAA National Championships in 1982 and 1983. The Knights were coached by Gene Kreiger (82), and Terry Thomas (83).

Overall record 1982: 28-9, 1983: 38-10.


Holly Snow: Eugene, Ore.
Angel Humphrey: Corbett, Ore.
Carol Trejos: San Jose, Costa Rica
Kristi Reiser: Springfield, Ore.
Barbara LaFont: Portland, Ore.
Diane McGraw: Oregon City, Ore
Sharon Bergstrom: Mollala, Ore.
Glenna LaFont: Portland, Ore.
Karen Harris: Springfield, Ore.
Paula Krekow: Estacada, Ore.
Becky Farmer: Portland, Ore.
Vicki Rich: Kennewick, Wash.
Marie Snelling: Vancouver, Wash.
Chris Yates: Madera, Calif.
Karen Harris: Springfield, Ore.
Kathy Hutchinson: Seattle, Wash.

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Fall 2013 Dean’s List

The academic office at Warner Pacific College has released the Dean’s List for the Fall 2013 semester. Students must be enrolled full time and achieve a 3.5 gpa to qualify. The list includes students from both the ADP and traditional undergraduate programs.

4.0 Name City State
Aaron Aab Clackamas OR
Carrie Adams Portland OR
Emily Adams Boring OR
Leticia Aguilar Forest Grove OR
* Sophia Agustin Kaneohe HI
* Karleen Aichele Happy Valley OR
Sonia Albornoz-Gutierrez Sheridan OR
Mercedes Alcaraz Woodburn OR
* Ryan Aldred Gresham OR
* Kristen Allen Milwaukie OR
Tirzah Allen Anchorage AK
Ruben Amezcua Las Vegas NV
* Tamara Amusa Vancouver WA
David Anderson Portland OR
Elizabeth Andrews Kalama WA
Lisa Andrews Kalama WA
* Timothy Annable Vancouver WA
* Floria Arjomand Camas WA
* Kevin Armstrong Vancouver WA
Melissa Armstrong Clackamas OR
* Kaui Arnold Newberg OR
Caitlin Asher Portland OR
* Colleen Ashley Vancouver WA
* Elsa Astacio Portland OR
Stephanie Aulwurm West Linn OR
Wesley Austin Portland OR
* Vanessa Auyong Mililani HI
* Christi Avery Portland OR
Jeanette Badon Portland OR
* Thomas Badrick Portland OR
* Margaret Bah Washougal WA
Sarah Bailey Milwaukie OR
* Frayne Ballard Sherwood OR
Corey Banfield Milwaukie OR
Veronica Banuelos Portland OR
* Ticia Barcroft Gresham OR
Jeffrey Barker Portland OR
* Dwayne Barnes Canby OR
* William Barnes Vancouver WA
* Paul Barnum Vancouver WA
* Lisa Bartlett Kalama WA
Mable Bartlett Portland OR
* Bradford Batchelor Portland OR
* Kati Beard Beaverton OR
Sarka Beckett Portland OR
Gabriella Begazo Buchanan NY
* Allison Beisley Anderson IN
Jacob Berg Vancouver WA
* Jonathan Berg Vancouver WA
Hayley Bernick Portland OR
* David Berra Longview WA
Mollie Berry Oak Grove OR
* Stephen Bessler Portland OR
Monica Bethel Portland OR
* Stephanie Billmyre Vancouver WA
* Melissa Bishop Portland OR
* Rosemary Bishop Vancouver WA
Tiffany Bishop Fairview OR
* Lois Blake Vancouver WA
Darcy Blue Hillsboro OR
Sarita Bolleddula Aloha OR
* Kaylee Bond Portland OR
Christopher Bos Portland OR
Rebecca Bottemiller Milwaukie OR
* Debra Botteron Milwaukie OR
* Michelle Bowers Gresham OR
Blaine Bradford Portland OR
* Hakeem Bradley Portland OR
Karla Branson Portland OR
Nicholas Brechbiel Milwaukie OR
Riannon Bresaw Vancouver WA
* Kelly Bretl Newberg OR
Robert Brewer Gresham OR
Gerald Bristol Vancouver WA
Pamela Brokaw Ridgefield WA
Cynthia Brooks Vancouver WA
Jacqueline Brown Portland OR
Kristin Brown North Plains OR
* Linda Brown Portland OR
* Meghan Brown Sandy OR
Tamara Brown Hillsboro OR
* Jonathan Bullock Tigard OR
Brandy Bunker Portland OR
Jan Bunte Milwaukie OR
* Emily Burlile Vancouver WA
Lisa Burton Fairview OR
Jay Busher Vancouver WA
* Viktoriia Butler Gresham OR
Chelsea Bybee Estacada OR
* Michaela Byers Vancouver WA
Larissa Byrgazova Portland OR
Ashley Cade Saint Helens OR
* Beth Campbell Portland OR
Chelsea Campbell Hillsboro OR
* Norie Caniglia Camas WA
Bradden Cappoen Milwaukie OR
* Ryan Carlson Happy Valley OR
Timminy Carlson Leaburg OR
* Misha Carlton Portland OR
* Jeffery Carman Gresham OR
Carissa Carr Lake Oswego OR
Almir Celebic Portland OR
Shani Center Milwaukie OR
David Chamberlain Kalama WA
* Jon Chao Portland OR
Wei Chen Portland OR
* Mila Cherchenko Portland OR
Christopher Choi
* Whitney Christenson Portland OR
Adrienne Christinia Vancouver WA
Nicholas Chully Portland OR
Katie Chupp McMinnville OR
* Daniel Clark Portland OR
* Edith Clark Portland OR
* Frances Clark Gresham OR
Rebecca Clark Vancouver WA
Shelby Clayton Oregon City OR
* Joanne Cody Wilsonville OR
Erica Coffield Beaverton OR
* Kristy Colarchik West Linn OR
Nicole Cole Vancouver WA
Lequeta Colford Gresham OR
* Janessa Colina Milwaukie OR
* Nelson Collazo-Serrano Vancouver WA
Mark Combe Portland OR
Ariel Cook Tustin CA
Cody Cook Troutdale OR
David Cooper Portland OR
Kayla Cord Gresham OR
Jose Cordero Woodland WA
Jose Corona Happy Valley OR
Jenny Corrigan Tigard OR
* Jesse Corrigan Tualatin OR
* Adrian Cortes Battle Ground WA
Kevin Coser Beaverton OR
* Antranette Covington Portland OR
Jennylynn Cowdin Portland OR
Brianna Cowin Centralia WA
* Kendall Crouch Vancouver WA
* Kimberly Crum Kalama WA
Jennifer Dadigan Portland OR
Terry Dahlquist Portland OR
* Gregory Damazo Portland OR
Jeannette Dascomb Portland OR
* Ariana Daskalakis Forest Grove OR
* Sidney Davie Pleasant Hill OR
* Deborah Davis Beaverton OR
* Kelsey Davisson Tulare CA
* Pedro De Leon Las Vegas NV
* Lisa Degrenier Vancouver WA
* Heather Degroot Vancouver WA
* Rochelle Degroot Bozeman MT
Yesenia Delgado Portland OR
* Meredith Derfler Portland OR
Megan Derrick Portland OR
* Valerie Dewey Portland OR
* Sean Diamond Clackamas OR
* Daniel Dicarlo Clackamas OR
* Lisa Dickey Woodburn OR
* Melissa Dickinson Gresham OR
Kristi Dille Clackamas OR
Carmen Dimitras Portland OR
* Vi Do Portland OR
* Ina Dolinta Portland OR
* Virgiliu Dolinta Portland OR
Elizabeth Dominguez Hollister CA
Tonya Dorris Longview WA
* Sean Downey Portland OR
* Steven Downing Vancouver WA
* Dana Drenner Portland OR
Casey Duckworth Portland OR
* Moses Dyson Portland OR
* Elisabeth Eaton Portland OR
Kristina Eaton Fairview OR
Yvonne Edwards Olympia WA
Aida Elezovic Beaverton OR
* Jessica Ellyson Vancouver WA
Sean Emery Vancouver WA
* Autumn Enns Camas WA
Jenean Espericueta Milwaukie OR
Danielle Esquerra Tualatin OR
* Cerissa Farrington Fairview OR
* David Fendrich Vancouver WA
John Fiegenbaum Beaverton OR
* Matthew Field Portland OR
Alicia Finch Gladstone OR
* Chantell Fitz-Amado Portland OR
* Erin Flintjer Gladstone OR
* Tiffiny Flowers Milwaukie OR
Desiree Flynn Estacada OR
William Foster Gresham OR
* Joshua Francis Vancouver WA
* Joshua Franklin Vancouver WA
* Jason Friend Vancouver WA
* Elizabeth Fulsher Portland OR
* Ella Fultz Vancouver WA
Chelsea Furumasu Gladstone OR
* Michael Gaddi Vancouver WA
* Melissa Gaither Portland OR
* Palma Gallardo Portland OR
Jamie Gallegos Olympia WA
* Ricardo Gallegos Portland OR
* Carole Gamoy Vancouver WA
Jordan Gannon Vancouver WA
Amanda Garcia Wood Village OR
* Jordan Garfield Happy Valley OR
* Karen Garrett Vancouver WA
Pedro Gaytan Farfan Gresham OR
* Trude Gersitz Vancouver WA
Christina Gibb Estacada OR
* Dorian Gibson Troutdale OR
Kristi Gifford Milwaukie OR
Ilya Globak Damascus OR
* Connie Gomez Beaverton OR
Vanessa Gonzalez Portland OR
* Daniel Goodland Milwaukie OR
* Holly Gorman Portland OR
* John Graves Beaverton OR
Sorrell Gray Portland OR
Darren Green Vancouver WA
* Julia Greenough Fairview OR
* Travis Griggs Battle Ground WA
* Kristine Grindy Washougal WA
Twiquilla Guy Portland OR
Rachel Haigwood Hillsboro OR
* Eric Hallock Camas WA
* Gwendolyn Hamilton Olympia WA
Kaeli Hamilton Portland OR
* Blair Hardy Vancouver WA
Angela Harr Banks OR
* Julie Harris Beaverton OR
* Amy Harrison Beaverton OR
* Christina Hart Scappoose OR
Benjamin Hartle Oregon City OR
Felicity Harvey Newberg OR
* James Hastings Vancouver WA
Michael Hatch Portland OR
* Grayson Haugen Oregon City OR
* Lori Haugen Gresham OR
Kathryn Havens Lake Oswego OR
* Suzanne Haworth Clackamas OR
* Alexander Hayes Damascus OR
Georgina Hayes Beaverton OR
* Emily Heinson Happy Valley OR
* Joycelyn Helfrich Boring OR
Megan Helm Chehalis WA
* Darla Helt Vancouver WA
Mary Hemelstrand Milwaukie OR
Abigail Henning
* Nathan Herbst Vancouver WA
* Nena Herbst Vancouver WA
Brittney Hermansen Oregon City OR
* Belynda Herrick Oregon City OR
* Mary Herrington Portland OR
Jaclyn Heupel Vancouver WA
Kathleen Highley Vancouver WA
* Jason Hilbert Portland OR
Sara Hill Canby OR
Nicole Himes Portland OR
* Hannah Hinsz Portland OR
Joshua Hitchcock Portland OR
Aaron Hochstrasser Sandy OR
Jeff Hoffman Vancouver WA
Amber Hoggatt Vancouver WA
* Megan Holcomb Longview WA
Nina Holman Portland OR
Kathleen Holter Oregon City OR
* Patricia Holzbach Gresham OR
* Alicia Hood Vancouver WA
Kaleb Hood Boring OR
Sondra Hopson Portland OR
* Carolyn Horsey Portland OR
Trevor Hostetler Louisville OH
Brittany Huckins Vancouver WA
Nathaniel Huerta Beaverton OR
Danielle Hunt Happy Valley OR
* Ian Hurst Vancouver WA
Ruth Imig Portland OR
Micah Ingalls Eatonville WA
* Dana Ingram Portland OR
Kamille Irwin-Cordero Portland OR
Robert Isbell Castle Rock WA
Jack Jackman Happy Valley OR
* Boston Jackson Portland OR
* Michael Jackson Portland OR
Tim Jackson Clackamas OR
* Kianna Jass Lino Lakes MN
* Marjorie Jeannis Portland OR
* Toni Jefferson Vancouver WA
* Makenzie Jenson
Nakia Jimmerson Portland OR
* Cherie Johanson Vancouver WA
Courtney Johnson Clackamas OR
* Edward Johnson Vancouver WA
Femi Johnson Portland OR
* Justin Johnson Portland OR
Ryan Johnson Portland OR
Terri Johnson Portland OR
* Ann Jones Vancouver WA
Brandee Jones Portland OR
* Shaquwonna Jones Vancouver WA
* James Juengel Sherwood OR
* Misty Jungels Hillsboro OR
Robin Kandel Portland OR
Alison Kangas Scappoose OR
De’Wana Kashaija Vancouver WA
* Michael Kaylor Ridgefield WA
Virginia Kennedy Longview WA
Jessica Kepfer Auburn CA
* Julian Khouri Beaverton OR
* Christina King Vancouver WA
* Deidre King Vancouver WA
* Jinny King Beavercreek OR
* Mary King Portland OR
* Michael King Beaverton OR
Brytani Kingsley Brightwood OR
Trey Klug Vancouver WA
Christina Knell Portland OR
* Gina Knodel Milwaukie OR
Taylor Kornell Vancouver WA
Renee Kostrba Portland OR
Adrian Koza Portland OR
* Nicole Kroon Gresham OR
Ashley Labes Gresham OR
Torin Lahr Happy Valley OR
Mychell Lake Beaverton OR
Cali Lamb Camas WA
Nicole LaMont Vancouver WA
Rita Lam-Tiang Gresham OR
Deborah Landers Vancouver WA
* Esther Landers Vancouver WA
Augusta Lang Hillsboro OR
* Cathy Lara Portland OR
* Susan Larkin Portland OR
Brooke Larkins Damascus OR
Nicole Larson Wilsonville OR
* James Layton Beaverton OR
* Yekaterina Lebedenko Portland OR
* Chrystal Lee Scappoose OR
* Kristi Lee Vancouver WA
* Marjorie Lehman Battle Ground WA
Crystal Leibham Wood Village OR
* Audra Lenczowski Washougal WA
Vladimir Leontyuk Vancouver WA
* Deborah Levi Oregon City OR
* Deanna Levinson Portland OR
* Charneal Lewis Portland OR
* Charlotte Linde Vancouver WA
* Anna Long Gresham OR
* Jennifer Long Gresham OR
Margaret Lopez Portland OR
Joseph Losk Portland OR
* Jennifer Love Salem OR
Adrian Lundquist Gresham OR
David Lute Wilsonville OR
* Jennifer Luttrell Aumsville OR
Marsha MacDonald Portland OR
* Jacqueline Maddux Vancouver WA
Oksana Maksimov Woodburn OR
* Levi Manselle Gladstone OR
* Katie Manwell Portland OR
* Renee Martinez Camas WA
* Martine Martino Portland OR
* Monica Mast Vancouver WA
* Jessica Mathews Washougal WA
* Natalia Mathews Vancouver WA
Kristel Matousek Gresham OR
* Denise Matsuura Gresham OR
* Mikaela McConnell Portland OR
* Tyesha McCool-Riley Portland OR
* Dustin McGuirk Milwaukie OR
Megan McInnis Clackamas OR
Kira McKay Gresham OR
* Cori McLean Gresham OR
Hanna Medel Portland OR
* Brenda Melby Damascus OR
* Karen Merrill Vancouver WA
* Bradley Meyers Troutdale OR
Taaj Middleton Portland OR
* Sonya Mielnik Portland OR
* Hannah Mierow Oregon City OR
Theodore Mikaele Vancouver WA
* Lloyd Milburn Wilsonville OR
* Kai-Lynn Miller Portland OR
* Mila Miller Osoyoos BC
* Carol Mitchell Vancouver WA
Samantha Mitchell Clackamas OR
Nancy Moncada Vancouver WA
* Teresa Monk Portland OR
Selena Montoya San Diego CA
* Ronette Moody Portland OR
Suntrice Moore Portland OR
* Christina Moran Salem OR
Samuel Moran-Lopez Portland OR
Clinton Morey Portland OR
Mary Morris Vancouver WA
* Bradford Morrison Vancouver WA
Samantha Morrison Portland OR
Ethan Morrow Portland OR
* Travis Moultrie Vancouver WA
* Kimberly Munden Portland OR
* Jesse Murray La Center WA
* Lidia Murzea Portland OR
Sean Musaeus Portland OR
Kimberly Muzatko Forest Grove OR
Christina Myers Hillsboro OR
Kristina Naff Marysville WA
* Dana Nault St. Paul OR
Jose Navarro Portland OR
Breeyn Nelson Portland OR
Carmen Nelson Portland OR
* Elle’ Nelson Missoula MT
* Jennifer Nelson Oregon City OR
Jered Nelson Portland OR
Diana Nesukh Portland OR
* Bailey Newell Lake Stevens WA
* Geannie Newell Portland OR
Anh Ngo Portland OR
* Bang Nguyen Portland OR
Krystle Nixon Battle Ground WA
Keith North Milwaukie OR
* Kristin North Oak Grove OR
* Nicole Oakes Beaverton OR
Amanda Olin
* Nicholas Olin
* Candaice Oliphant Vancouver WA
* Diana Olivares Portland OR
* Denice Oliver Vancouver WA
Lisa Olson Portland OR
* Christopher O’Malley Vancouver WA
* MacKenzie O’Neill Hillsboro OR
Erika Ordaz Portland OR
* Rebecca Orth Winlock WA
Brian Owen Portland OR
Austin Owens Portland OR
Lynn Oylear Portland OR
John Pahlke Clackamas OR
Erin Palacios Gresham OR
* Kristin Palmer Happy Valley OR
Kendriana Pang Gresham OR
* Ryan Parks Henderson NV
* Thomas Parrotte Aloha OR
* Jeanie Partlow Portland OR
Jasmine Patterson Portland OR
Tonya Patterson Camas WA
Nicholas Payne Stockton CA
* Aaron Peck Newberg OR
* Marchelle Peck Oregon City OR
Louis Pellegrino West Linn OR
April Pendley Portland OR
* Dewayne Penney Gresham OR
* Shirley Penney Portland OR
Courtney Pennington Klamath Falls OR
Remington Perez Milwaukie OR
* Mayela Perfecto Woodburn OR
* Stacie Persson West Linn OR
* Ernest Petefish Portland OR
* Michelle Peterson Kelso WA
* Paul Petrone Oregon City OR
Lashawn Phillips Vancouver WA
* Miliana Pineda Beaverton OR
Shannon Poeling Castle Rock WA
* Andrew Pomeroy Gresham OR
* Joni Poole Goldendale WA
* Steven Popp Vancouver WA
* Adler Pottebaum Portland OR
Yvette Potter Yamhill OR
Emily Potts Hermiston OR
Nichole Powers Silverton OR
Joyce Pultz Portland OR
Liam Purcell Vancouver WA
Chelsea Pyper Vancouver WA
* Pamela Quinn Troutdale OR
Barbara Ragsdale Kelso WA
* Fawn Rahn Hillsboro OR
* Kathy Ramsey Portland OR
Stacy Raney Damascus OR
Laura Rattonasouk Oregon City OR
Trent Rau Scappoose OR
Forrest Reed Pleasant Hill CA
* Jennifer Reed Oregon City OR
Katelin Renfro Albany OR
Aaron Reyes Washougal WA
Jerome Reynolds Tigard OR
* Thomas Rhoads Ridgefield WA
* Janice Richards Scappoose OR
* Theresa Richmond-Woods Portland OR
* Anthony Rieger Molalla OR
* Starlene Rigdon Vancouver WA
* Jayston Ripplinger Vancouver WA
Elisa Rivera Troutdale OR
* William Robinson Saint Helens OR
* Betsy Rogers Vancouver WA
Donna Rogers Portland OR
* Karen Ropar Portland OR
* Peter Ross Tualatin OR
* Angela Rude Portland OR
* Heather Ruecker Gresham OR
Julie Ryan Washougal WA
* Deborah Rymal Portland OR
* Victoria Ryun Portland OR
* Sally Saeteurn Portland OR
* Randi Salinas Portland OR
Christina Salvitelli Portland OR
* Maria Sanchez Gresham OR
Ellen Sanders Vancouver WA
* Jessica Santilli Clackamas OR
Vitzah Santilli Happy Valley OR
* Sarah Scarnato Wood Village OR
Michelle Schie Portland OR
* Alan Schill Fairview OR
Mikkayla Schlamp Oregon City OR
Scott Schnitzer Vancouver WA
Rebecca Schrader Happy Valley OR
* Kristen Schultz Eagle Creek OR
Matthew Schultz Vancouver WA
* Jace Schwartz Lincoln City OR
* Todd Schwartz Ridgefield WA
Colleen Schweitzer Sandy OR
Courtney Scott Lake Oswego OR
Theodore Seifert Vancouver WA
McKenzie Seipp Mcminnville OR
* Elaine Sene Vancouver WA
Whitney Senft Regina SK
Jongwon Seo Portland OR
Stephanie Sequeira Portland OR
* Jonathan Sewell Gresham OR
* Caitlyn Shearer Tigard OR
* Laureen Shirley Vancouver WA
* Brandon Short Damascus OR
* Kateri Shrider Sandy OR
Jana Sikorsky Portland OR
* Robin Sill Portland OR
* Bobbie Simmons Vancouver WA
* Matthew Sluman West Linn OR
Alyssa Smith Milwaukie OR
* Benjamin Smith Beaverton OR
* Elizabeth Smith Vancouver WA
* Jhaizmine Smith Portland OR
* Jodie Smith Portland OR
Shauna Smith Portland OR
Chad Smurthwaite Boring OR
Chris Solis Portland OR
* Danielle Solis Portland OR
* Melissa Sondergeld Bonney Lake WA
Jennifer Souders Eagle Creek OR
Rachel Spires Portland OR
Tina Spry Woodland WA
* Sarah Stathos Beaverton OR
* Travis Stein Oregon City OR
* Cindy Stevens Vancouver WA
* Darryl Stewart Portland OR
* Darcy Stjernberg-Morey Portland OR
Jon Stogsdill West Linn OR
Jillian Struck Milwaukie OR
* Connie Stuber Longview WA
* Vera Sumtsov Vancouver WA
Spencer Sundem East Olympia WA
* Trina Swaja Forest Grove OR
* Abigail Sweeney St. Helens OR
Jessica Swink Camas WA
* Hannah Switzer Portland OR
* Angela Taylor Vancouver WA
* Yvette Tayun Aloha OR
* Lisa Temple Portland OR
Kirstin Terwilliger Hubbard OR
Jessica Thoens Oregon City OR
Amber Thomas Portland OR
NeJuan Thompson Tigard OR
Priscilla Tilgner Salem OR
Rachel Tolon Happy Valley OR
Albert Torres Portland OR
* Rosana Torres-Sinay Milwaukie OR
Julia Toscano Portland OR
Zachary Turner Portland OR
Leah Underwood Colorado Springs CO
Dave Unglert Portland OR
* Deanna Upshaw Portland OR
Tahliba Upton Vancouver WA
* Larissa Ushriya Tigard OR
Ashley Valencia Gresham OR
Rachel Van Lom Hillsboro OR
Paul Vance Gresham OR
Pia Veliz Portland OR
Chelsea Villamor La Grande OR
* An Vu Clackamas OR
Phai Vue Gresham OR
Lora Wahrgren Portland OR
Lauren Waits Portland OR
* Vivian Walikainen Battle Ground WA
Brenda Walker Gresham OR
Gregory Walker Portland OR
* Monica Wall Milwaukie OR
Blair Walsh Prescott AZ
* Rose Marie Wambold Vancouver WA
* Michelle Wanless Portland OR
Brooke Warner Vancouver WA
* Ronald Warner Columbia City OR
* Deborah Warren Gervais OR
Katelynn Warren Portland OR
* Keely Warren Vancouver WA
Irma Wassermann Beaverton OR
* Jesse Weber Milwaukie OR
Samantha Weeman Phoenix AZ
Andrew Weigand Canby OR
Erin Welch Happy Valley OR
* Bree West Gresham OR
Christine West Gresham OR
* Keith Westgaard Portland OR
Kendra Wetter Portland OR
Tyrone Whalen Vancouver WA
John Wheeler Portland OR
Sarah White Portland OR
Thompson White Troutdale OR
* Joel Whiteside Longview WA
Sarah Whitman Lakeview OR
Jordan Wilcox Prineville OR
Sara Wilding Oregon City OR
* Nicole Willers Milwaukie OR
C’eirra Williams Portland OR
Sawyer Williams Boise ID
Stephen Williams Vancouver WA
Deondra Williams-Larry Portland OR
Chelsea Wilson Wilsonville OR
Kimonti Wilson Portland OR
LaJames Wilson North Bonneville WA
* Nicholas Wiltgen Portland OR
* Craig Winbush Vancouver WA
* Kimberly Wing Portland OR
* Veronica Winslett Clackamas OR
Kyle Wirkkala Longview WA
Gabriella Wolpert Portland OR
Christina Womack Vancouver WA
* Lynn Wong-Thai Portland OR
Amanda Wood Damascus OR
* Florence Wood Portland OR
* Randy Woods Vancouver WA
* Carissa Workman Portland OR
Nicole Worthington Troutdale OR
Joshua Wright Olympia WA
* Andrew Yozamp Battle Ground WA
Kathryn Yrizarry Portland OR
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New Wrestling Coach Named

Johnson Selected to Lead Revival of Wrestling Program

Knights wrestling 1Warner Pacific College Director of Athletics Jamie Joss announced Frank Johnson, current Forest Grove High School wrestling coach, as the head coach of the newly launched Knights men’s and women’s wrestling programs.

Johnson is well-known in Northwest wrestling circles and has enjoyed success at the high school and college levels as a head coach, and as an ambassador for the sport in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. He will begin recruiting for the Knights immediately and will continue to coach the Forest Grove program through the end of the season.

“We had an excellent pool of candidates and the wrestling knowledge was outstanding, however with any coaching search at Warner Pacific College we look for more than a coach,” Joss said. “We look for coaches who are committed to not only living out our Christ-centered mission, but providing opportunities to student-athletes in our urban community where graduation is a top priority.

“Working with many first generation students from our community, our coaches have a great opportunity to impact lives for many generations by building strong young men and women who can be disciples in their community not only with their faith, but serve as mentors to their families, friends and other aspiring student-athletes in showing that earning a higher education degree is achievable,” Joss added. “Frank Johnson embodies all of these objectives experiencing these in his own journey of faith, wrestling and graduation from Pacific University (’91), as well as, his previous coaching experience in guiding high school wrestlers to College and recruiting them to his alma mater.”

Coach Johnson arrives from Forest Grove High School, where he has been head coach for the Viking wrestling program since 2002. He has guided the FGHS team to tremendous success, which includes two OSAA 6A individual state champions in 2007, and two more champions in 2010. Six of his wrestlers have participated in International Competition, and Forest Grove hosted a team from Russia in 2011.

His college experience consists of a five-year stint as head coach at his alma mater in Forest Grove, Oregon (1997-2002). Eight of his wrestlers achieved All-American status, and the Boxers won three regional team championships. The size of the men’s squad tripled, and Pacific launched a women’s program under his leadership. In 2002, seven women placed at the US Open Championships, and the Boxer team placed third overall.

Johnson is a long-time advocate for the sport of wrestling with 12 years of experience organizing wrestling clinics, camps, and goodwill competitions. These events have featured world class coaches and wrestlers from the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Russia. Further promoting the sport locally, he started and served as editor of Matside Oregon, a statewide newspaper for amateur wrestling.

“Anytime you have the opportunity to add a new sport to your athletic program, the most important factor of success is finding a head coach that can share the College’s and athletic program’s vision and recruit student-athletes who see that vision for their futures,” Joss said. “It was obvious during the interview process that Frank is committed to building champions in the classroom, in the community, in competition and in Christ.  Frank has a daunting task of recruiting men’s and women’s programs over the next six months, but we are confident with his connections in the Pacific Northwest and experience in building a women’s wrestling program will allow him to build the championship-caliber programs we aspire to.”

Johnson also held head coaching posts at Kennewick High School (WA), and Henry Perrine Baldwin High School (HI).

“The Administration’s approach to wrestling is right in step with the overall mission of Warner Pacific College,” said Johnson. “They’ve put the pieces in place to build winning programs for both men’s and women’s wrestling. Being selected to lead the overall program is an honor.”

Warner Pacific previously fielded a men’s wrestling program from 1968-75 led by local coaching legend and Warner Pacific Hall of Honor member, Dave Sanville. Under Sanville, the Knights amassed a 58-30-3 record in dual match competition and had 35 individuals qualify for the NAIA National Wrestling Championships including one NAIA All-American.


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Homecoming 2014: Celebrating Community

Homecoming 2014 Warner Pacific CollegeFebruary 7 update:  due to the inclement weather in Portland, all Homecoming events scheduled for Friday and Saturday are cancelled. We will, however, reschedule the Distinguished Alum Award Brunch, the Retiring Faculty Reception, and the Athletic Hall of Honor at a later date.

Please continue to check back here for updates before the weekend.

Follow Homecoming news on Twitter with #wpchomecoming and on our Facebook timeline.

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Blood Drive on February 3 (American Red Cross)

Give the gift of life at our Winter Blood Drive


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Winter Open House: Adult Degree Program

Warner Pacific Adult Degree Program open houseLearn how you can flourish with a degree from Warner Pacific. Don’t miss out. Reserve your spot at our Adult Degree Program Open House today as space is limited.

When:  Saturday, January 25, 2014 (8:30 – 11:00 am)

  • 8:30 am – Registration and Check-in with continental breakfast
  • 9:00 am – Why ADP works for working adults
  • 9:45 am – Experience an ADP class
  • 10:00 am – Meet current students; learn about resources and financial aid
  • 10:45 am – Your next steps

Where: Centre 205 (2600 SE 98th Ave., Suite 200, Portland)

RSVP: Call 503.517.1550 or register online

Come early for an evaluation of your transcripts before the Open House begins.

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Freshmen impact Portland City Council vote

FYLC-letter-to-Pdx-CC-Dec-2013The freshmen of FYLC: Faith, Justice, and Portland  had their voices heard during the December 2, 2013, testimony before Portland City Council as the Council voted to amend the 2013-14 City budget to include appropriations for funds to address human trafficking.

Throughout the fall semester, these students learned about the issue of the commercialized sexual exploitation of children in Portland and the massive impact that it has on our city.

During the November 21, 2013, Chapel, the students made a thought provoking presentation about  human trafficking found right here in Portland. (Listen to the audio recording.) At that time, they provided everyone in attendance the opportunity to be a force for positive change in our  community by signing a petition  in support of the budget amendment.

During the December 2 Council meeting, Professor Stephanie Mathis presented a letter to the Council on behalf of the FYLC students as well as the signed petition. (Watch the presentation here – go to time mark 105:02.)


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Bridgetown Christmas CD on Sale Now

Bridgetown Christmas 2013Warner Pacific’s very own all male vocal group has a new holiday CD available. Makes a wonderful pre-Christmas gift for you and those you love.

Order your copy today (securely online) or pick up copies at the Warner Pacific Bookstore.

Click here to hear samples.

About Bridgetown:  In existence since January 2011 this men’s vocal group consists of six college guys who share a powerful message through thought-provoking arrangements.

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Flourish: Planting a Seed to Serve Underrepresented Communities

Flourish by Dr. CookPresident Andrea P. Cook has written a thought provoking article for the fall 2013 issue of CCCU Advance. The piece focuses on the ways in which Christian colleges are poised to respond to and meet the needs of the more diverse generation of students who are now entering higher education.

Jesus said the kingdom of God is “like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade” (Mark 4:31-32). I’ve been struck that the most common images Jesus used to describe life in the kingdom of God were things that grow. When you drop a mustard seed into the ground, it is nearly impossible to see. If it is in your pocket, it may be impossible to find. How could something so small become so impactful? Jesus is challenging his followers to remember that the kingdom of God requires initiative and time. In due time, all will see the seemingly insignificant flourish!

Read the entire article here

The CCCU Advance is the magazine of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. Published in the spring and fall of each year, the CCCU Advance covers the news and people of Christ-centered higher education

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Loan Repayment Assistance Program Empowering WPC Graduates to Pursue their Dreams

F2F-webIncoming first time freshmen who enroll in the traditional undergraduate program at Warner Pacific College beginning in the fall of 2014 will no longer have to worry about how they will pay back their student loans once they graduate. Freedom to Flourish, a loan repayment assistance program, empowers graduates to secure a well-paying job after graduation or ensures their ability to repay their loans while following their dreams.

Freedom to Flourish is a revolutionary loan repayment initiative based on successful programs that Yale Law School and other Ivy League institutions have been using for decades in order to help their graduates manage student loan debt, empower them to pursue public service, and provide the confidence to attend their first choice school. Warner Pacific College will become the first undergraduate program in the Portland Metro area to offer this groundbreaking initiative.

“At Warner Pacific, we understand that choosing a private, Christ-centered, liberal arts college comes at a cost,” said President Andrea P. Cook. “However, we are confident in the value of our educational experience and we want to give our graduates the Freedom to Flourish in their careers and communities without the anxiety of student loan debt.”

Beginning in the fall of 2014, all new first year freshmen at Warner Pacific College will be enrolled in the Freedom to Flourish program.

To be eligible to receive loan repayment assistance students must:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) from Warner Pacific College
  • Be employed at least 30 hours a week and earn less than $37,000 annually after graduating

The level of assistance is based on income level. Freedom to Flourish is provided at no cost to the student and covers all student loans including:

  • Federal student loans
  • Private student loans
  • Parent PLUS loans

Freedom to Flourish provides students the confidence to pursue a major that aligns with their unique calling and passion. It allows them to enter the job market with less anxiety, and removes the burden of student loan repayment,” voiced Warner Pacific Director of Student Financial Services and Financial Aid, Cindy Pollard.

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