An ethic of service is woven into the entire fabric of the WP experience including classes, athletics, residence life and more. You’ll find a number of co-curricular activities specifically devoted to helping you use your unique talents and gifts to make the world better for others, preparing you for a lifetime of meaningful servant-leadership.

What is Service?

mission-studentsService at Warner Pacific College is work that is done to the benefit of those who are within personal proximity or experiencing poverty in some way, with a priority for those individuals meeting both. This philosophy is rooted within the Judea-Christian tradition, and the command given by Christ to love one’s neighbor and to care for the least in our society. Students are introduced to meaningful civic engagement and encouraged to explore compassion by getting involved in the lives of others.

Service Opportunities

  • Service at Warner PacificMentoring and tutoring at Portland Public Schools
  • Common Day of Service
  • MLK Day of Service
  • AmeriCorps service programs and jobs
  • Mission Trips – within the U.S. and abroad
  • Hot Chocolate Ministry
  • Sandwich Ministry
  • Internships and ongoing opportunities with our many community partners
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