Business Administration Degree

Be a transformational leader

Whatever your career goals may be, well-developed Christ-centered leadership skills will bring you success in business, management, and organizational planning.

In today’s efficiency-driven business environment, the ability to lead people and manage resources is increasingly important.

Warner Pacific’s Business Administration Major will give you effective management techniques and strategic planning skills to excel.

As a small, private Christian college, our Business professors offer up-to-date instruction using real world examples from around the corner in Portland or across the globe.

Warner Pacific’s Business Department will:

  • Challenge you to be a strategic and critical thinker
  • Inspire leadership and team-oriented capabilities in you
  • Open doors for internships with businesses in Portland
  • Provide opportunities to use your knowledge for the betterment of others through community service projects
  • Present business theories with a Christian basis
  • Offer opportunities for leadership through Enactus, Warner Pacific’s largest club
  • Give you plenty of face time with faculty in our small classes


Part 1: General Education Core Courses
(See Core Studies Requirements)

Part 2: Business Administration Core Courses
(See Business Core Courses)

Part 3: Required Courses for Management/Leadership: 18 credits: 18 upper division credits in residence.

BUS 342 Marketing Management 3
BUS 353 Operations Management 3
BUS 364 Corporate Finance 3
BUS/PSY 321 Organizational Behavior 3
BUS 450 Strategic Management 3
SE 311 Entrepreneurial Leadership within an
Urban Context

Required Courses for Accounting: 24 credits: 24 upper division credits in residence.

BUS 311 Intermediate Accounting I 3
BUS 312 Intermediate Accounting II 3
BUS 314 Cost Accounting 3
BUS 411 Advanced Accounting 3
BUS 412 Introduction to Taxation 3
BUS 332 Auditing 3
BUS 335 Accounting Information Systems 3

One or more electives:

BUS 331 Non-profit accounting 3
BUS 490 Accounting Topics 1-3
BUS 413 Advanced Taxation 3
BUS 415 VITA/Tax Volunteer 3

Program Objectives:

On successful completion of the courses required for the Management/Leadership emphasis, graduates will be able to demonstrate:

  • All of the knowledge, skills, and abilities demonstrated above within the core course requirements.
  • Effective leadership and team oriented capabilities.
  • Proficiency in the basic theories associated with Management/Leadership, such as Organizational Theory, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Corporate Finance, Leadership, and Strategic Management.
  • The ability to integrate and apply their learning in complex projects and assignments that may include: research, collaborative projects, and or field assignments.

(Updated Sept. 2015)