Transfer Students

A college education is about growing and developing as a person as much as it is about completing a degree. As a transfer student, it’s important that there be both a comfort and a confidence in the school you are considering. The decision to transfer from one college to another cannot, and should not, simply rest on how the credits transfer or the makeup of their aid package.

In the end, it’s not simply about moving from one campus to another, it’s about finding a home. The decision to transfer shouldn’t simply be a lateral move. The decision to transfer schools should be an intentional move that propels you closer to your goal and the discovery of your life’s passion.

Whether you’ve taken a few classes or are far along in your studies somewhere else, you will be able to do more with a Christ-centered liberal arts education from Warner Pacific College.

We are the top private 4-year college for Portland-area transfer students.  In fact, 43% of our undergraduate student body is made up of transfer students!