Step 1: Choose a DSST Exam Date

2/16/2017Thursday2:00 PMDSST
3/14/2017Tuesday11:00 AMDSST
4/3/2017Monday2:00 PMDSST
5/18/2017Thursday11:00 AMDSST
6/16/2017Friday1:00 PMDSST
7/13/2017Thursday11:00 AMDSST
8/7/2017Monday2:00 PMDSST
9/13/2017 (closed)Wednesday11:00 AMDSST
10/16/2017Monday2:00 PMDSST
11/9/2017Thursday11:00 AMDSST
12/11/2017Monday2:00 PMDSST

If a test date you are wanting is closed, please email Dr. Erin E. Davis ( to be put on the waiting list.

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