School: Business
Degree Type: Bachelors Degree
Format: In-Person
Student Type: Traditional Undergraduate

Bachelor of Health Care Management Degree

The Health Care Management program integrates the theoretical foundation of health care administration with practical application so that students can seek rewarding careers in various health care office management settings. The curriculum is designed to promote the development of high moral character in students as they prepare to utilize ethical decision-making practices in positions in business settings, leadership and management in health care organizations. The coursework also provides the prerequisite preparation for students to seek a third-party Billing/Coding certification, if they so choose.

Upon successful completion of the major in Health Care Management, graduates will demonstrate:

  • Mastery of the basic concepts, theories, models and vocabulary associated with health care office management including familiarization with terms associated with billing and coding. In addition students will master office concepts relating to achievement orientation, analytical thinking, community orientation, financial skills, information seeking, and health care management.
  • Mastery of the basic concepts, theories, models and vocabulary associated with execution: accountability, change leadership, collaboration, communication skills, impact and influence, initiative, information technology management, organizational awareness, performance measurement, process management and organizational design, and project management.
  • Mastery of the basic concepts, theories, models and vocabulary associated with people: human resource management, interpersonal understanding, professionalism, relationship building, self-confidence, self-development, talent development, and team leadership.


Degree Plans

Prerequisite: 3 credits
BUS 223 Introduction to Microsoft Office | 3 credits

Major Requirements: 46 credits: 30 credits in residence, 34 credits total upper division.
BIO 121 | Intro to Anatomy & Physiology
OR BIO 221 | Human Anatomy & Physiology I | 4 credits
BUS 195 | Internship Preparation | 2 credits
BUS 211 | Financial Accounting | 3 credits
BUS 303 | Business and Employment Law | 3 credits
BUS 363 | Introduction to Business Finance | 3 credits
BUS 495 | Internship | 1-6 credits
HCA 272** | Cultural Competency in Health Care Organizations | 3 credits
HCA 300** | Health Care Leadership | 3 credits
HCA 302** | Principles of Patient Care | 3 credits
HCA 303** | The Future of Health Care: Alternative Methods and Public Policy | 3 credits
HCA 306** | The Economics of Healthcare and Policy | 3 credits
HCA 310** | Health Care Organizational Behavior and Design | 3 credits
HCA 320** | Strategic Human Resources and Health Care | 3 credits
HCA 401** | Decision Making and Information Systems in Health Care | 3 credits
HCA 411** | Managing the Dynamics of Health Care Organizations | 3 credits
HCA 412** | Health Care and Ethics | 3 credits
HE 200 | Medical Terminology | 3 credits

** Courses indicated with the double asterisk are offered in collaboration with the PGS program. These courses are typically offered in an accelerated, 5-week format and meet either in the evening or online. Please consult with your Academic Advisor for additional information.

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