Ranked No. 2 in Portland for online degrees!

Great Value Colleges logoGreat Value Colleges recently reviewed colleges and universities located in the Portland area to create its list of top 10 colleges offering an online degree. Warner Pacific ranked 2nd in their 2016 list!

Convenience and flexibility of an online degree program fits well with the College’s Adult Degree Program, which already offers quality academic programs to fit today’s busy lifestyle. Currently half of the degrees offered through the ADP are also offered online.

They selected schools with high rankings from Forbes magazine, The Princeton Review, and U.S. News and World Report. Great Value Colleges chose only accredited colleges and universities, and schools that offered at least one online degree option.


Religion & Christian Ministry Spring Events (2016)

Discover how God is moving in and through the lives of our seniors in the Department of Religion & Christian Ministries.

At these two unique events, you’ll find out how Warner Pacific College is preparing students for ministry in a constantly changing world.

Ministry isn’t about the job you choose, it’s about the life you live.

Night of Stories: Student Reflections on Ministry

  • March 2
  • 7:00 pm

Students will share their experiences with hands-on ministry in Portland. Learn more about the organizations serving our must vulnerable neighbors and how our students are changing and being changed by the city we call home.

The Art of the Call

  • May 3
  • 4:30 – 7:00 pm
  • Egtvedt Hall, Room 2013

The Art of the Call is an interactive showcase of senior projects, exploring the journeys that led these students to embrace a call to ministry. This is an open exhibit using PechaKucha visual storytelling technique. You are welcome to come and go as you are able.

Black History Month Lecture (Feb. 20)

Exploring the Complexity of Hip-Hop Culture: Impact on Black Lives in Schools and Society

Warner Pacific Black History Month lecture

Dr. Daymond Glenn examines the complexity of hip-hop culture and its implications for understanding the experiences of Black males in schools and society.

Dr. Glenn is the Vice President for Community Life, Chief Diversity Officer, and Assistant Professor of Urban Studies at Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, he  is part of an editorial team of scholars for the national Journal for Hip-Hop Studies and is the author of Critical Condition: Black Males and Multiculturalism in Higher Education. In his book, Dr. Glenn discusses the challenges, complexities, and possibilities of Black males and multiculturalism in predominantly White institutions of higher education.

When: Saturday, February 20, at 7 pm
Where: Warner Pacific College, McGuire Auditorium, 2219 SE 68th Avenue, Portland
Cost: FREE and Open to the Public
More information: Office of Diversity at jwhitten@warnerpacific.edu or 503.517.1271

Join us for Homecoming (February 11- 13, 2016)

2016 HomecomingHomecoming is your chance to reconnect with old friends, make new professional connections, and celebrate your heritage as a Warner Pacific Knight!

We’ve got great activities planned, including a professional networking event, a family carnival, and even an alumni musical theatre concert featuring some of your favorite musicians from your time at Warner Pacific College!

Easy online registration or contact Diane Minor at 503.517.1114

Alumni networking eventPlease continue to check back here for updates for the entire Homecoming celebration weekend (February 11 – 13, 2016).

2016 Homecoming calendar on the app

Follow Homecoming news on Twitter and on our Facebook timeline.

Dean’s List for Fall 2015

The following 464 Warner Pacific College students were named to the Dean’s List for the Fall 2015 academic term. To qualify, students must be enrolled full-time♦ and achieve a 3.5 or greater grade point average. Students with an asterisk (*) earned a perfect 4.0 GPA.

4.0 Student Name
Matthew Aguigui
Kelsey Akers
Kiandra Alexander
* Lisa Alexander
Ayde Alvarado
Lesley Alvarez-Luna
* Ruben Amezcua
* Lauren Andrada
* Rebecca Anna
* Dale Apple
* Laura Araza
Melissa Armstrong
* Miriam Ash
Kristin Ashenfelter
* Caitlin Asher
* Guadalupe Astorga Ramos
* Arika Atkins
* Amanda Atwood
* Vanessa Auyong
Abigail Baker
Breanna Baker
Luis Barajas
* William Barnes
* Shelly Barton-Perry
* Dillon Battles
Nathen Bauer
* Rebecca Baumgarden
* Gabriella Begazo
Allison Beisley
Britny Belcher
* Regina Bell
Sommer Bellon
* Samantha Bennett
* Jacob Berg
* Katheryn Bergen
* Samantha Bernal
* Hayley Bernick
David Berra
Holley Besaw
Tina Bettger
Tyler Bettis
* Tiffany Bird
Micah Birlew
* Gregory Bledsoe
Brittany Blundon
* Keira Bogart
Joseph Boivin
Marchelle Bostic
Ta’Chelle Bowden
* Michelle Bowers
De’jon Bowman
* Blaine Bradford
* Kimberly Branstetter
Yvette Briceno
Holly Briggs
* Irina Bubnova
* Hillary Bucklew
Jason Bumgardner
Barbara Bundy
Michael Burke
* Britta Burleigh
Jay Busher
Michaela Byers
* Timminy Carlson
* Sandy Carpenter
Marissa Casanova
* Leslie Catabay
* Jeffery Cavin
Claudia Cedeno-Fornos
* Shani Center
Katherine Cereghino
Rachel Chamberlain
Michael Chapman
Ping Chen
* Mila Cherchenko
* Craig Chilson
* Trudy Chimko
* Christopher Choi
* Samantha Christensen
* Molly Christiansen
Elizabeth Clark
Jason Clark
Taylor Clark
Kristen Coghill
Nicole Cole
* Theresa Cole
* Craig Coleman
Mark Combe
* Makenna Conley
Julie Connors
Erin Cooper
Mariah Cooper
* Shauna Cooper
Andrea Cortese
Kevin Coser
* Megan Costello
* Valerie Couch
Crystal Coutu
Paula Covalt
* Antranette Covington
* Michelle Cowden
* Hannah Crane
* Shannon Cummings
* Kerry Cunningham
Nayomi Cunningham
Robert Cunningham
* Leah Danley
Cherie Davis
Sarah Davis
Stephanie Davis
* Heather Degroot
* Rochelle Degroot
Valynda Demel
Megan Derrick
Jason DiGiovanna
Zechariah Dirdak
* Brycen Dodds
* Elizabeth Dominguez
* Adrianne Douma
Sean Downey
Alishia Duckett
* Casey Duckworth
Edith Duku
Benjamin Durham
Latosha Dyson
* Moses Dyson
* Alesandra Edwards
* Julianna Edwardson
* Dennis Einarson
* Stacie Elkins
John Erbert
Susana Escobedo
* Noemi Espinoza
* Alexis Estrada
* Cerissa Farrington
Tara Faulkner
Julia Feeser
* Alicia Finch
Toni Fletcher
* Amanda Foley
Spencer Folkman
Britney Foote
* Joy Foster
Naomi Fox
Melinda Fraley
* Bonshee Freeman
* Jean Freeman
Benjamin Fuhrer
* James Furns
* Ricardo Gallegos
Jill Galloway
* Carole Gamoy
* Catherine Gant
Emir Garcia
Manuel Garcia
Maria Garcia
* Tami Gardner
* Casey Garza
Blanca Gaytan Farfan
Kristi Gifford
Kevin Gilchrist
* Michael Goldman
Kaili Goodpaster
Erin Graham
Lenette Green
* Lyssa Greene
* Jennifer Greenley
Cameron Griego
Deborah Guyton
Aidan Hackett
Maurice Hale
* Josiah Hall
Craig Hamilton
Michael Hammett
Blake Harlan
Haley Harn
* Elizabyth Harrington
* Benjamin Hartle
Michael Hatch
* Joshua Haywood
* Megan Helm
Melissa Helmick
Maranda Henderson
Kendra Henry
* Nathan Herbst
Ashley Hernandez
Keilah Hernandez
Soltsinansy Hernandez
Kailey Herren
* Jaclyn Heupel
Maria Higa
* Ann Marie Higgins
Jaye Hill
Samantha Hill
Rachael Hillis
* Gwenlyn Hitch
Aaron Hochstrasser
* Jeff Hoffman
Ione Holbrook
* John Hollada
Alexia Holt
* Haylee Hopkins
* Everett Horvath
Chelsea Hostetler
Jessica Hov
Taylor Howlett
* Bradley Hunt
* Lina Ibarra-Prado
Pota Idencio-Amataga
Joshua Ipock
* Andrea Irby
Jenean Iven
* Boston Jackson
Sonceria Jenkins
Robert Jimenez-Sutton
Sarah Johns
Christopher Johnson
* Edward Johnson
Eric Johnson
* Femi Johnson
* Joseph Johnson
* Ryan Johnson
* Carolyn Johnson-Evans
* Ann Jones
Brandee Jones
Jacqueline Jones
* Shaquwonna Jones
Elianna Jurado-Zambrano
Andrea Kahler
Camille Keaulana
* Aaron Keiffer
Nicole Kincaide
* Jonathan Kirchem
Nicole Klann
* Trey Klug
* Natalie Knight
Stephanie Knippa
Ashleigh Konzelman
* Michelle Korne
Adrian Koza
* Christi Krause
* Jason Kryston
Sarah Kudrna
Ashley Labes
* Cali Lamb
* Shannon Lamb
* John Lambert
Deborah Landers
* Brittany Landon
* Katie Lane
Augusta Lang
Shawn Langford
Cathy Lara
Brooke Larkins
Emma Larson
Jennifer Latu
* Kristin Laulainen
Brandon Laumeister
* Janelle Lawrence
* Deborah Lewis
* Mariah Liebert
Glenn Linder
* Lestan Loomis
Alexa Lorentzen
* Justin Maier
* Iesha Mangum
Nelly Manzo Hernandez
* Lacey Marsolek
* Kawan Martin
* Annette Marzan
* Adrian Mashia
Monica Mast
Sharyce Matayoshi
* Ashley McBride
* Reanna McBroom
Angel McCurdy
* Natasha McDougal
Dustin McGuirk
Kelsey Merritt
* Gerald Messenger
Tjana Meusec
* Samantha Meza Gomez
Hannah Mierow
Brendan Miller
Jacqueline Miller
* Robin Miller
* Tracy Miller
Blake Milnes
Darla Miner
Cassandra Minnieweather
* Carol Mitchell
Samantha Mitchell
Tumaini Mkandama
Marcos Montas
Mercedes Montgomery
Yolanda Morales
* Paige Moreland
Cory Morris
* Bradford Morrison
* Jenelle Moses
* Deidre Moss
Travis Moultrie
* Jennifer Mowry
* Brandi Mullaney
Serena Murray
* Sean Musaeus
Sherrita Myers
* Erica Navarro
Marisol Negrete-Flores
Elle’ Nelson
* Nadia Nelson
Shaun Nelson
Bailey Newell
* Jackie Nguyen
Laurie Nitschke
Adam O’Bryan
Amanda Olin
Nicholas Olin
Felix Ortega
Nicholle Ortiz
Erandi Osorio
Jessie Osuna-Mondragon
* Malia Oswalt
Austin Owens
* Erin Palacios
* Adriana Palla
* Kristin Palmer
Terry Pangle
* Robert Parker
Bethany Patterson
June Pederson
Louis Pellegrino
* Erin Perkins
Christina Peterson
Lisa Peterson
* Leslie Pfannes
* Terah Pitchford
Teresa Polette
Luis Pon
Angela Posch
Adler Pottebaum
* Roxanne Pratt
* Emilee Probasco
Michelle Pulido
Mandy Putnam
Kristine Rebber
Stephannie Reser
* Jennifer Reyes
Joshua Reznick
* Myesha Richmond
Danise Rickard
* Stephanie Riley
Jayston Ripplinger
* Kristine Rister
* Luis Rivas-Vazquez
Charles Robinson
Victoria Rocca
Ryan Rodgers
* Shurie Rodriguez
Kelsey Roldness
* Kealia Rosa
Rachelle Ross
* Jessica Routh
* Kerri Rueda-Vargas
Deasha Russell
* Faith Sanchez
Maria Sanchez
Kaelyn Sanders
* Erika Scarborough
Ali Scharbach
Wyatt Schlamp
* Todd Schwartz
* Jeff Scott
* William Seals
* Sharon Seifert
* Tatiana Seledkov
* Jonathan Sewell
Sheila Sharp
* Caitlyn Shearer
Albina Shkopu
* Gayle Singleton
* Chalita Sitthisakuldej
Alexis Smith
Elizabeth Smith
* Emilee Smith
Jensen Smith
* Lindsay Smith
* Mary Smith
* Chad Smurthwaite
* Melissa Sondergeld
* Roberto Soto-Zavala
Heidi Souvenir
William Stalcup
Trent Standard
* Vivian Stanley
* Lindsy Stevens
Rachael Strand
Jillian Struck
* Christie Stumbaugh
* Spencer Sundem
* Trina Swaja
Destiny Tackitt
Cayde Tagami
Kalah Taylor-Florence
* Brittany Teraoka
* NeJuan Thompson
Timothy Thompson
Mychal Tillery
* Jennifer Tina
* Julia Toscano
* Nancy Tovar
* Anita Traver
Melody Tripp
* Jessica Tucker
* Jennifer Utterback
Morgan Valentine
* Brenda Ventura
Jasmine Vickers
Erendira Villagomez
Morgan Villalpando
Kyler Vogt
Ekaterina Volkov
* Jessie Vonbargen
* Phai Vue
Shelby Wacker
Lauren Waits
* Jennifer Walker
* Monica Wall
Rachel Wallace
Blair Walsh
* Kevin Warnecke
* Keely Warren
* Irma Wassermann
* Jacob Wease
Jesse Weber
* Autumn Wedan
* Nicholas Wehrman
Olivia Welch
Kayla Wells
* Adam Westfall
* Kendra Wetter
* Cheryl White
* Joel Whiteside
Jameson Wilent
* Matthew Wiles
Nicole Willers
* Ashley Williams
* Mark Williams
Geri Willich
Chelsea Wilson
Kimonti Wilson
* Anna Winslow
Hannah Wirkkala
* Eric Witmer
* Gabriella Wolpert
Beth Woodard
Lynnette Woods
Raymond Woodson
* Heather Wooldridge
* Carissa Workman
Nicole Worthington
Emily Wright
Brittney Yoshimura
* Natasha Young
4.0 Student Name Home City Home
Matthew Aguigui Ewa Beach HI
Kelsey Akers Washougal WA
Kiandra Alexander West Linn OR
Ayde Alvarado Portland OR
Lesley Alvarez-Luna Salem OR
* Ruben Amezcua Las Vegas NV
* Lauren Andrada Gladstone OR
* Rebecca Anna Beaverton OR
* Dale Apple Portland OR
* Laura Araza Aloha OR
Melissa Armstrong Clackamas OR
* Miriam Ash Centralia WA
Kristin Ashenfelter Vancouver WA
* Caitlin Asher Portland OR
* Guadalupe Astorga Ramos Woodburn OR
* Arika Atkins Longview WA
* Amanda Atwood Battle Ground WA
* Vanessa Auyong Mililani HI
Abigail Baker Portland OR
Luis Barajas Beaverton OR
* William Barnes Vancouver WA
* Shelly Barton-Perry Portland OR
* Dillon Battles Gresham OR
Nathen Bauer Grandview WA
* Rebecca Baumgarden Portland OR
* Gabriella Begazo Purdys NY
Allison Beisley Anderson IN
Britny Belcher Eugene OR
* Regina Bell Underwood WA
Sommer Bellon Gladstone OR
* Samantha Bennett Carmel CA
* Jacob Berg Vancouver WA
* Katheryn Bergen Portland OR
* Samantha Bernal West Linn OR
* Hayley Bernick Portland OR
David Berra Longview WA
Holley Besaw Portland OR
Tina Bettger Milwaukie OR
Tyler Bettis Gresham OR
* Tiffany Bird Portland OR
Micah Birlew Beaverton OR
* Gregory Bledsoe Salem OR
Brittany Blundon Newberg OR
* Keira Bogart Gresham OR
Joseph Boivin Portland OR
Marchelle Bostic Gresham OR
Ta’Chelle Bowden Portland OR
* Michelle Bowers Gresham OR
De’jon Bowman
* Blaine Bradford Portland OR
* Kimberly Branstetter Gresham OR
Yvette Briceno Cornelius OR
Holly Briggs Vancouver WA
* Irina Bubnova Portland OR
* Hillary Bucklew Vernonia OR
Jason Bumgardner St Helens OR
Barbara Bundy Vancouver WA
Michael Burke Tualatin OR
* Britta Burleigh Vancouver WA
Jay Busher Vancouver WA
Michaela Byers Vancouver WA
* Timminy Carlson Leaburg OR
* Sandy Carpenter Ridgefield WA
Marissa Casanova Port Orchard WA
* Leslie Catabay Portland OR
* Jeffery Cavin Portland OR
Claudia Cedeno-Fornos Portland OR
* Shani Center Milwaukie OR
Katherine Cereghino Sandy OR
Rachel Chamberlain New Auburn WI
Michael Chapman Ridgefield WA
Ping Chen Longview WA
* Mila Cherchenko Portland OR
* Craig Chilson Stockton CA
* Trudy Chimko Tigard OR
* Christopher Choi Portland OR
* Samantha Christensen Happy Valley OR
* Molly Christiansen Portland OR
Elizabeth Clark
Kristen Coghill Sheridan OR
Nicole Cole Vancouver WA
* Craig Coleman Vancouver WA
Mark Combe Portland OR
* Makenna Conley Redmond OR
Julie Connors Portland OR
Erin Cooper Beaverton OR
Andrea Cortese Portland OR
Kevin Coser Beaverton OR
* Megan Costello Battle Ground WA
* Valerie Couch Happy Valley OR
Crystal Coutu Oregon City OR
Paula Covalt Tigard OR
* Antranette Covington Portland OR
* Michelle Cowden Vancouver WA
* Hannah Crane Damascus OR
* Shannon Cummings Oregon City OR
* Kerry Cunningham Vancouver WA
* Leah Danley Portland OR
Cherie Davis Portland OR
* Heather Degroot Vancouver WA
Valynda Demel Sherwood OR
Megan Derrick Portland OR
Jason DiGiovanna Beaverton OR
Zechariah Dirdak Exeter CA
* Brycen Dodds Salem OR
* Elizabeth Dominguez Hollister CA
* Adrianne Douma Westport OR
Sean Downey Forest Grove OR
Alishia Duckett Portland OR
* Casey Duckworth Portland OR
Edith Duku Portland OR
Benjamin Durham Portland OR
Latosha Dyson Portland OR
* Alesandra Edwards Beaverton OR
* Julianna Edwardson Wenatchee WA
* Dennis Einarson Woodland WA
* Stacie Elkins Milwaukie OR
John Erbert Casper WY
Susana Escobedo Clackamas OR
* Noemi Espinoza Troutdale OR
* Alexis Estrada Gresham OR
* Cerissa Farrington Portland OR
Tara Faulkner West Linn OR
Julia Feeser Fircrest WA
* Alicia Finch Gladstone OR
Toni Fletcher Ridgefield WA
* Amanda Foley Salem OR
Spencer Folkman Tualatin OR
Britney Foote Tacoma WA
* Joy Foster Elmira OR
Naomi Fox Oregon City OR
Melinda Fraley Kelso WA
* Bonshee Freeman Kent WA
Benjamin Fuhrer Casper WY
* James Furns Oregon City OR
* Ricardo Gallegos Portland OR
Jill Galloway Vancouver WA
* Carole Gamoy Vancouver WA
* Catherine Gant Vancouver WA
Emir Garcia Wood Village OR
* Tami Gardner Oregon City OR
* Casey Garza Tualatin OR
Blanca Gaytan Farfan Gresham OR
Kristi Gifford Milwaukie OR
Kevin Gilchrist Vancouver WA
* Michael Goldman Los Angeles CA
Kaili Goodpaster Washougal WA
Erin Graham Tigard OR
Lenette Green Portland OR
* Lyssa Greene Beaverton OR
* Jennifer Greenley Portland OR
Cameron Griego Nevada City CA
Deborah Guyton Portland OR
Aidan Hackett Sherwood OR
Maurice Hale Sacramento CA
* Josiah Hall Silverton OR
Craig Hamilton Portland OR
Michael Hammett Vancouver WA
Blake Harlan Deer Park WA
Haley Harn Newberg OR
* Elizabyth Harrington Portland OR
* Benjamin Hartle Oregon City OR
Michael Hatch Portland OR
* Joshua Haywood Sandy OR
* Megan Helm Chehalis WA
Melissa Helmick Beaverton OR
Maranda Henderson Tigard OR
Kendra Henry Olympia WA
* Nathan Herbst Vancouver WA
Ashley Hernandez Petaluma CA
Kailey Herren Vancouver WA
* Jaclyn Heupel Vancouver WA
Maria Higa Vancouver WA
* Ann Marie Higgins Canby OR
Jaye Hill Portland OR
Rachael Hillis Portland OR
* Gwenlyn Hitch Happy Valley OR
Aaron Hochstrasser Sandy OR
* Jeff Hoffman Vancouver WA
Ione Holbrook Battle Ground WA
* John Hollada Vancouver WA
Alexia Holt Portland OR
* Haylee Hopkins Oregon City OR
* Everett Horvath Salem OR
Chelsea Hostetler Oregon City OR
Jessica Hov Vancouver WA
Taylor Howlett Spokane WA
* Bradley Hunt Longview WA
* Lina Ibarra-Prado Portland OR
Pota Idencio-Amataga Vancouver WA
Joshua Ipock Kelso WA
* Andrea Irby Portland OR
Jenean Iven Milwaukie OR
* Boston Jackson Portland OR
Sonceria Jenkins Portland OR
Robert Jimenez-Sutton Milwaukie OR
Sarah Johns Portland OR
Christopher Johnson Forest Grove OR
* Carolyn Johnson-Evans Portland OR
* Ann Jones Vancouver WA
Elianna Jurado-Zambrano Ventura CA
Andrea Kahler Gresham OR
Camille Keaulana Tigard OR
* Aaron Keiffer Portland OR
Nicole Kincaide Petaluma CA
* Jonathan Kirchem Clackamas OR
Nicole Klann Kennewick WA
* Trey Klug Vancouver WA
* Natalie Knight Sandy OR
Stephanie Knippa Milwaukie OR
Ashleigh Konzelman Albany OR
* Michelle Korne Vancouver WA
Adrian Koza Portland OR
* Christi Krause Newberg OR
* Jason Kryston Hillsboro OR
Sarah Kudrna Fairview OR
Ashley Labes Gresham OR
* Cali Lamb Camas WA
* John Lambert Portland OR
Deborah Landers Vancouver WA
* Brittany Landon La Center WA
* Katie Lane Longview WA
Augusta Lang Hillsboro OR
Shawn Langford Sherwood OR
Cathy Lara Portland OR
Brooke Larkins Damascus OR
Emma Larson Albany OR
Jennifer Latu Portland OR
* Kristin Laulainen Longivew WA
Brandon Laumeister Vancouver WA
* Janelle Lawrence Milwaukie OR
* Deborah Lewis Portland OR
* Mariah Liebert Portland OR
Glenn Linder Eagle Point OR
* Lestan Loomis Troutdale OR
Alexa Lorentzen Mesa AZ
* Justin Maier Vancouver WA
* Iesha Mangum Vancouver WA
Nelly Manzo Hernandez Portland OR
* Lacey Marsolek Yacolt WA
* Kawan Martin Vancouver WA
* Annette Marzan Portland OR
* Adrian Mashia Portland OR
Monica Mast Vancouver WA
Sharyce Matayoshi Honolulu HI
* Ashley McBride Milwaukie OR
* Reanna McBroom Sheridan OR
Angel McCurdy Portland OR
* Natasha McDougal Portland OR
Dustin McGuirk Portland OR
Kelsey Merritt Damascus OR
* Gerald Messenger Clackamas OR
Tjana Meusec Gresham OR
* Samantha Meza Gomez Gresham OR
Hannah Mierow Springfield MO
Brendan Miller Oregon City OR
Blake Milnes West Linn OR
Darla Miner Vancouver WA
Cassandra Minnieweather Portland OR
* Carol Mitchell Vancouver WA
Tumaini Mkandama Portland OR
Marcos Montas Portland OR
Mercedes Montgomery Gresham OR
Yolanda Morales Portland OR
* Paige Moreland Portland OR
Cory Morris Milwaukie OR
* Bradford Morrison Battle Ground WA
* Jenelle Moses Canby OR
* Deidre Moss Gresham OR
Travis Moultrie Vancouver WA
* Jennifer Mowry Milwaukie OR
* Brandi Mullaney Newberg OR
Serena Murray Kelso WA
* Sean Musaeus Portland OR
Sherrita Myers Portland OR
* Erica Navarro Salem OR
Marisol Negrete-Flores Hillsboro OR
Elle’ Nelson Missoula MT
Bailey Newell Lake Stevens WA
* Jackie Nguyen Portland OR
Laurie Nitschke Vancouver WA
Adam O’Bryan Battle Ground WA
Amanda Olin Portland OR
Felix Ortega Milwaukie OR
Nicholle Ortiz Puyallup WA
Erandi Osorio Washougal WA
Jessie Osuna-Mondragon Portland OR
* Malia Oswalt Portland OR
Austin Owens Portland OR
* Erin Palacios Gresham OR
* Adriana Palla Portland OR
* Kristin Palmer Happy Valley OR
Terry Pangle Portland OR
* Robert Parker Portland OR
Bethany Patterson Milwaukie OR
June Pederson Ventura CA
Louis Pellegrino West Linn OR
* Erin Perkins Beaverton OR
Christina Peterson Hillsboro OR
* Leslie Pfannes Kelso WA
* Terah Pitchford Vancouver WA
Teresa Polette Vancouver WA
Luis Pon Gresham OR
Angela Posch Rainier OR
Adler Pottebaum Portland OR
* Roxanne Pratt Vancouver WA
* Emilee Probasco Kelso WA
Michelle Pulido Portland OR
Mandy Putnam Portland OR
Kristine Rebber Portland OR
Stephannie Reser Hubbard OR
* Jennifer Reyes Portland OR
Joshua Reznick Gresham OR
* Myesha Richmond Portland OR
Danise Rickard Happy Valley OR
* Stephanie Riley Oregon City OR
Jayston Ripplinger Vancouver WA
* Kristine Rister Vancouver WA
* Luis Rivas-Vazquez Beaverton OR
Charles Robinson Longview WA
Victoria Rocca Oceanside CA
Ryan Rodgers Portland OR
* Shurie Rodriguez Portland OR
Kelsey Roldness Vancouver WA
* Kealia Rosa Beaverton OR
Rachelle Ross Milwaukie OR
* Jessica Routh Sandy OR
* Kerri Rueda-Vargas Beaverton OR
Deasha Russell Portland OR
* Faith Sanchez Happy Valley OR
Kaelyn Sanders Vancouver WA
* Erika Scarborough Portland OR
Ali Scharbach Gresham OR
Wyatt Schlamp Oregon City OR
* Todd Schwartz Ridgefield WA
* Jeff Scott Ridgefield WA
* William Seals Hillsboro OR
* Sharon Seifert Vancouver WA
* Tatiana Seledkov Silverton OR
* Jonathan Sewell Gresham OR
Sheila Sharp Longview WA
* Caitlyn Shearer Tigard OR
Albina Shkopu Woodburn OR
* Gayle Singleton Vancouver WA
* Chalita Sitthisakuldej Gresham OR
Alexis Smith Portland OR
* Chad Smurthwaite Boring OR
* Melissa Sondergeld Bonney Lake WA
* Roberto Soto-Zavala La Center WA
Heidi Souvenir Kalama WA
William Stalcup Battle Ground WA
Trent Standard Vancouver WA
* Vivian Stanley Gresham OR
* Lindsy Stevens Beaverton OR
Rachael Strand Rainier OR
Jillian Struck Milwaukie OR
* Christie Stumbaugh Vancouver WA
* Spencer Sundem East Olympia WA
* Trina Swaja Forest Grove OR
Destiny Tackitt Portland OR
Cayde Tagami Honolulu HI
Kalah Taylor-Florence Portland OR
* Brittany Teraoka Fresno CA
* NeJuan Thompson Tigard OR
Mychal Tillery Portland OR
* Jennifer Tina Portland OR
* Julia Toscano Portland OR
* Nancy Tovar White City OR
* Anita Traver Milwaukie OR
Melody Tripp Gresham OR
* Jessica Tucker Gresham OR
* Jennifer Utterback Vancouver WA
Morgan Valentine Tigard OR
* Brenda Ventura Vancouver WA
Jasmine Vickers Salem OR
Erendira Villagomez Vancouver WA
Morgan Villalpando Troutdale OR
Kyler Vogt Ontario OR
Ekaterina Volkov Portland OR
* Jessie Vonbargen Chehalis WA
* Phai Vue Gresham OR
Shelby Wacker St. Helens OR
Lauren Waits Portland OR
* Jennifer Walker Portland OR
* Monica Wall Tualatin OR
Rachel Wallace Kelso WA
Blair Walsh Prescott AZ
* Kevin Warnecke Wausau WI
* Keely Warren Vancouver WA
* Irma Wassermann Hillsboro OR
* Jacob Wease Gladstone OR
Jesse Weber Milwaukie OR
* Autumn Wedan Vancouver WA
* Nicholas Wehrman Vancouver WA
Olivia Welch Boring OR
Kayla Wells Springfield OR
* Adam Westfall Gresham OR
* Kendra Wetter Tigard OR
* Cheryl White Battle Ground WA
* Joel Whiteside Kelso WA
Jameson Wilent Hillsboro OR
* Matthew Wiles Vancouver WA
Nicole Willers Milwaukie OR
* Ashley Williams Portland OR
Geri Willich Lake Oswego OR
Chelsea Wilson Happy Valley OR
* Anna Winslow West Linn OR
Hannah Wirkkala Longview WA
* Eric Witmer Portland OR
* Gabriella Wolpert Portland OR
Beth Woodard Cornelius OR
Lynnette Woods Portland OR
Raymond Woodson Vancouver WA
* Heather Wooldridge Longview WA
* Carissa Workman Portland OR
Nicole Worthington Troutdale OR
Emily Wright Estacada OR
Brittney Yoshimura Mililani HI
* Natasha Young Portland OR

♦Full-time means earning 12 or more credits in the semester.

Apply for Performing Arts & Leadership Scholarships

Warner Pacific Scholarship CompetitionsWarner Pacific’s Scholarship Competition (for performing arts and leadership scholarships) is accepting applications from our new, incoming students (freshmen or transfer).

Scholarship competition awards require a separate application, interview, and attendance at WPC Scholarship Days on February 19-20, 2016.

Applicants must be admitted students and submit scholarship application by February 1, 2016.

Graduates Honored at the 2015 Winter Commencement

“Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”  Proverbs 24:14

For Warner Pacific’s 160 new graduates, we know they will flourish in whatever God has planned for them.

Warner Pacific Winter CommencementAt the December 19, 2015, Winter Commencement, several graduates were honored with awards of distinction:

Adult Degree Program Outstanding Student Award for Excellence in “Urban”: Kamille LeAnne Irwin-Cordero

This award honors a student who is also a change agent in their community; someone who is actively involved in an organization (volunteer or professional) where he or she is making a difference in our community.

Adult Degree Program Outstanding Student Award for Excellence in “Diversity”: Julie Connors

This award is presented to a student who is recognized for being a positive influence in their Learning Team and cohort. One who is a creative leader and able to collaborate. Someone who embodies this quote from Margaret Meade: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committee people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Adult Degree Program Outstanding Student Award for Excellence in “Christ-Centered” Leadership and Service: Edith Taibo Duku

This award will be given to a student who is nominated by a faculty or staff member for their positive interactions with classmates, faculty, and staff, and with course content. The  recipient of this award will be a living expression of the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and known for striving to do their best in every situation.

Adult Degree Program Outstanding Student Award for Excellence in “Liberal Arts”: Shannon Cummings

This award is to acknowledge a student whose academic skills are recognized by faculty members for a high grade point average, strong attendance record, evidence of critical thinking skills, and active participation in the classroom.

Congratulations to all our graduates.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

From the WPC Kitchen – homemade Christmas ornaments

Have fun with the family this Christmas making ornaments for your Tree. Warner Pacific’s Executive Chef, Tim Bartunek, shares this easy Cinnamon Ornament recipe from the Warner Pacific Kitchen:

Ingredients/Items Needed:

  • 3/4 cup applesauce
  • 1 cup + 2 tbs ground cinnamon (2 – 2.37 oz bottles)*
  • A bit of nutmeg and ground cloves
  • Christmas cookie cutters
  • 1 drinking straw
  • Color ribbon


  • Preheat the oven to 200°F.
  • Mix applesauce with cinnamon and other spices in a small bowl until a smooth ball of dough is formed. It is okay to use your hands to mix the cinnamon thoroughly.
  • Cut dough into quarters.
  • Roll each quarter to 1/3-inch thickness (TIP: place dough between two sheets of plastic wrap).
  • Peel off wrap and cut dough into shapes with the cookie cutters.
  • Press straw into top of ornament to make hole.
  • Place on baking sheet.
  • Bake 2 1/2 hours.
  • Cool on wire rack for 1 – 2 days or until thoroughly dry. Turn occasionally.
  • Insert ribbon into hole; tie into loop; and hang on tree.
  • OPTIONAL: decorate with opaque paint markers.

These reusable ornaments will be fragrant for many years. Store in moisture proof container.

These ornaments should not be eaten.

*Chef Tim suggests purchasing the cinnamon in bulk to save packaging waste as well as money.

Cinn ornaments 004Cinn ornaments 007Cinn ornaments 011

Cinn ornaments 013

Cinn ornaments 014

Cinn ornaments 016

Congratulations Knights’ Coach Valentine on 100 Wins!

WPC Coach Jared ValentineWith the Knights’ win over the Evergreen Geoducks on Sunday, December 6, Warner Pacific Coach Jared Valentine logs his 100th win as head basketball coach!

This is Coach Valentine’s first post as a head coach. However, he has a long history with Warner Pacific basketball. He played for his father for two seasons (1999-01), and led the Knights to the NCCAA National Tournament in 2000. Despite suffering a season-ending knee injury his senior year, Valentine still ranks sixth all-time in assists at the college with 371.

In addition to his coaching duties, Coach Valentine worked in financial aid and student affairs at Warner Pacific since 2003. He continues to serve in his current role as the Compliance Director in the student affairs department.

You are invited to the FYLC Fall 2015 Final Events

Warner Pacific First-Year Learning Communities Fall 2015 end of semster events (image)The First-Year Learning Communities (FYLCs) at Warner Pacific invite you to share in their first-semester experiences through a series of community events.

At these events, our freshmen will engage with fellow students, local service partners, and members of the Warner Pacific community through the shared exploration of the four FYLC values: City, Curiosity, Community, and Connection.

Each FYLC uses their chosen topic as a lens through which students are invited to examine their personal experiences with questions like, “who am I?”,  “why am I here?”, and “how can I learn from the city I call home?”

Fall Event Schedule
Date FYLC / Event
Location on Campus
Thursday, December 3
6:00 – 7:30 pm
HUM 164- LC 3: Fish, Forests, and Faith: Environmental History and Justice in PDX Center for Teaching & Learning
EVENT: Student projects about social justice issues related to the environment in Portland. Dessert and refreshments provided.
Monday, December  7
1:30 – 3:00 pm
HHK 160-LC8: Live Long and Prosper: Building Bridges to Wellness in PDX Egtvedt Hall Room 203
Monday, December 7
6:00 – 7:30 pm
HUM 160-LC1: Boyz n Girlz in the Hood: Justice and Neighborhood Change in PDX Egtvedt Hall Room 203
Tuesday, December 8
6:00 – 7:30 pm
MUS160-LC4: What’s on Your Playlist?: Music and Justice in PDX McGuire Theatre
Wednesday, December 9
1:30 – 3:00 pm
HUM 161-LC7:  Image and Word: InDesign and Print Culture in PDX Center for Teaching & Learning
EVENT: Students will showcase the marketing and promotional pieces they created for Saint Andre Bessette Catholic Church.
Wednesday, December 9
6:00 – 7:30 pm
HUM 165-LC5: Food Carts, Farms, and Freddy’s: Thinking About Eating in PDX Kardatzke Hall
Monday, December 14
1:30 – 3:00 pm
HUM 162-LC2: Bicycles, Equity, and Gentrification: Urban Mobility in PDX Egtvedt Hall Room 203
Monday, December 14
6:00 – 7:30 pm
HUM 163-LC6: UrbanRez: Voices of Oppression & Strength in PDX Egtvedt Hall Room 203