Summer Celebration 2016

Listen to remarks from the Association of the Churches of God, Oregon and Southwest Washington’s Summer Celebration 2016 (hosted at Warner Pacific).

“Attendees were challenged by Patrick Nachtigall to reject fear and hold tightly to our identity as children of God, citizens of the Kingdom of God, and members of His Church. Matt Ingalls expressed the absurdity of God’s faithfulness in shepherding His children, as He leaves the 99 to tend to the one who should have known better than to wander off. Aaron McMurray traced  spiritual lineage, winding through the decades back to a chilly morning at the Sea of Galilee, when he called Peter to follow him. Pastor Denise Douglas encouraged listeners, chosen witnesses, to develop the habit, discipline and obedience to tell of the mighty acts of God.” August 2016 Contact


Remarks by Dr. Aaron McMurray

Remarks by Patrick Nachtigall

Remarks by Denise Douglas

Remarks by Matt Ingalls