How do we love people we are afraid of?

Book Cover for Love in a Time of FearThe political climate of the United States in recent years has revealed significant divisions in our nation and our neighborhoods, divisions often fueled by fear. For those who follow a Christian call and commitment to love our neighbors, how do we love in the midst of this fear?

In her book, “Love in a Time of Fear: Hearing Our Neighbors Across Lines the Divide Us” (Wipf & Stock), Dr. Cassie Trentaz delves into that question through the stories of her friends and neighbors. Through the book and a companion documentary film series, Trentaz shines a light on four communities who are currently facing this pressure and are often viewed with suspicion—immigrants, Muslim Americans, LGBTQ+ people, and young African American men.

Dr. Cassie Trentaz Headshot

Through these conversations, Trentaz shares their honest, heartfelt responses in their own words, introducing the reader and viewer to know people we might not otherwise know. “Love in a Time of Fear” encourages the reader to engage in these powerful stories, recognizing well-received actions of love, as well as stories of good intentions that missed their mark. Trentaz then offers the reader tools to act on the stories shared.

“Love in a Time of Fear” is both an invitation and a toolbox for listening. It takes love from a good idea to a concrete force that can speak to our fears, reach across divisions, and just might heal our world. Visit to watch the videos online and purchase the book.

Dr. Cassie J.E.H. Trentaz is Associate Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Church History at Warner Pacific University. She is the author of Theology in the Age of AIDS & HIV: Complicity and Possibility (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012). She is a parent, partner, neighbor, teacher, minister, and activist.