First Year Learning Communities

“Being in a smaller group helps me feel more comfortable in class and it helps me get to know the people in the class.” 2012 FYLC Student

Set Yourself Up For Success

First-Year Learning Communities (FYLCs) at Warner Pacific College are groups of 12-15 students who participate together in linked courses that include learning activities that extend outside the traditional classroom setting.

These Learning Communities focus on issues relevant to incoming students including; transitioning to college, social support, study skills, and community building. Using the city as their classroom, FYLCs explore topics relevant to Portland, immersing students in interdisciplinary, collaborative, hands-on learning. The students in each FYLC will be in at least one other core class together in the same semester, as well as a thematically linked class across semesters. The four themes of the College’s mission statement serve as the intentional framework of our FYLC model: Christ-centered, urban, liberal arts, and diversity.

Dedicated faculty, co-curricular educators and upper-division peer mentors provide a strong framework while building a sense of community that encourages mutual academic, social, emotional, and spiritual support.

2013-2014 First-Year Learning Communities

Student Objectives

  • Develop a strong sense of belonging among community members
  • Cultivate confidence in your academic potential and future outlook
  • Transform your ideas about what college life is really like
  • Build meaningful relationships with your professors
  • Explore ways in which your chosen academic discipline engages a real world issue, in the city of Portland and beyond
  • Improve your reading and writing skills in preparation for upper-division courses
  • Experience intentional academic support from mentors, tutors, and classmates, while also providing that sense of community to others

Learning Communities have been shown to increase retention and overall academic performance of students. Warner Pacific is enhancing this model of educational delivery as we continue to adapt our methods in light of changing student demographics and the College’s re-focused mission to prepare a diverse student population to engage actively in a constantly changing world.