Graduates Honored at the 2014 Winter Commencement

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

For Warner Pacific’s 156 new graduates, we know they will flourish in whatever God has planned for them. (View photos / order your photo.)

Warner Pacific Winter CommencementAt the December 13, 2014, Winter Commencement, several graduates were honored with awards of distinction:

Adult Degree Program Outstanding Student Award for Excellence in “Urban”: Kristen Allen

This award honors a student who is also a change agent in their community; someone who is actively involved in an organization (volunteer or professional) where he or she is making a difference in our community.

Adult Degree Program Outstanding Student Award for Excellence in “Diversity”: Nena A. Herbst

This award is presented to a student who is recognized for being a positive influence in their Learning Team and cohort. One who is a creative leader and able to collaborate. Someone who embodies this quote from Margaret Meade: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committee people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Adult Degree Program Outstanding Student Award for Excellence in “Christ-Centered”: Jeffrey David Allen

This award will be given to a student who is nominated by a faculty or staff member for their positive interactions with classmates, faculty, and staff, and with course content. The  recipient of this award will be a living expression of the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and known for striving to do their best in every situation.

Adult Degree Program Outstanding Student Award for Excellence in “Liberal Arts”: Mimi Catherine Fonseca

This award is to acknowledge a student whose academic skills are recognized by faculty members for a high grade point average, strong attendance record, evidence of critical thinking skills, and active participation in the classroom.

Congratulations to all our graduates.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:23

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College Goal Oregon Event (FAFSA Help)

Warner Pacific student reviewing the FAFSA website.College Goal Oregon is a free event on Saturday, January 17 (from 9 am – 12 pm), for students (high school; college and non-traditional returning students), parents/guardians, and anyone who wants assistance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  • Assistance with completing your FAFSA
  • Presentations about scholarships
  • Information on paying for college

RSVP to reserve your spot today!

We will have financial aid professionals at this event to help attendees.

There will also be Spanish speaking volunteers available on-site to provide assistance during the event.

In conjunction with getting help with the FAFSA, students will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of financial aid resources available to help pay for college during presentations at the event, including a presentation on the Office of Student Access and Completion scholarship application.

RSVP buttonWe encourage students that may not be eligible to file FAFSA to attend to learn about financial aid resources as well.

Items to bring:

  • DeCollege Goal Oregon logopendent students will need personal income and tax information, along with parent income tax information.
  • Independent students will need personal income and tax information.
  • Please visit the FAFSA website for more details about what to bring, please come prepared with those items.
  • For the tax information, simply bring the most recent completed federal tax return. If the taxes have not been filled out yet, you can estimate. You can submit exact numbers later.
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Faith & Culture Writers Conference: April 10-11, 2015

Faith and Culture Writers Conference logo 2014.Warner Pacific College welcomes the Fourth Annual Faith & Culture Writers Conference, April 10 – 11, 2015.

This year’s theme is ROUGH DRAFT: From Blank to Beautiful.

The Faith & Culture Writers Connection is a diverse, faith-based creative community of writers, bloggers, lovers of literature,  journalists, professors, activists, theologians, literary agents, editors, publishers, screenwriters, musicians, artists, poets, and everyday people who love words, God’s Word, and story.

During the yearly conference, attendees are invited to ask questions, participate in conversations, dialogue with diverse people of faith, and cultivate authentic friendships with a community of creative people from around the world.

Warner Pacific is thrilled to host the 2015 conference, featuring Emily P. Freeman,  Romal TuneTony KrizCornelia Seigneur, Simone Dankenbring, Bob Welch, AJ Swoboda, Emily Maynard, Alex Marestaing, Chip MacGregor, Elizabeth Stewart, Micah J. Murray, Karen Zacharias Spears, and Rochelle Carter, just to name a few.

This year, attendees are also invited to attend an intimate pre-conference on Friday featuring Nish Weiseth and Seth and Amber Haines.

To register or to learn more, visit the Faith & Culture Writers website. To stay up to date with the latest conference news, subscribe to the Insider Email.

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Warner Pacific Student Wins 1st Place in Video Contest

Copyright: a win-win for WPC student Sean Musaeus

Warner Pacific student Sean Musaeus wins video scholarshipCopyright: the legal right to be the only one to reproduce, publish, or sell the contents and form of a literary, musical, or artistic work (Merriam-Webster)

When it comes to music copyrighting, most of us are confused about its importance or necessity – that is except for Sean Musaeus. This Warner Pacific sophomore entered an original video in the National Music Council and Music Publishers Association 2014 Copyright Awareness Scholarship contest and took first place.

Sean remembers that he “got really excited when I found out about the scholarship, which was during my senior year in high school. At the time I was researching copyright law and how weird it all seemed to be. I was interested in how the current media environment created by the Internet affected the dynamics of copyright.”

Warner Pacific student Sean Musaeus music copyright video wins award.After posting some simple videos on YouTube in which Sean used license-free music, he became interested in creating more advanced short films. This got him pondering the ramifications and legalities of using copyrighted music.

Scratching the surface and then digging deeper into the complex world of copyright laws, policies, and procedures on Youtube only further peaked his interest. This lead him to websites and books on the subject and ultimately the Copyright Awareness Scholarship.

So inspired about copyright law, Sean crafted a “fairly traditional explainer video” clarifying why copyright was important. His first video entry was a quirky little hand-drawn graphics production with a voiced over narrative. It didn’t win.

Through the research and creative process, Sean says, “I’ve come to understand how important copyright is in supporting the creative economy.”

Warner Pacific student Sean Musaeus award winning video on copyright.Undeterred, Sean changed his approach to illustrating why copyright was important, in three minutes or less. He’d get the point across through the narrative of a wordless “short film.” Making the video—shooting it, composing and recording the soundtrack, and editing it took him less than two weeks. Settling on a concept for this video, however, took slightly longer; over a year.

With the June 1, 2014, deadline looming, it was Sean’s third and final concept that was submitted. Why so diligent in showcasing this subject matter in a short video? Sean explains that the scholarship contest “combined two things I was interested in: filmmaking and copyright law.”

In his final concept, like Yin and Yang, you see the two faces of music downloads. Sean artfully showcased the talent, dedication, and time taken by the artist to create something worthy for the audience to buy and download. He contrasted that with a dark and shady character easily pirating the music and offering free downloads, negatively impacting the artist’s efforts. In the end, the video has a simple message – Don’t cheat yourself. ©

His creative approach to explaining why copyright laws are an important protection for artists is this year’s First Place winner. Sean also received a monetary scholarship award.

Sean has yet to declare a major but knows he will at least minor in music. He chose Warner Pacific because it is a Christian, liberal arts college close to home. Sean is a born and raised Portlander.

When asked what he thinks of his new found notoriety, Sean modestly replies: “I haven’t really had any fame from the video so far… I always feel weird being the center of attention, so if anyone talks about it I usually try to downplay it and change the subject.”

Congratulations Sean. Enjoy his winning video, which contains some original music by Sean. Don’t worry, it’s copyrighted!

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Warner Pacific presents at the Annual Murdock College Science Research Conference (2014)

Several Warner Pacific students attended the annual Murdock College Science Research Conference (November 17 and 18, 2014).  Warner Pacific Biological Science major, Anh Ngo presented the College’s research project entitled: “Is reduced adiponectin mRNA associated with alterations in transcription factor ATF3 in adipose tissue of nutritionally programmed microswine offspring?”

One of her co-authors, Almir Celebic, presented a poster at the conference entitled: “Reduced plasma adiponectin and beta-adrenergic receptors in adipose tissue of nutritionally programmed microswine offspring.”

Both students did their research with Elizabeth DuPriest, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences and Health and Associate Professor of Biology, at the Portland VA Medical Center. Both are continuing with the research and will write a senior thesis based on their findings.

According to Dr. DuPriest, “The idea behind our research is that a mother’s diet (and other environmental factors, before and during childhood) can negatively influence the way a child develops. This can permanently ‘program’ the individual for higher risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease later in life. We are trying to discover what the links are between early environment and later health. Adiponectin is a beneficial hormone that is changed in offspring by maternal diet in our research, and we are trying to learn more about it.”

The students involved in the presentation included: seniors Anh Ngo, Brianna Cowin, and Almir Celebic and junior Biruktawit Mengistu. Brianna, Anh, and Biruktawit have all expressed interest in either doing research or medicine for their careers, while Almir is planning to become a dentist.

Warner Pacific professors and students at the 2014 Murdock Conference.

Dr. Brad Tripp, Dr. Elizabeth DuPriest, Almir Celebic, Brianna Cowin, Anh Ngo, Biruktawit Mengistu, and Dr. David Terrell

Here is Dr. DuPriest’s complete summary of the research presented for the Conference:

The idea behind our research is that a mother’s diet (and other environmental factors, even during childhood) can negatively influence the way a child develops. This can permanently “program” the individual for higher risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease later in life.

We previously published data showing that microswine (pigs) whose mothers were fed a low protein diet have low mRNA levels of adiponectin, a beneficial hormone made in adipose (fat) tissue. (mRNA is the cellular “instructions” used to direct the production of specific proteins.)

Anh and Almir’s work focused on why that is true, and whether the actual adiponectin hormone levels in blood are also low.

Anh’s data (still preliminary) are showing that if you put the “programmed” offspring on a calorie-restricted diet after weaning, they have an abnormal response in their adipose tissue compared to how normal offspring respond to calorie restriction. This may indicate that typical lifestyle interventions that help normal individuals lead healthy lives may not work the same way in those who had a suboptimal early environment. We don’t yet know whether this abnormality is beneficial or detrimental.

Almir’s data show that the actual circulating levels of adiponectin in the blood are reduced, except in male “programmed” offspring that are also calorie restricted after weaning. They actually have higher adiponectin hormone.


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Giving Tuesday (or any day) – give the gift of education

Giving Tuesday (December 2) is the global day dedicated to giving back to the institutions that transform our society.

We invite you to join the Warner Pacific community in celebration of philanthropy and generosity.

From scholarships to academic programs, buildings and more – giving through Warner Pacific is a great way to make a difference for the future of our students and the world.

To learn more or make your gift today, visit us at

Giving Tuesday at Warner Pacific

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After 26 years, Coach Fagan hangs up his cleats

Warner Pacific men's soccer coach Bernie Fagan.After coaching a mere 497 soccer matches for the Warner Pacific College men’s soccer team, long-time coach Bernie Fagan is retiring.

For as long as anyone can remember, men’s soccer at Warner Pacific College was synonymous with Coach Bernie Fagan. Well known for his own time on the field, Fagan played for the Seattle Sounders, Los Angeles Aztecs, Detroit Lighting (indoor soccer), and finally the Portland Timbers until they folded in 1982.

The 1982 fall season was Fagan’s first at Warner Pacific. He coached the Knights to 11 wins and earned the NAIA District 2 Championship that year. During those heady times of the early 80’s, the Knights qualified for the NAIA National Tournament three times, including a best ever third place finish in 1984.

The first half of Fagan’s coaching career with Warner Pacific ended after 10 seasons when the College eliminated all athletic programs in 1991.

Read more about Coach Fagan’s career at Warner Pacific on the WPC Knight’s website.

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Dr. Cook visits Kazakhstan

Travel Notes by Dr. Andrea P. Cook, President

Access to higher education is a justice issue both in North America and across the globe. In the midst of a changing milieu in the industry, I have great hope that God is rising up leaders who have vision, care deeply, and are leading proactively to develop institutions that meet the needs of students in the 21st Century.

Earlier this Fall, I was grateful to take my first trip to the Republic of Kazakhstan, to celebrate the leaders there and participate in the 20th anniversary celebration of Kazakh American Free University (KAFU).

KAFU is a dynamic and emerging institution that is rising to serve Kazakhs dreaming about the transformation of their country.

KAFU has become a sister institution to Warner Pacific, and I was pleased to present Dr. Mambetkaziyev, the President of KAFU, and Dan Ballast with honorary doctorates from Warner Pacific while visiting the great work they are doing.

KAFU has benefited over the last two decades from the engagement and leadership example of former Warner Pacific President, Marshall Christensen. Dr. Christensen has provided consultation to Kazakh leadership as he teaches servant leadership, using the model of Jesus, with the hope of influencing and shaping education to the people of Kazakhstan after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Warner Pacific has been able to strengthen our relationship with KAFU through Visiting International Professors, a summer academy, and extended internships in which KAFU students practice language skills and learn intercultural competencies while living in Portland.

KAFU will be hosting a 20th anniversary celebration in the United States on Wednesday, March 11, 2015, at Warner Pacific.  This will be a time for all of KAFU’s American friends and partners to come together to celebrate and remember the last 20 years. We anticipate many of KAFU’s leaders will join this event, including KAFU’s President, Dr. Mambetkaziyev, and his wife. We welcome you to join as well!

Dr. Cook (right) with Dr. Christensen and KAFU President, Dr. Mambetkaziyev

Dr. Cook (right) with Dr. Christensen and KAFU President, Dr. Mambetkaziyev.


Dr. Cook at the round table conference.


KAFU President, Dr. Mambetkaziyev, cuts the ceremonial ribbon with Dr. Cook, Dr. Christensen, and Hugh Hallman, to open the new KAFU sports facility.

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The Gift of Education

jawayne-wrestler-2014As the calendar year comes to a close, you probably find yourself reflecting on 2014, and planning for the year ahead. At Warner Pacific, we’re engaging in the same process. In the fall, we were honored to enroll our largest and most diverse class of incoming Traditional students in the College’s history!

This year, we were excited to welcome back men’s wrestling and introduce women’s wrestling. At our Adult Degree Program, we have been privileged to share alumni success stories as we celebrate over 25 years of serving adult learners throughout the Portland metro area.

Looking to the future, we are motivated to find meaningful ways to engage you, our alumni and friends, in building programs to support our increasingly diverse student

As you make decisions about your year-end giving, we invite you to give the GIFT OF EDUCATION. Over 95% of students at Warner Pacific rely on scholarships, and you will play a vital role in their education by giving your gift today.

Your charitable gift will make it possible for students like Jawayne (pictured here) to continue receiving a Christ-centered education that provides them with the knowledge, skills, and life experience to flourish as they lead and serve in our constantly changing world.

Help us reach our year-end goal of $100,000 for Warner Pacific Student Scholarships!

The annual fund helps provide academic, leadership, and athletic scholarships to students.

Your tax-deductible donation is more than just money; it is the GIFT OF EDUCATION. You are a vital partner in helping us provide a life-changing, Christ-centered education for students who often believe that college is out of reach.

We invite you to give the GIFT OF EDUCATION this season! Thank you.




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Christmas Advent Brunch: A Child is Born (December 6)

Advent-Brunch-ImageWelcome to the Season of Advent

Please join us for the 3rd Annual Christmas Advent Brunch with President Andrea Cook. This year we are inviting women and men to participate in this joyful time of fellowship, reflection, and renewal.


  • Saturday, December 6
  • 10 am – 12 pm
  • McGuire Auditorium
  • Featuring Bridgetown, the College’s premiere men’s singing group
  • Gourmet Brunch
  • Help us spread joy this season by donating a new or gently used children’s book for the Children’s Book Bank Drive
  • Tickets are just $25 per person or $175 for a table of 7 guests


Get your Tickets

  • Purchase your tickets  ($25 per person or $175 for a table of 7 guests) by registering securely online or contacting Diane Minor: email or 503.517.1114
  • Please RSVP by Wednesday, December 3

Give the Gift of Reading

We are excited to once again partner with the Children’s Book Bank, supporting  their work to bring the gift of reading to kids throughout Portland. Easy access to books is foundational to literacy development. Scarcity of books in the home is one of the greatest obstacles that must be overcome by children living in poverty. Children with books in the home become better readers and do better in school.

Please bring your new or gently used books to the brunch and help us give  Portland’s most vulnerable children the gift of reading. Types of books most in need are Dr. Seuss and Spanish-language books. Other requests are: picture books, board books, alphabet books, and counting books. (New books are preferred for Christmas.)

Chldren's Book Bank

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