Named a Great Affordable Private College in the West

Great Value CollegesWarner Pacific named an Affordable College in the West by Great Value Colleges recently released a new college ranking. What makes the new ranking unique is that it features only western schools with tuition set at $22,000 or lower per year. The western states are Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Warner Pacific was one of only three private Oregon colleges to make this list.

We were very aware of the financial strain college can put on many families. Warner Pacific is committed to keeping increases in tuition, fees, and housing to a minimum, providing affordable, Christ-centered, private liberal arts education that serves students and families for whom college has traditionally been out of reach.

Being named one of the West Coast’s most affordable private colleges affirms that the College is on the right path in making a quality education affordable and accessible.

In 2008, we reduced tuition significantly and continues to keep it an affordable level, with tuition and fees averaging just $20,300 a year, 33% less than the average private college in Oregon and Washington.

In the fall of 2014, we launched “Freedom to Flourish.” This is Portland’s first loan repayment assistance program for undergraduate students that promises the 2014 incoming freshmen class (and those to come) that the College will provide assistance to repay student loans after graduation to those who need it.

At Great Value Colleges, their “goal is to help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to getting a college degree. We realize that determining ‘value’ can be an elusive concept. But when it comes to the sizable investment in a college degree, we think it’s worth the time to examine all the angles. Your personal interests and career goals are a big factor, and so are cost of tuition, potential financial aid, personal savings, family contribution, cost of living, and the quality of the chosen institution where you’ll get your degree.”

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The Place of Art: exploring the relationship between location and artistic expression

What bearing does where we live have on what we make? How does what we make shape our sense of place?

Place of Art Panel Instagram 2014The Fine Arts and Urban Studies programs will host a panel discussion that considers the reciprocal relationship between location and artistic expression.

Local artists from a variety of disciplines will share their experiences of making their art in this and other cities.

Panelists include Ron Paul, Executive Director of James Beard Public Market; Brittney Corrigan, author of Forty Weeks and Navigation; Adriana Baer, Artistic Director of Profile Theatre, and David Sabbath, screenwriter/director. Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama Robin Gordon will facilitate the discussion.

Please join us for this free public event. Refreshments will be provided.

When: Thursday, October 16, at 6:00 p.m.

Where: Warner Pacific College, 2219 SE 68th Ave.,  in Egtvedt Hall, Room 203


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Warner Pacific is a Top 10 Christian College Exceeding Expectations

Warner Pacific ranks 7th as a Christian College Exceeding ExpectationsRanked 7th by Christian Universities Online, Warner Pacific is a Christian College exceeding expectations not just in Portland but nationally as well.

Our students are our number one priority. Every program, innovation, and technology we employ all have the same expectation, to provide an exceptional college experience and education.

Through our engaging programs like First-Year Learning Communities and innovative majors like our accelerated Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in Teaching program,  students experience an exceptional blend of rigorous study and authentic relationship giving them the confidence they need to seek a career that is both professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Our Christ-centered, liberal arts approach invites you to seek answers to difficult questions and will challenge you to expand your comfort zone in order to explore the ways in which you understand society, community, and faith.

Christian Universities Online is an independent online resource for prospective students and their families researching Christian higher education

Warner Pacific is also ranked in the Top 10 Regional Colleges in the West (ranked 8th) and named as a “Great School at a Great Price” (ranked 9th) and a “Best College for Veterans” (ranked 4th) by the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2015 edition.

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Learn more about GMOs on Wednesday, October 15

Listen to the Forum

GMO-forum-2014What exactly are genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Why were they developed? How are GMOs being used? And why are so many people concerned about them?

These questions are on the minds of many Oregonians as we prepare to vote on Ballot Measure 92 in November. Measure 92 would mandate the labeling of certain foodstuffs that were produced with or contain genetically modified organisms. The measure is sponsored by Oregon GMO Right to Know.

Warner Pacific College and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon’s Interfaith Food and Farms Partnership are bringing together scientists, teachers, and faith leaders at a free  public EMO-Logo_2-inch_Boldforum to consider these questions and contemplate how our faith traditions can inform our thinking about the positive uses and risks of GMOs.

This public forum will include a brief presentation explaining what GMOs are and how they are used, followed by a Q&A time with the panelists.

What: GMOs: Theological and Ethical Perspectives Forum

When: Wednesday, October 15, starting at 6:30 pm

Who:  This forum is free and open to the public.

Where: Warner Pacific College’s Schlatter Chapel located at 2219 SE 68th Ave., Portland

Panelists: The panel includes scientists, teachers, and faith leaders

  • Dr. David Ervin, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Environmental Management and Senior Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University
  • Ivan Maluski, Director of Friends of Family Farmers
  • Rabbi Debra Kolodny of P’nai Or of Portland
  • Dr. David Terrell, Professor of Physical Science at Warner Pacific College
  • Derek Moyer, Senior Adjunct Professor of Humanities at Warner Pacific College
  • Rick North, Community for Earth Committee of First Unitarian Church
  • Gulzar Ahmed, President of Crescent Systems in Tualatin

Contact: Derek Moyer at

This forum is presented by Warner Pacific College and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon’s Interfaith Food and Farms Partnership, with generous support from the College’s Department of Humanities, Department of Religion and Christian Ministries, and Department of Natural Sciences and Health.

This purpose of this event is to cultivate dialogue and understanding in advance of the vote in November. Warner Pacific College is not taking a position on Ballot Measure 92.


GMO Panelist 2014 Dr. David ErvinDr. David Ervin is the Professor of Environmental Management, Professor of Economics, and Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Processes and Practices at Portland State University. Dr. Ervin has also served as a Senior Policy Analyst at the Wallace Center for Agricultural and Environmental Policy and as the Director for the Policy Studies Program at the Henry A. Wallace Institute. Dr. Ervin is widely published in both books and scholarly journals for his research in Agricultural Biotechnology and Environmental Management, Business Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Policy Reform, and International Trade and Environmental Management.

GMO Panelist 2014 Ivan MalusiIvan Maluski is the Director of Friends of Family Farmers, a collaborative of Oregon’s independent family farmers, food advocates, and concerned citizens who are working to foster an approach to agriculture that respects the land, treats animals humanely, sustains local communities, and provides a viable livelihood for family farmers. Mr. Maluski farms in rural Linn County, and has more than a decade of experience working on natural resource policy issues at both the state and federal levels.


GMO panelist 2014 Debra KolodnyRabbi Debra Kolodny (Rabbah D’vorah) has served as the Rabbi at P’nai Or in Portland since 2011. In 2013 she began splitting her time between P’nai Or and Nehirim, a national Jewish LGBTQ retreat and advocacy organization. Before moving to Portland Rabbah D’vorah  served for nine years as the Executive Director of ALEPH, an international organization dedicated to inspiriting the Jewish world. While at ALEPH she envisioned, designed and led a national  interfaith program on organic, sustainable and humane agriculture called the Sacred Foods Project, based on Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi’s z’l’ principles of Eco-Kashrut.



dterrell12Dr. David Terrell is Professor of Physical Science at Warner Pacific College. After doing research at the Mexican Petroleum Institute and being a member of the Engineering Faculty at the National University in Mexico for more than 14 years, Dr. Terrell joined the faculty of Warner Pacific College to teach Physical Sciences. His passion for nature and the need for the promotion of stewardship of the environment keep Dr. Terrell very busy both inside and outside of the classroom. His academic duties involve teaching Physics, General and Organic Chemistry, and Environmental Science. He is an active member of international, national, and local scientific organizations.



Warner Pacific Faculty D MoyerDerek Moyer began teaching Humanities at Warner Pacific College in 2010. Since 2012, he has been a faculty director for one of the College’s First-Year Learning Communities, entitled “Food Carts, Farms, and Freddy’s: Thinking about Eating in Portland.” Professor Moyer’s teaching focuses on social and environmental ethics, and their intersections with the theological worlds we inhabit. Over the past few years, his research and teaching have increasingly focused on cultivating moral frameworks for understanding our relationships to food systems in the Portland area, and this has led to ongoing collaborations with organizations working to address food insecurity and food justice in Portland.

GMO panelist 2014 RickNorth_BioPicRick North began his career teaching high school social studies in Canton, Ohio. He left teaching to work for the American Cancer Society for 21 years; from 1993-1998 he served as the executive vice president of the Oregon chapter. Mr. North is the founder and former project director of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Campaign For Safe Food, confronting the risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). He co-founded and led a national coalition opposing recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH or rBST) in dairy products. As a volunteer, Rick North developed a faith-based program in 2001 to reduce global warming, which has since been implemented by numerous denominations and congregations all over the country.

GMO panelist 2014 Gulzar AhmedGulzar Ahmed is the President of Crescent Systems in Tualatin, where he is involved in designing and manufacturing material handling and packaging systems. He has been involved in religious and interfaith organizations in the Greater Portland area for the past 30 years. Mr. Ahmed is co-founder of the Islamic Society of Greater Portland, and past president of the American Muslim Alliance. He is the former co-chair of the Interfaith Council of Greater Portland and currently a board member of the Institute for Christian-Muslim Understanding. He has been speaking at various churches, schools, and organizations on the subjects of Islam, interfaith relations, and the importance of promoting understanding and cooperation between various faiths.




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10th Annual Common Day of Service

CDS-2014-Birch-WarehouseClasses were cancelled for Common Day of Service at Warner Pacific as the campus focuses on serving the community today, September 16, 2014.

“Where faith and scholarship lead to service,” is the motto of Warner Pacific College, and it was put into action today as 415 students, staff, and faculty members stepped out of the classroom to serve the Portland community as part of the College’s 10th Annual Common Day of Service. The work completed (almost 2,075 combined hours of volunteerism) served more than 1,500 people, at 19 sites, and provided an estimated economic impact of nearly $43,100.

CDS-2014-graffiti-abatementThe Common Day of Service began at 9 am with students gathering in the College auditorium for a brief time of prayer before being sent out to sites throughout Portland. The 19 service projects included graffiti abatement in local neighborhoods, removal of invasive plant species and general clean up around Mt. Tabor, facilities improvements at local schools and community organizations, hunger relief, assisting with therapeutic activities for clients with cognitive impairments, and interactive projects with elementary and middle school students.

The Common Day of Service began 10 years ago, when a student asked local schools and organizations how Warner Pacific could help support their efforts in the community. Since then, the event has been embraced by the entire College and is a welcome way to kick-off each new school year.

CDS-2014-Hosford-garden“Common Day of Service is an important day in the life our institution as we live into our motto. Today, students were out in the city serving our community,” explains Dr. Andrea Cook, President of Warner Pacific College. “For us, service learning means volunteering off the campus and assisting in the community in places of poverty, places of oppression, and places where there is great need.”

Last year our students gave almost 51,000 hours of service in the city of Portland, volunteer hours worth about $1.1 million to the community.

“The students, staff, and faculty of Warner Pacific are committed to helping meet the needs of our neighbors in southeast Portland,” said Dale Seipp, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing. “We celebrate our urban identity and view the city as a classroom, a place to learn from with people to learn about. Students develop personally, spiritually, and professionally through hands-on service to their community.”

Warner Pacific students are asked to complete a minimum of 10 hours of service each year. Over 33% of Oregonians volunteer annually, one of the highest rates of volunteerism in the U.S. Education, religious, and social service organizations receive the most volunteer hours in Portland.

View more photos on our Facebook page or Instagram feed.

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Flourish at ADP: Sherrena’s Story

ADP-Alum-story-2014-Sherrena-Torrence-a-2012-gradEarning my degree through the Warner Pacific Adult Degree Program (ADP) really boosted my self-confidence. I had always wanted to return to school and earn my degree and after 20+ years, I accomplished that goal.

I had previously attended North Portland Bible College, and when I was thinking about going back to school I was encouraged by Earnestine Cellestine, their Vice President of Academic Affairs, to check out the Adult Degree Program at Warner Pacific. My life was already full with parenting, working full-time, and serving at my church, so I was attracted to the once a week schedule that ADP provided.

A lot of what I learned during my time at ADP helped prepare me for the career I’m in today. Working in learning teams allowed me to experience various cultures, personalities, and viewpoints, that were different from my own. I learned how to think outside of my own belief system.

One thing that stands out in my memory was a simple, yet profound moment in one of my classes with Mr. Bill (Professor Bill Dobrenen). During our cultural studies course, he held an ink pen up to the globe to demonstrate where we are and how much more there is to experience and explore in this vast world. As a visual learner, this sparked so much interest and curiosity in me! I was eager to learn about how others lived and experienced the world; I wanted to know how I, as an American, could glean information from the cultures around me.

Working at ROSE CDC, I provide support and resources for the families and individuals who live in our affordable housing. This includes conducting afterschool programs, walking groups for seniors, garden projects, and much more. I also recently started my own business as a trainer in the early childhood education field, which is allowing me to share my passion for supporting families and those who work with children to create positive environments and experiences that will help them thrive.

What I learned in that course with Mr. Bill has helped me tremendously as I’m working to support families at ROSE CDC. The families who live in our housing are very diverse, from Somalia, Haiti, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, and China. They have varied religious backgrounds, cultural experiences, traditions, customs, and most speak English as a second language. I learn from them each day and I am more open-minded due to the education I received through ADP.

ADP-anniv-image-logoSherrena Torrence
Resident Assets Coordinator for ROSE Community Development Corp., and owner of Next Level Ministries, LLC
B.S. in Human Development ‘12

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ADP Celebrates 25 Years

ADP-anniv-image-logoWarner Pacific is thrilled to celebrate over 25 years of serving adult learners in the Portland metro area. Through the evening format of the Adult Degree Program (ADP), thousands of adults in our region have been able to land the job they desire, receive the promotion they deserve, and set a positive example for their friends and families because of the college degree that they earned through ADP.

Over the course of two and half decades, the Warner Pacific Adult Degree Program has become the place where Portlanders looking for a second chance or career advancement go to complete a college degree at night, after work, or after the kids have been picked up from school and dinner has been served.

Degree Completion Program Launched

ADP-classroom-1The Adult Degree Program was first imagined by the College in 1988, when then president, Marshall Christensen purchased a business curriculum based on an accelerated course schedule and adult learning theory. At this time, ADP was known as DCP or the Degree Completion Program because it worked specifically with students who had already earned some college credit. By January of 1989, two cohorts were established and the program was underway.

As interest in adult education grew stronger, DCP answered by increasing course offerings to include degrees in human development. In 2000, the College began a comprehensive review of DCP to identify the current needs of the market and explore new opportunities for program growth, which resulted in the creation of an associate’s degree program as well as new business partnerships.

Expanded to the Adult Degree Program

ADP-classroom-learningIn 2004, with 191 students enrolled, DCP was officially launched as the Adult Degree Program with expanded degree offerings that included options for all adult learners, regardless of past college experience. Just three short years later, ADP was serving 568 students, and those numbers would continue to rise dramatically.

Today, ADP boasts an enrollment of over 900 students and has continued to mature with the addition of master’s level degree options. One reason the program remains vital after 25 years is due to the curriculum design that staff and faculty use to meet the unique needs of adult learners.

  • ADP-cohortAccelerated course progressions: ADP students take courses one at a time so they can focus on topics individually and build sequential knowledge.
  • Weekly class meetings: Students attend class one night a week, at the same time and place.
  • Cohort-based learning: Support is built through a small group of students who accompany one another through their degree journey, taking part in cooperative learning experiences that reflect the working environment.
  • Multiple start times: New cohorts form every month in ADP degree programs, so students don’t have to wait until the end of a semester to take the next step on their career path.
  • Multiple campus locations: With learning centers throughout the Portland/Vancouver area, as well as online, Warner Pacific ADP students can study close to home.

Online Learning

ADP-onlineIn 2014, as part of ADP’s effort to serve the needs of adult students, the College introduced some of its most popular degree programs in a fully-online format. Students can now earn a professionally-focused, Christ-centered degree with Warner Pacific from wherever they can connect to the Internet.

The main benefit of online education for working adults is convenience. Students have the ability to schedule their study time around family and work responsibilities. This flexibility is especially useful for workers who have changing shifts, or who are raising children.

What’s more, research by the U.S. Department of Education has shown that, for college students, online study is just as effective as traditional classroom education. Warner Pacific ADP students who pursue their degrees online cover the same content as students in traditional classroom cohorts.

Partnerships with Community Colleges

ADP-Centre-205-staff-2014-JWAs Warner Pacific looks to the future, there is excitement at the opportunities that lie ahead. When listening carefully to the White House and to leaders in the Oregon Legislature, it is clear; with concerns over the cost of higher education, community college success is going to be critical in educating America’s cities.

At Warner Pacific, we are proud of our partnership with Portland Community College, and we look forward to building deeper relationships with Mt. Hood Community College, Clackamas Community College, Lower Columbia Community College, and Clark College as we seek to grow. In fact, since 2003, 93% of Portland Community College students who transfer to the Warner Pacific Adult Degree Program have graduated with a bachelor’s degree. We know that transfer students flourish at Warner Pacific, so we are eager to find new ways to support this growing demographic in our community.

Celebrating More than 25 Years

Warner Pacific College offers students enrolled in Adult Degree Programs the flexibility they need to balance work, family, and continuing education. We invite you to celebrate this 25th anniversary milestone with us as we share ADP alumni stories, historical timelines, and special events honoring the transformational leadership that ADP graduates are providing to our community.

Stay connected to everything that’s happening during this anniversary celebration on the Warner Pacific website, WP Mobile app, and Facebook.

Flourish at ADP Stories

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Commended as a Best College for Veterans

Once again, Warner Pacific is ranked in the Top 10 Regional Colleges in the West (ranked 8th) and named as a “Great School at a Great Price” (ranked 9th) and a “Best College for Veterans” (ranked 4th) by the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2015 edition.

We are proud to be commended as a Best College for Veterans – West (ranked 4th) due to the ease of programs and policies for student support on campus, academic accreditation, credit policies, flexibility, and other services offered to those who served.

The College’s mix of traditional degree offerings and Adult Degree Programs allows Warner Pacific to embrace military students and ensure their success in the classroom and after graduation.

For over 25 years, Warner Pacific’s Adult Degree Program has offered flexibility for adult and working students. Meeting just one evening a week and providing a high quality education in a cohort setting, adult learners flourish with one of Warner Pacific’s five undergraduate and three graduate level programs through the ADP.

In addition to internships, service opportunities, and study abroad programs, Warner Pacific College also offers a wide variety of clubs, organizations, artistic groups, leadership opportunities, and 13 intercollegiate competitive sports.

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Science Cafe: marine-derived renewable energy (9/26)

John MillerJoin us for Science Café: science and policy of marine-derived renewable energy

When: Friday, September 26, from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Where: Warner Pacific College, Egtvedt Room 203

Special Guest: John Miller, Executive Director of Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative of New England

Mr. Miller will lead us in a conversation that spans science, public policy, and a story of what it’s like to pursue a STEM career.

Coffee and light refreshment provided.

(MRECo is a non profit company that advances Marine Renewable Energy (wave, tide, and offshore wind) in New England through stakeholder education, demonstrations, and technology commercialization. MRECo works with universities through its Academic Institution Collaborative and industry with it Industry Member Group.)

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Great School, Great Value: Warner Pacific College

Once again, Warner Pacific is ranked in the Top 10 Regional Colleges in the West (ranked 8th) and named as a “Great School at a Great Price” (ranked 9th) and a “Best College for Veterans” (ranked 4th) by the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2015 edition.

Warner Pacific was recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Values in Regional Colleges – West (ranked 9th), a distinction that is at the very core of the College’s mission to make Christian higher education accessible to as many qualified students, and their families, as possible.

In 2008, Warner Pacific reduced tuition significantly and continues to keep it an affordable level, with tuition and fees averaging just $20,300 a year, 33% less than the average private college in Oregon and Washington.

Warner Pacific also launched “Freedom to Flourish,” Portland’s first loan repayment assistance program for undergraduate students that promises the 2014 incoming freshmen class (and those to come) that the College will provide assistance to repay student loans after graduation to those who need it.

“We’re very aware of the financial strain facing many families,” said Dale Seipp, Jr., Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing. “That is why we are committed to keeping increases in tuition, fees, and housing to a minimum, providing affordable, Christ-centered, private liberal arts education that serves students and families for whom college has traditionally been out of reach.”


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