Health Sciences – Associates Degree

Want to be a nurse?

Our Associates Degree in Health Sciences fulfills the prerequisites you will need for junior-status entry into typical nursing programs.

Consult with the appropriate advisor in the Natural Sciences and Health Department.


62 credits: 28 credits in residence of which 12 must carry the BIO or PHS prefix.


BIO 221 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 222 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIO 370 Microbiology 4
PHS 211 General Chemistry I 4
PHS 212 General Chemistry II 4
HHK 240 Nutrition 3
PSY 140/141 General Psychology 3
SOC 140 Principles of Sociology 3
HD 230 Life Span Human Development 3
SS 351 Cultural Anthropology 3
OR SOC/HIS 340 Ethnic Relations in America 3
EN 101 College Composition 3
EN 200 Advanced Composition 3
BI 151 The Bible as Literature 3
Humanities course* 3
15 credits from the following:
MA 342 Statistical Methods 4
Humanities course (HUM, HIS, LIT, PHIL) 3
Religion course (BI, REL) 2-3
PE activity course 1
Fine arts course (cultural/historical) 2-3
Other elective credits chosen with advisor

*Elective and humanities courses should be chosen in correlation with published entry requirements for the nursing schools of intended application.

Updated January 2015