Please Note:

Full semester waivers should be submitted by the third week of each semester.
Students can only petition for upcoming chapels to be waived. We are unable to waive completed chapels.

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I am a*

Number of chapels needed to petition out of*

Reason for exception to normal chapel requirements.*
Chapel TeamStudent Teaching InternshipInternship (non-teaching)Students in Post-Baccalaureate ProgramSchedule Conflict

If you have a scheduling conflict, please include the specific times and activities that conflict with chapel.

If work related, provide contact and phone number of employer:*

Students who are unable to attend chapel are encouraged to do one of the following:

  • Something outside the WPC community that will enhance your spiritual journey

  • An activity on the WPC campus that will connect you to the student community.

Please tell us how you will be involved:*

(You should receive a confirmation email as soon as you click "submit." That will indicate we received your form even if the form looks like it is still in process of submitting.)